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Git unable to update clean working directory

I have Git setup on my machine, and it’s been doing something strange. I’ll start from scratch. [nighthawk]$ cd ~ [nighthawk]$ rm -rf ./www [nighthawk]$ ls Maildir logs [nighthawk]$ Now I will clone the repository. [nighthawk]$ git clone https://key:@github.com/user/repo.git ./www Cloning into ./www… remote: Counting objects: 260, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (195/195), done. remote: […]

Git repo default ignore files permissions

Some time ago I worked in a project developed by several people. One of the people, consciously or not, changed the chmod some files. When the changes push into the repository, each time, another download the code from there cause in start, a many files was markes as “changed”. I lost a lot of time […]

git pulled files give 500 error

On a CentOS 6.3 server with WHM/cPanel: When uploading files directly, I can access them in my browser just fine, but when I git pull them from the repository, they download but I can’t access them (500 Internal Server Error). I thought it was an ownership problem (on Ubuntu I used to set www-data as […]

File permission issues when developing with Windows / hosting with Unix

I am developing a website on my windows laptop, and I use Git for the version control. When I add my files to Git, they are added under the mode 644. The problem is, on my Linux server, I need the files to be 775. So what I do is, every time I deploy, I […]

How can I use “chmod” command under the NTFS file system

I wanted to change the file permission when I use “git“, but the “chmod” didn’t work. How can I use “chmod” command under the NTFS file system?

How to give PHP write access to certain directories created by git?

There are several similar questions on here, such as this one, but the answer to that question (and several others I read) is: let PHP create the directory itself in the first place. I use git on my site, so it’s not possible to allow PHP to “create the directory itself.” To pull in changes, […]

Cannot Create A New Rails Project Due To chmod

I don’t know what’s changed, but recently when I try to create a new Rails project I get the error /home/eric/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.1.1/lib/ruby/2.1.0/fileutils.rb:1348:in `chmod’: Operation not permitted @ chmod_internal – /mnt/Data/Code/foodFinder/bin (Errno::EPERM) And if I then they to use Rails s to run it, I get the error bin/rails:3:in `require_relative’: cannot load such file — /mnt/Data/Code/foodFinder/config/boot (LoadError) […]

GIT change file permission to 775 (not 755) how?

In Git, all i found out to change the file/folder permissions is to 755 (with: +x) only. Which is: $ git update-index –chmod=+x docroot/myfolder How do i then change it to: 775 777 etc, as i like?

git ssh ask for a password with gitlab

I have recently installed on my Ubuntu dedicated a Gitlab server. Webapp is working fine, I had no trouble during the installation (tested on VM before production environment) I have uploded my ssh rsa private key from the web app on my account, and created a project, clone from another repository. From my desktop environment, […]

GitLab's Shell executor, no privileges

I have GitLab platform in 8.7.0 version and I am currently working on setting up CI part. I have created new gitlab-runner that uses shell as an executor. The problem is that before the runner is invoked to do own jobs the system is not able to fetch git changes. The console output from build […]

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