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Why does `git checkout <branch> <file>` stage the change?

If I start from a clean working tree and run git checkout <branch> <file>, where <branch> has a different version of this file, I end up with a staged rather than an unstaged change. What’s the reason for this? Is this just for consistency with other commands like git mv, which you would expect to […]

git checkout newer branch

I switched to a older commit with: git checkout $HASH to look for something i did in an older version of my directory. Now i want to go back to the newest commit, but i cant find the Hash for that anymore? when i do a git log it just shows the older commits from […]

Why does Git display certain new folders when checking out old revisions?

I’m still learning the ropes of Git (love it!) but the other day I noticed some behavior I just do not understand. We have, in essence, three folders that got moved into the repository at different times (one immediately after we created the repo, one a little while later, and one just recently). Recently, I […]

Simpler explanation of path for GIT checkout command

In the git documentation for the checkout command the following text is found: …If no paths are given, git checkout will also update HEAD to set the specified branch as the current branch…. Can anyone give a simpler explanation of what this means? I’m sorry if it seems simple, and reading through that page, I […]

How to cope with “rejected” on git push?

I have a master and a beta branch. There is a situation where push is rejected: edit2: I am on branch master. $ git push Counting objects: 9, done. Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), done. Writing objects: 100% (6/6), 669.81 KiB, done. Total 6 (delta 2), reused 0 (delta 0) To git@github.com:foobar/codedemo.git a5fc71d..64430c1 master -> master […]

How to search for an old git commit for when a feature broke

while tracking down when a feature broke I identified a commit waaay in the past where the feature still worked. Now I’d like to incrementally checkout newer commits to see when the feature broke, without having to identify them by hash, but rather, relative to the hash I identified (where the feature still worked). Is […]

Does the folder I am in have any significance in git?

I am git newbie. Learning while doing things. I have this setup. Now lets say I am on branch1 folder (git bash), like c:\branch1\ and do a checkout master. It switches to master branch, but does not change the folder. So the folder I am in is not the master’s folder, which is lets say […]

File Level Tracking In Git (Files from multiple branches in same directory)

Is there any script that lets one remember branch/commit seperatly for files in some directory so that one can simultaneously work on file1 on branch1 and file2 on branch2 in the same directory and have them commit appropriately. If not I’ll implement it myself. My plan is to have hidden checkout directories for various branches/repos […]

Subdirectories in checked out directory of a previous revision not disappearing in Git?

I’m trying to use git checkout <hash> <directory> to checkout a previous revision of a directory in my repo. This works to restore the files in the directory to their previous state, the only problem is that subdirectories that were added since the revision I checked out don’t disappear. For example, if my directory structure […]

Can a ref stored outside refs/heads be considered a branch and checked-out and worked-on as a normal branch?

Now, I don’t know if a ref is considered to be a branch only if it’s inside refs/heads, and indeed the question was previously titled How to checkout a branch stored outside refs/heads?. So I’m not sure if refs stored outside refs/heads can still be called “proper branches” or not, but the point is: Let’s […]

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