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How do I get back to my branch after local changes on an old commit?

I tried to get a former copy of my code by using the git checkout command. Before using this though, I committed the latest version of the code using git commit. After using git checkout to a previous version, I made changes to the code. Git now informs me that because I’ve made changes I […]

How do I use git to checkout just the files and their parent folders that have a given file extension?

We would be using this inside an Ant build script running under TeamCity.

Easy GIT: When checking out another local branch, what happens to changes?

This should be an easy one. Seems to be so straight forward that I couldn’t find a simple answer to this. I’m pretty new to heavy GIT using. I just created another local branch from a existing one to be able to play around. I checked it out and noticed that local unstaged changes went […]

Should Git workspace automatically adjust to the content of a specific branch?

Git checkout/pull doesn’t remove directories? I’m kind of new to git and slowly learning various parts of it. So forinstance I have a branch Master with FolderA I have later from Master created a branch Dev and added FolderB So Dev as result have FolderA and FolderB now when I do git branch master, I’m […]

Used git checkout to revert a file – anyway to restore it?

I’m picking up work on this Rails system, and was told I could modify the server to do some testing. I made a small change to a few files for testing, confirmed my suspicions, and then did a recursive git checkout on the root directory. I restarted passenger with no issue, but got an error […]

git checkout didn't work

I did backup my files, before a rough git reset –hard HEAD@{n} from git reflog :'( On develop branch. But, I also lost my files on master branch. T__T I did undoing the reset though, on develop. I tried to git checkout master, and then pasted the backup files to master. After that, I can’t […]

git checkout and file directory behavior

I have been exploring git and I noticed that when I checkout different branches in terminal I notice the changes reflected in finder. So, if branchA has file1 and branchB has file1 as well as file2 and i run git checkout branchA, I look in finder I see file1 in my git directory. But if […]

Git understanding behaviour of checkout branch and presence and absence of files

Variation of this question have been asked and answered but I am still perplexed as I work my way thru the Chacon book. I have cloned my test repository from github. I created a file in this called afile.txt that I stage and commit I created a 2nd file in this called asecondfile.txt that I […]

git: reset to remote branch

After cloning a repository I cannot reset that repository’s state to a remote branch. $ git clone <repo> $ git reset –hard <upstream branch> fatal: ambiguous argument ‘<upstream branch>’: unknown revision or path not in the working tree. Use ‘–‘ to separate paths from revisions, like this: ‘git <command> [<revision>…] — [<file>…] What works fine […]

Check git current file version and how to handle removed files

I have a git repository, and its log history is shown below. ../mypapers/Doc_thesis$ git log commit 5bbb3681e1630a423f143a2e97350f463669c214 Author: ShijieXu <shijiexu@yahoo.com> Date: Wed Nov 16 14:10:16 2016 -0400 Revist GraphJIT commit e8ccd771208c5d328936422d60dcae2d3850e3a1 Author: ShijieXu <shijiexu@yahoo.com> Date: Tue Nov 8 15:04:22 2016 -0400 version commit c8f2313c324cd0a07e67eb07f060d319bb4faa69 Author: ShijieXu <shijiexu@yahoo.com> Date: Wed Apr 13 11:03:53 2016 -0300 another […]

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