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Rename all Git branch names to lowercase on Windows (GitHub remote)

Our team is using Git for Windows and Git Extensions with GitHub as the remote repository. People have created branches with inconsistent capitalisation, which has caused some problems when two people have different names (differing only by case) for the same branch. We’d like to standardise on using lowercase for all branch names to avoid […]

Git not showing star next to current local branch

I am new to git and have encountered a confusing situation. In summary I am having trouble understanding how case-sensitivity works pertaining to branch names. For example I am on the master branch and create a new branch called AP-1025 with the command git checkout -b AP-1025, now I can do a git branch and […]

Git seeing imaginary files (case sensitivity)

This question already has an answer here: How do I commit case-sensitive only filename changes in Git? 8 answers

git status showing two files modified after rename due to case

Using git, I apparently didn’t use the proper approach when renaming files based on case sensitive file names on my Mac. Here is a simulation of the situation I’m in currently and am unsure how to get out of… Create the repo and add a sample file: git init touch Foo.js git add . git […]

Git shows status clean, but checkout complains about overwriting untracked files

Firstly: git status Result is clean. Secondly git checkout fb/booking_interaction error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout: web/sites/all/modules/contrib/ckeditor/images/buttons/blockQuote.png Thirdly, try to clear the untracked files. In the specified directory: git clean -f . Again, no changes and git checkout fails. What is the problem?

How to apply a patch in Git which contains filename case changes?

I have created a patch which consists of a file name case change: git mv -f confvars.sh ConfVars.sh git commit -am ‘test filename case change’ git format-patch -M -1 HEAD but when I then try and apply that patch, I get an error: git apply 0001-test-filename-case-change.patch > error: ConfVars.sh: already exists in working directory How […]

Git SVN case sensitive folder names

In SVN I have the following structure: |- Post/index.jsp |- post/index.jsp The two JSP files are different on a single line from each other: – <title>Post</title> + <title>post</title> When I do a git svn rebase I only get one of these folders in the actual working directory (let’s say Post), and under the very same […]

git conflict with differently cased directory name

I am using msysgit 1.8.1, and I am running into an issue with directory casing. I have the core.ignorecase set to true. But I have a case where git seems to have the folder under two different casings. So when I do a git add -A, it picks up the change to a particular file […]

what does git ignorecase really do? how to checkout respecting file capitalisation?

I am working on Mac. Something has happened that changed the capitalisation of my files (and I started modifying them before noticing), but git doesn’t see any difference. Looking at similar problems (I change the capitalization of a directory and Git doesn't seem to pick up on it, Changing capitalization of filenames in Git, How […]

How to prevent git from committing two files with names differing only in case?

We develop in a mixed environment – some people work on Macs and some work on Linux. This has proven to be a bit of a challenge at times, as those people who work on Linux are used to having their filesystems be case sensitive, so there’s no issue committing (accidentally or otherwise) multiple files […]

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