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How could I get my SVN-only host to pull from a git repository?

I’d really like to get our host to pull from our Git repository instead of uploading files manually, but it doesn’t have Git installed. So is there a way to trick Subversion (which they do have) into checking out a Git repository? I think I already know the answer, namely bug my host to add […]

GitHub Deploy via Capistrano. Public Repo and SSH works, but Private doesn't

i really need your help. I have a Ruby on Rails Application on my local machine, a Repository at GitHub and an Ubuntu Server, which hosts the application with Nginx. I had my repo for a lot of time public and the deployment via capistrano worked just fine. Now I converted my repo to a […]

Command git ls-remote times out on Bitbucket, git clone works

I’m trying to setup an automated deploy configuration with Capistrano, but I keep getting failures when Capistrano tries to run the command git ls-remote -h git@bitbucket.org:vendor/repo.git The SSH key for that user is correctly set up inside Bitbucket, since I can do git clone git@bitbucket.org:vendor/repo.git without problems with that user inside that server. I also […]

Rails Capistrano – SSHKit::Command::Failed: bundle exit status: 16

I cant figure out whats going wrong here. Ive followed the directions here. http://www.rubytreesoftware.com/resources/ruby-on-rails-41-ubuntu-1404-server-deployment I made it all the way to the deploy part without errors now Im getting the error messages below: $ cap production deploy INFO [0af71d8d] Running /usr/bin/env mkdir -p /tmp/keepr/ as deploy@crane.local DEBUG [0af71d8d] Command: /usr/bin/env mkdir -p /tmp/keepr/ INFO [0af71d8d] […]

PHP Database Deployment git/capistrano

I’m working for a company which is using PHP. There are different CMS Systems being used like WordPress or Magento. We are working with git having our own repository server and we have to deploy to different servers our different customers. I’ve set up a deploymentscript using capistrano which works fine but the Database Synchronisation […]

Amazon EC2 + Capistrano + Git: Permission denied (publickey)

When I deploy a Rails app to Amazon EC2 server with using Capistrano, I get ** [IP.compute-1.amazonaws.com :: out] Permission denied (publickey). ** [IP.compute-1.amazonaws.com :: out] fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly while executing the git clone command. I think it has something to do with Github keys, but I don’t know how to […]

Deploying a git submodule with Capistrano 3

My project repo includes WordPress as a git submodule. When deploying via Capistrano 3, the submodule directory is barren. project –wordpress –images I am using git and :deploy_via, :remote_cache How can I tell Capistrano to also deploy the submodule?

Is it safe to checkout a different Git branch and work during a `cap deploy`?

Just like the title says, I’m wondering if it’s safe to continue working, changing, switching branches during a cap deploy. Is it?

Capistrano failing with fatal: Not a git repository

I’m having a problem deploying my Rails app on my staging environment. The error message I get is “fatal: Not a git repository” which doesn’t really make sense to me. This is the output Capistrano returns when I run it: https://gist.github.com/ngw/8a6f357fefedcc6354b8 I searched for a solution and I tried pretty much everything, I even tried […]

Capistrano 2 -> 3 git deployment differences?

In my previous capistrano version 2 deployment of an app, I always got access to git on the deployed side with .git present. This was handy when in a pinch we need to make a couple of tweaks server side and push them back to version control. Now that we’re moving to capistrano version 3 […]

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