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Capistrano / Git error when increasing the number of servers

I use Capistrano to deploy my Rails app in production. Everything works fine with about 10 servers. However if I add more servers (e.g. 5) I start getting errors from Capistrano: Command: export RBENV_ROOT=”$HOME/.rbenv” RBENV_VERSION=”2.2.2″ GIT_ASKPASS=”/bin/echo” GIT_SSH=”/tmp/example/git-ssh.sh” ; /usr/bin/env git ls-remote –heads example@repo.example.com:repo/example.git cap aborted! SSHKit::Runner::ExecuteError: Exception while executing as example@app4.example.com: git exit status: 128 […]

Configuration of 2 Bitbucket accounts on one laptop: cannot clone code

I have 2 bitbucket‘s accounts – one for work, one personal. Defaultly I am using the working account, but now needed to clone some code from a repository under the person account and got this error: git clone git@bitbucket.org:my_personal/project.git Cloning into ‘project’… repository access denied. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure […]

newbie capistrano rails deployment problem (can't find git in the path)

I’m using: Rails 3, ruby 1.9.2 and trying to deploy using capistrano. When I run cap deploy:check, capistrano tells me that it can’t find git on my deployment server (see below). Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?? Here’s my setup. I have a git repo @ github I have a laptop with an updated […]

How can I print my git tags in Capistrano as part of my deploy task?

I’ve set up Capistrano to ask me which git tag I want to deploy: # deploy.rb set(:branch) { Capistrano::CLI.ui.ask(‘Tag to deploy:’) } This works as expected – if I specify v0.75 it will deploy that tag. However, I’d love it if I could print out the list of my tags before I get asked which […]

Git asking for password on Gitosis from capifony

I setup a server with gitosis (yum install gitosis (CentOS 6.2)) and configure my deploy.rb as follow: set :application, “uda” set :domain, “” set :deploy_to, “/var/www/html/” set :app_path, “app” set :user, “root” set :use_sudo, false #default_run_options[:pty] = true ssh_options[:port] = 22 set :php_bin, “/usr/bin/php” set :repository, “gitosis@” set :scm, :git set :branch, “master” role :web, […]

Deploying to linode via capistrano using git on a windows machine

I am trying to deploy via capistrano and git on a windows machine without much success. I run into the ‘Too many arguments error’. Someone else had a similar problem and posted a solution in 2010 but this fix is not working for me. It is set to deploy from local machine through “set :deploy_via, […]

Git Use Remote Source During Push

I have a local git repository a “central” repo at github. I’m working on a part of a project, while a friend is working on a related piece that is in an entirely separate repo, is it possible for me to simply link directly to my friend’s repo? For example, the app is called widgets. […]

repository is not updated after git pull

I have made a deploy with capistrano in a repository remote. I’m novice with git. Now I want update some files and make updates of my website…etc with git, because capistrano its more slowly if I run new deploy. For updates files in remote repository I have made this steps: 1º git add . 2º […]

After deployment the permissions are not the one i wanted

I am using capistrano with git to deploy a RoR project. After deployment, the permissions in the current folder are 770 instead of 755, and it cause apache to display a forbidden page. My original folder where i work is using 755 as permissions. In my deploy.rb there is nothing about files permissions. Why does […]

Capistrano Many Private Repo Github

Very strange behavior and i cant understand where problems. I have 2 private repositories on Github and i deploy with Capistrano. First app normal deployed deploy.rb: require “rvm/capistrano” require ‘bundler/capistrano’ set :rvm_ruby_string, “2.1.0” set :assets_role, :app set :normalize_asset_timestamps, false set :application, “awesome_app_one” set :scm, :git set :repository, “git@github.com:myaccount/repo_one.git” set :branch, :master set :deploy_via, :remote_cache set […]

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