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Excluding Library folder from Git for Unity project causes scene to be lost

I’ve gone through all the recommended steps to prepare a Unity project for a Git repository following the directions here: Unity Git – Ignore Library I’ve correctly setup the .gitignore file etc. However when I clone my newly created Git repo on a different machine I noticed that my scene, assets etc. are missing. The […]

Retrieve Git file commit messages

I have a Git repository and I would like to retrieve all commit messages of a specific file. I also would like to see how a file looked at a specific commit. So in pseudo code: Get all commits of a file (already implemented) Retrieve file content of a specific commit I am using the […]

Run resharper inspections on git pull request changes only

I am trying to automate the discovery of code issues in a pull request. Currently, when I review a pull request, I checkout the affected branch, I open the solution in Visual Studio and look out for resharper warnings. Then I use that info to comment on the pull request. Checking out the branch is […]

Android Compilation: No rule to make target

I am trying to compile an android kernel from source for an ODROID-XU4 (http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G143452239825). I downloaded the source, added a few custom drivers & external programs, and now I am trying to create a git repo with all kernel source & custom source. Before I created the repo, my source compiled and deployed fine. After […]

When I clone project from Github to Visual Studio, all DLL file from nuget missing

When I clone Visual Studio project from GitHub using Visual Studio Team Explorer Github menu, project that cloned from GitHub missed all DLL from NuGet. This repository has .gitignore of Visual Studio created automatically by GitHub setting. I don’t know how I can fix this. I want to clone all DLL files referenced. If someone […]

Git with local settings: changing branches conflict

I’m using Git Extensions as git GUI. While working on vs c# project I needed to keep many settings files. I figured to create local braches for keeping them. So now my workflow looks like: Make real changes Checkout from local settings branch Commit, push Checkout back to local settings branch Rebase local branch It […]

What is the best way to support project code for several clients?

We have a project (asp.net, js, css, code behind, etc..) and some clients (a couple for example). What’s the best way to develop and support project for several clients? The clients has different css, images and some js code inside theirs project, but big part of web forms,css,js and server code is uniform. Maybe git […]

Netbeans ignoring files

In Netbeans when I create a new C++ project from existing sources only the Makefile appears to be under Git version control. The other files (.h, .cpp) all appear to be ignored (grayed out) when viewing from the Projects or Files windows in Netbeans. How do I make these files tracked? I have already tried […]

git and visual studio 2010 express

I have used visual studio 2010 express for a while and have played with some extensive projects for quite some time. Since i’m nearing 50-60 files and thousands of lines of code, i’ve decided to do some source control for everything so that the project is more easily updated and accessible between all my devices, […]

How to handle this patch issue with git?

I am currently working on a project using git. Basically, my git tree consists of three branches : Branch A : The origin branch, from which derives my work. Branch B : A branch based on A. B contains development work (a new feature for A). Branch C : For time management reasons, I also […]

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