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Using the octokit.net library to update a submodule commit sha in github

I am currently trying to update a submodule’s commit id automatically when another project has certain files changed. I have a .net webhook and I’m using the octokit.net library. I can see in the github documentation (https://developer.github.com/v3/git/trees/#create-a-tree) there is a submodule option when creating a new tree that allows you to add a commit and […]

Permission denied when running compiled C program in Linux

I am attempting to write a simple program that calls git checkout — . on a Github repo that would be a command line argument. I would like to call it like > clearRepo repoName. I keep all my repos in the same Github directory. The code is as follows: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include […]

Source control references missing

When I create a solution, one machine setting up all needed references and then transfer to another machine the references show as missing with a yellow triangle. I have looked in the .csproj file for the paths and they are relative and seem to be pointing in the exact correct location. However, if I click […]

Lightweight solution for merge and resolve conflicts in text files

In my small c++/qt project I have some text files that need be updated from server. User (client) can change these files, but if any new version is on a server, software should update these files and merge both new changes from server and client’s local changes. Resolving of conflicts must be always ‘theirs'(i.e. on […]

Preventing a complete rebuild using branches with GIT and Visual Studio 2005

One of the problem I faced when using branches in GIT was that it was very easy when switching branches to cause visual studio 2005 to cause a complete rebuild of the source because of the time/date being changed when switching branches. My typical layout is this. svn/remote master test When switch between either the […]

How to use Git-Media in C#

I am using git (Git Sharp) in a C# application. Now I want to use Git-Media in C#. Are there any tools available which will allow me to use Git-Media in C# applications?

How to create a new Xcode project with existing files?

Hey guys I’ve initially posted this both in superuser as well as programmers but I haven’t gotten any replies yet, and someone suggested here, so I thought I’ll ask it again here: I’m currently using XCode 3.2, and I am already working on my existing project using the terminal and vim. Files/folders that already exists […]

C++ ipch visual studio tracked in git.Cannot push due to large size

I am using visual studio for C++ and I have forked a repo and during building,git tracked this huge file of 101MB which resides in src/.vs/v15/ipch Now the problem is I cannot push any of my changes to the origin as GitHub’s size limit is 100MB. I committed 4-5 changes after this and cannot push […]

Connecting To A Git Repository On A Linux Server Through C#

I am wondering if it is possible to connect to a git server that is hosted on another server (running Linux) through a C# ASP.NET application. I am only looking for reading capabilities to be able to display information of that git repository in the ASP.NET application.

How can I use libgit2sharp to change the working directory?

I’ve been trying to change the working directory using libgit2sharp and so far I haven’t worked out how to do it. Checkout doesn’t appear to do it, Reset is available but ResetOptions.Hard is not. Has it not been implemented or is there a way that I’m missing? Thanks for any help!

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