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What is the way to make file version reflect both product build number and version of the specific dll/exe?

What is the way to make file version reflect both product build number and version of the specific dll (version considered changed when version control system revision number is changed for the source project for the file) on the build server. How to to achieve this with minimal efforts? My build env. : Git, TeamCity, […]

Git Workflow: selecting features to release from QA to PROD

I am a novice in Git and I would like to know if this idea is even possible using such a SCM. My idea would be to have the DEV team working on features locally, then push those features to QA. At this point, when QA tested and verified the stories, the business can decide […]

Cloak/Exclude folders in Source Settings in tfs 2013 build definition from Team Foundation Git repository

We are using TFS 2013 build with Git repository. For continuous integration builds I want to exlude/cloak specific folders in the Git repository. It is a simple task if the build definition is monitoring a named single branch (e.g. /refs/heads/develop branch). However, we are using Git Flow for branch management and our build definition is […]

How to include a parent Spring project (using Git submodule)?

I’m currently developing multiple web applications using Spring. I’m using Maven for building and Git for version control. At the moment I’m trying to find a way to split development of some things used by all webapps, e.g. I have some helper classes that are the same for all projects. The problem is, I don’t […]

Jenkins “Git plugin” neither ignores commits with certain messages nor commits with from certain users

I am using Jenkins “Git plugin” to poll my git repository for commits. I have been using the “Advanced behavior” options “polling ignores commits from certain users”,”polling ignores commits with certain messages”, as well as “polling ignores commits in certain paths”. These seemed to work with an earlier version of Jenkins and the Git Plugin. […]

Solving our versioning and build problems

Where I work we need to rethink the way we develop software and keep track of each released version. Do you have any suggestions to solve our problems? We develop on Windows in C++ using VS 2005 (and C++ Builder for some interface stuff) We use GIT but in the worse possible way imaginable. We […]

How do I delete the first and only commit if it's the only commit in the branch?

I goofed the author info. up on the first commit. However, it seems like most of the rebase or tree modification operations rely on some other commit already existing. Even when I run Git’s interactive rebase command, all I see in my little list of commits is a single line, “noop”. :/ (Solved this by […]

Jenkins builds on tag pushes via gerrit-trigger plugin

I have a Jenkins server running the Gerrit trigger plugin for continuous integration. For running unit tests and style checks, it’s working fantastically! However, I’m interested in using Jenkins to build our deployment packages as well. Ideally, developers would push tags to Gerrit, and the gerrit-trigger plugin would notify Jenkins to build the tags, and […]

Can I have a workspace that is both a git workspace and a svn workspace?

I have checked out now a local working copy of a codebase that lives in an svn repo. It’s a big Java project that I use Eclipse to develop in. Eclipse of course builds everything on the fly, in it’s own way with all the binaries ending up in [project root]/bin. That’s perfectly fine with […]

Global Xcode run scripts

In order to automatically update build dates and build numbers, I set up a run script for the build phase in my scheme: # Auto Increment Version Script buildPlist=${PROJECT_DIR}/${INFOPLIST_FILE} CFBuildNumber=$(/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c “Print CFBuildNumber” $buildPlist) CFBuildNumber=$(($CFBuildNumber + 1)) /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c “Set :CFBuildNumber $CFBuildNumber” $buildPlist # “Mon” is a hack, but day is needed, and in English […]

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