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obtaining full file paths in git merge

I’m working on a tool to analyse the output of merging many topic branches and produce a detailed conflict report. I’ve run into a slight problem in that sometimes Git will produce a truncated file name in the merge command’s output, such as Merge made by recursive. …/somepath/anotherpath/toolong/default.css | 2 +- When in other cases […]

Consistent tagging across multiple projects in separate Git repositories

I’m working on a product which relies on several different projects each hosted in its own Git repository. When a release is made, it would be ideal for us to consistently tag every project that is involved in building the product – this includes the core code, libraries and build tools. Is there an obvious […]

CMake ExternalProject: how to specify relative path to the root CMakeLists.txt?

It seems that CMake ExternalProject always assumes the root directory of the external project to be the source directory. But what if that is not the case? Consider the following example: The external project uses this directory layout: libfoo.git <— ExternalProject assumes this as source dir. ├── … └── libfoo <— However, the actual source […]

Any tool to make git build every commit to a branch in a separate repository?

A git tool that meets the specs below is needed. Does one already exist? If not, I will create a script and make it available on GitHub for others to use or contribute. Is there a completely different and better way to solve the need to build/test every commit to a branch in a git […]

How to configure a jenkins job to send mail if a SCM commit

I have problems with configuring a jenkins job that need to do the following task : scheduled every 30 minutes => OK do an update (CVS, SVN, …) => OK send an email if a change is detected in the SCM repo => KO So my job is configured as follow : Source Code Management […]

Jenkins – How can i pass parameters from the Upstream to Downstream

I have 3 builds: A – is the Master build which control the flow B- Anoter build C- will be executed after B I want to add a String parameter to A so the user will enter some String manually, and i’m not sure how can i path this parameter to B. lets say that […]

How to organize full build pipeline with Gulp, Maven and Jenkins, all the way to integration tests?

I have a project that has: JS client with somewhat interesting build process. That includes compiling CSS, catenating and minifying JS and CSS, generating and processing HTML, and some other steps. The Node tools like Grunt or Gulp are great at this. Java server that is a WAR deployed on Tomcat. It includes these assets […]

Testing and Managing database versions against code versions

As you develop an application database changes inevitably pop up. The trick I find is keeping your database build in step with your code. In the past I have added a build step that executed SQL scripts against the target database but that is dangerous in so much as you could inadvertanly add bogus data […]

put build date in about box

I have a C# WinForms app with an About box. I am putting the version number in the about box using: FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location) .FileVersion This ends up giving me the Subversion revision number from which the executable was built. I would also like to get the date of the build into the About box. I tried: […]

How to set a Mercurial VCS build trigger for TeamCity that ignores label operations

I am trying to setup a build trigger for TeamCity using Mercurial as the VCS. Right now the trigger looks like: +:/** This trigger get fired when changesets are committed. However, I have TeamCity setup to tag each build in the VCS. The tagging process is firing the above build trigger so the build gets […]

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