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Automated Phing Deployment – Git Asking For Password

Right now I have a Phing script that takes the files from a branch of our Git Repository, updates a server, and does a few other changes on it. The problem is Git asks me for the password everytime — so every night (for our nightly build), I have to do this manually, and we […]

How could I get my SVN-only host to pull from a git repository?

I’d really like to get our host to pull from our Git repository instead of uploading files manually, but it doesn’t have Git installed. So is there a way to trick Subversion (which they do have) into checking out a Git repository? I think I already know the answer, namely bug my host to add […]

Pros and cons of using git revisions instead of branches as references for rollouts

I am working on a phing script with git for build automation, and am still new to it. To give a little idea, we plan to have multiple branches in our project, and any of them could be rolled out (we are almost certain about this part). During the course of development of my thought […]

Programmatically triggered Bamboo plans

I am currently attempting to automate a release process using bamboo. In a release there are 5 projects, each of which is an optional candidate. So a release may just be 1/5 projects, so I wouldn’t want to release all 5 projects every time. I am able, using bamboo variables to select which of the […]

How do I count the number of git commits affecting a given subtree?

My version number looks like 0.1.3 and has two components: 0.1 (the tag) 3 (commits after tag) All this information easy to obtain from git describe –tags. For version 0.1.3 git describe may look like 0.1-3-g53d4dec All of this works fine, but I’m looking for the number of commits affecting only a given subtree, not […]

Alias branch for last release in Git

We have rather common Git workflow like it’s described in this article. Now on our build server we would like to make build plans for develop, master and for the last release. The problem is that last release branch have different names in time (*release-**). What are the ways to solve this problem? Is it […]

Git hosting setup that pulls from developers, rejecting broken commits?

Development teams are often plagued by builds in version control being transiently broken. The entire team’s productivity can come to a halt while trying recover from a build broken by one person. Is there software that would allow hosting Git in a way that prevents breaking builds in version control by not accepting commits that […]

How to input password to git push from script without using SSH keys?

I need to write a script that can push a tag from a build server to a git server WITHOUT USING SSH KEYS. More people have access to the build server than to the git server, so SSH keys won’t work because then anyone could push to the git server without specifying their own credentials. […]

Build Configurations for Git Flow

How are people setting up their build configurations when using Git and Git-flow? I have several tasks I want to complete: Commit – compile, run static code analysis, unit test, package Integration Test – run integration tests Deploy to Test – deploy the app to a test environment Functional Test – run end-to-end functional tests […]

CMake ExternalProject: how to specify relative path to the root CMakeLists.txt?

It seems that CMake ExternalProject always assumes the root directory of the external project to be the source directory. But what if that is not the case? Consider the following example: The external project uses this directory layout: libfoo.git <— ExternalProject assumes this as source dir. ├── … └── libfoo <— However, the actual source […]

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