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Anyway to make jenkins build every exists commits?

I’m trying to find a way to build every exists commits when adding new project to my jenkins. For example: I already created a project here Some of my users request me to build old versions(commits) so they can use them,it’s imposslble for me to checkout every commit and perform a manually build. I want […]

Using un-managed file in Jenkins build step

I’ve just started using Jenkins today, so it’s entirely possible that I’ve missed something in the docs. I currently have Jenkins set up to run unit tests from a local Git repo (via plugin). I have set up the environment correctly (at least, in a seemingly working condition), but have run into a small snag. […]

Automated push “build branch” after using “git archive” without local repo

I am setting up a automated build on top of a git repository. I want to automatically build versions from the master branch — I’m using “git archive” to a build sandbox — and, depending whether the build succeeds, I want to push a “build branch” to the version that succeeded building. The idea is […]

How to clean up TeamCity's remote-run branches from repository?

TeamCity allows one to run personal builds from branches. So in order to trigger a build I need to run something like git push origin feature-branch:remote-run/feature-branch. But how this branch would be removed later? I do not need it after I got build results. It is fairly possible that I will edit (rebase, squash etc) […]

Selectively pulling commits for a build (via git & bamboo)

Is there any way I can selectively pick commits (or moreover groups of commits) and generate a build? For example, let’s say someone in my team has committed something and this is has been tested, but the piece I am working on has yet to be tested or is unfinished but has been committed. We […]

jenkins git webhook

I am using jenkins as a stand alone. an I want to trigger build when same commit pushed to git. Jenkins GIT client plugin v1.0.2 Jenkins GIT plugin v1.2.0 Git server plugin v1.1 git-notes Plugin v0.0.4 ruby-runtime v0.10 GitHub API Plugin v1.34 GitHub plugin v1.5 this plugin I have installed in jenkins. and in git […]

Is it possible to clone a git repository, and split the clone repo, keeping track of the changes from original repo?

This might be somewhat unusual, but say I have a git repository A: A/project1/… A/project2/… A/project3/… and clone this repository to B: B/project1/… B/project2/… B/project3/… What I want to do is to somehow split the project folders and their contents into individual units. It does not really matter if the unit is a branch, a […]

Web (PHP) application deployment strategy

I m thinking about right deployment strategy for PHP (or any) web application. I have versioned code (git) which contains source codes like LESS, non minified JavaScript etc. As ideal steps I see this ones: Build app to /build directory – including compile LESS, minify JavaScript and others. In build directory will be everything ready […]

How to put build cause data into build list on jenkins?

I have the following build list on my jenkins: and the following build cause for e.g. build #40 How can I put this build cause “Started by Gitlab push by Patryk” into the build list? (underneath the approriate build) I now this can be done since I had that running few days back but I […]

Maven – Cannot create resource output directory in a shell script

I am trying to execute a maven build in a shell script. I am running on Amazon Linux in an ec2 instance. Here are the first two lines of my script which I’m having trouble with: sudo git clone [url of git repository] sudo mvn clean package -f /path/to/pom.xml If I enter each of them […]

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