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Couldn't find any revision to build. Verify the repository and branch configuration for this job. Finished: FAILURE

Hi I got the following error when build the java project with jenkins which source code exists at Github Started by user anonymous Building in workspace C:\Users\Administrator\.jenkins\workspace\TestProject > C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe rev-parse –is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10 Fetching changes from the remote Git repository > C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe config remote.origin.url https://github.com/xxxxxxxx/yyyyyyyy.git # timeout=10 Fetching upstream changes from https://github.com/xxxxxxxx/yyyyyyyy.git > […]

Git Stop Tracking Changes but still blind commit

I would like to put my /public (build) dir in a special state, that is to stop tracking it, and just blind commit it each time I do a commit. The build dir is a Laravel FW Public dir containing storage symlink, the index.php, and compiled assets. The important part is I would like to […]

How to build project from Github? Instructions inconclusive

I know this isn’t technically an issue with Drupal itself, but my question has been languishing on superuser for almost a month, so I was hoping another Drupal user might have already done this… I’m a drupal developer using Komodo Edit as an IDE. I recently found a project on GitHub that would add autocomplete […]

TFS 2015 build server with git line endings

We use TFS 2015 with GIT and Team Foundation Build 2015 as Build definition. The Sources are in C/C++. On the Build Server I’m facing a line ending problem. On the developers PC (Microsoft Windows 7) the core.autocrlf=true is set. The line endings are always CRLF which is ok. On the Build Server (Microsoft Server […]

Hudson build fails with Git repository & Grails

I recently configured Hudson to build a Grails project using Git as the repository. However, I am getting this error when running the build: Compilation error: srcdir “/home/matthew/.hudson/jobs/qotd-idea/workspace/src/groovy” does not exist This is because src/groovy is not copied into the Hudson workspace, so Hudson can’t find the files. However, this directory is empty anyway. All […]

How to set up git and maven to work together?

I’m new to both of these tools, and I’m also very new to Linux system administration, so I apologize ahead of time for what may seem like a total n00b question. Basically, I’m starting a whole new project from scratch. Yaaay! Exciting! However, I’m a little lost on how to set up the project. I’ve […]

Compilation Error when building Giraph

I am trying to build Giraph. I have the following: java version “1.7.0_25”, Apache Maven 3.0.4, Hadoop 1.0.4. I am following the instruction in this page: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/GIRAPH/Quick+Start+Guide When I run: mvn compile , I get the following error: [INFO] Scanning for projects… [INFO] ———————————————————————— [INFO] Reactor Build Order: [INFO] [INFO] Apache Giraph Parent [INFO] Apache […]

Dependency projects in a TFS Git project VNEXT build

This is more of a best practice question, as we already have one solution in place, yet I am curious as to whether there are better ways of solving this. Our projects are divided into 1 huge base projects, that all other projects depend on and sub-projects. When building a sub project, I therefore also […]

Github pages with polymer

Context Polymer-cli 0.17.0 Git 2.10.2 Problem I have a polymer project, but I have to put my builded files in the gh-pages branch. Before, my solution was to use git worktree and use the build/bundled/ directory as the gh-pages directory. But when I updated from polymer 0.16.0 to 0.17.0 it started deleting the build/ directory […]

Tracking code versions in an executable

I have a reasonable sized ( around 40k lines) machine learning system written in C++. This is still in active development and I need to run experiments regularly even as I make changes to my code. The output of my experiments is captured in simple text files. What I would like to do when looking […]

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