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Checking in and out files within branches without moving to the Master Branch

Assume that I have 4 branches Master Branch Branch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3 I am currently in Branch 3 and I want to get all the files from Branch 2 to Branch 3 without committing the files to Master branch. Is that possible?

Lost everything after deleting branch – nothing to commit (working directory clean)

I was cleaning up my branches and merging them. After I am done with the master branch, I tried to checkout otherbranch but it didn’t let me do it because there were 2 files that will be overwritten! I used -f to switch branches (I was only expecting to see what changed in that branch). […]

What are the downsides to rebasing topic branches instead of merging?

My current pattern is to merge topic branches into my main development branch once they’re finished. The log has been getting kind of crazy to look at lately, and I was considering switching to using rebase instead. What are the possible disadvantages to using rebase instead of merge for topic/feature branches?

With git, how do I remove a local copy of a remote branch? Or at least pull without merging?

Another developer has deleted and rebuilt a remote branch called “development” which I already have a checked out copy. He did this delete and rebuild to remove some cruft from it. Which is great. But when I do a “git pull origin development” it keeps getting merge conflicts. Yet I don’t want what I have […]

GIT GUI and merge using –no-ff option

I’m using GIT since last year and it is really really helpful… I read a lot about the best way to use branches etc… I actually have only one problem, I mainly use the GIT GUI git-gui version 0.17.GITGUI git version 1.8.0.msysgit.0 Tcl/Tk version 8.5.11 And I never found an option to do a simple […]

Git branching and switching back to master is ahead?

I have code that is working pretty good and created a branch to make some significant changes on my work computer with git checkout -b messaging. I committed my partially completed work and pushed it to my remote repository with git push origin messaging. Now that I’m home, I did a git pull origin messaging […]

git: merge branch and use meaningful merge commit message?

After I merge a feature branch back to main branch I usually need to do a merge commit by default. But I’d like to use the original commit messages from my feature branch in this commit instead of “merge branch XXX”. How should I do that?

Can Git merge “use” the information found by git blame -C

This question came to me after reading this one : Can Git really track the movement of a single function from 1 file to another? If so, how? Here is the worfklow : A “long time ago”, we splitted a big file folder/file.py in many files : folder1/file.py, folder2/file.py and so on. git blame -C […]

Handling changes to files with –skip-worktree from another branch

On my machine, I’ve set –skip-worktree to config/database.yml. git update-index –skip-worktree config/database.yml Another developer has committed and merged into the develop branch changes to config/database.yml while working on the project. Now, when I do git pull origin develop, I get Andrews-Air:[project] agrimm$ git pull origin develop From bitbucket.org:[company]/[project] * branch develop -> FETCH_HEAD Updating [SHA]..[Another […]

Merging two branches into one another

When doing a normal merge, you always merge one branch into another. The branch that is merged into changes, while the branch being merged from does not change. Now, when I have a long-lived feature branch, I sometimes want to merge feature into master, but at the same time get all changes that have happened […]

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