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Update master git repository from files

Hopefully I can explain. We took over development of a site, and there was a transition period where there was two different teams doing dvelopment for a few weeks, and the only deployment path we had was creating patch files for each feature. In this process the master branch we have in git now is […]

Suggestions on naming convention for Branches

We have two separate artifacts in Visual Studio Team foundation Server, one for Source code (branch) and another for Database scripts (folder). branches are – 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 … to 3-mainline, and we also have 4-mainline. actually 4-mainline (4.0) is already released, while we are also working on 3.9 (yet to be released). there are […]

How can I make a single commit of specific branch from other pushed commits in Git?

I am new to Git. I have one main branch “development” in which all branches will be merged and I’m working on branch “TESST123“ I have done three commits (using : git commit -am “comment”) and pushed (using : git push origin TESST123) one by one, e.g. Commit 07834343kfjsd948343243…. Author myname date thu aug 14 […]

git merge remote branches without having to create a local branch

Title says it all. So my company has these branches out on git hub: origin/master ( use this for dev ) origin/QA origin/staging origin/live locally I have master ( a branch of origin/master ). I would like to be able to move origin/QA to origin/staging. The only option I can think would be to clone […]

Git-flow release finished: brought to develop instead of master

Here’s what I’ve done: (develop)$ … (develop)$ git flow release start v0.1 (release/v0.1)$ git flow release finish v0.1 (master)$ git checkout develop (develop)$ … Why have I to run checkout develop ? Git-flow should bring me back to develop branch instead of master. If it can help to spot the problem, here is what happens […]

Merging smaller pieces of source

I’m an unsophisticated git user, managing changes to a novel manuscript (written in Markdown). Currently I have a first draft not under SCM, and a second draft that is in a git repository. I pull large sections of text from the first draft file into the second draft, revise/rewrite, and commit the newest version of […]

Correct git workflow, when should I pull?

I have a git workflow, but I am finding that I can’t work on feature1 and feature2 at the same time, as they are in different branches. (There will be 2 developers). My idea is each time I ‘git push origin feature-x’ I should pull the code back into my master, and then create a […]

Is there a way to give git metadata to mark a line as not being automatically mergeable?

In git, the default behavior is to automatically merge files if possible, and this makes sense in most cases, but here is an example where an original committer may know that automatic merging of a certain line in the file may be incorrect. For example, adding an entry somewhere in a list may not work […]

git – use of branches as backup

I have a git archive which contains my dev code. Before pushing this into production, I need to delete quite a few unused source files. However, I want to keep those file around for reference. So my thought is to create a branch of the current code and delete the unneeded files from HEAD. This […]

What is the git equivalent of perforce branch mapping?

Perforce have a concept of branch mapping where you just define a mapping between different paths. You could have the following saved branch mapping //depot/proj1/path1/… //depot/proj1/path1-renamed/… After this mapping is done the development can continue in both branches and from time to time a merge based on the mapping can happen. In git I have […]

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