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Does a bisect in version control benefit from using a rebaseif workflow?

The rebaseif mercurial extension automates the process, when pulling, of doing a rebase only if the merge can be done automatically with no conflicts.  (If there are conflicts to resolve manually, it does not rebase, leaving you ready to do a manual merge of the two branches.)  This simplifies and linearizes the history when developers are working in […]

Is using “feature branches” compatible with refactoring?

“feature branches” is when each feature is developed in its own branch and only merged into the main line when it has been tested and is ready to ship. This allows the product owner to choose the features that go into a given shipment and to “park” feature that are part written if more important […]

Practical way to commit changes in source control to multiple branches

A common scenario when using source control is to have a development branch along with versioned release branches. We use CVS, with HEAD as the development branch, and a branch named e.g. release-6-2 for the current release of a product. Development of new features go into the development branch only, but bug fixes sometimes have […]

Git rebase from multiple branches not getting changes

From the master branch I created a branch “topicA” for a project that is just a subset of the original files with a few new files added. To do this I created the branch, deleted the unneeded files, added some new files and committed. I then created a feature branch “topicB” and made some changes. […]

Do you feel comfortable merging code?

This morning, I read two opinions on refactoring. Opinion 1 (Page not present) Opinion 2 (Page not present) They recommend branching (and subsequently merging) code to: Keep the trunk clean. Allow a developer to walk away from risky changes. In my experience (particularly with Borland’s StarTeam), merging is a non-trival operation. And for that reason, […]

Branching with Mercurial SCM

So right now I’m learning Ruby on Rails, and I’m working through the book “Agile Web Development with Rails”. I’ve also decided that I want to give Mercurial a go, because I’ve read up on distributed SCM’s, and it seems like an ideal situation. I still, however, prefer to push my code remotely to my […]

Ensuring a merge between branches happens in one direction

This morning I discovered that my co-worker had merged the wrong way between two branches in mercurial –we have a ver5 and ver6 branch, with extra files in ver6. Is there any way (a serverside hook probably) to enforce that the children of any ver5 node be from ver5?

What's the right way to branch with Visual Source Safe?

What I currently do is I link the project to another location and give it the same name, then check the box where it says “Branch after share.” And then I would Check out the shared project and work off it. And finally merge with the original project. This works okay, but it feels very […]

Workflow to “backport” change into different Mercurial (Hg) branch?

We have two heads. One is our main development head and the other is one that I forgot about until today. We found a bug and fixed it in our main development branch, and I just realized it should be fixed in the older branch as well. I think it would have been better to […]

Branching strategy for configurable software

I’m working on an application which is produced for various sets of customers. Depending on the customer, the software’s user interface elements may vary. For example, one customer might need menu item X, while the another customer gets menu item Y. Currently all of the configuration for the user interface is done via XML (much […]

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