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html export different branch

I have org files in a github repository and using project pages future. Exporting org files to html for use in gh-pages like this; editing org files on master branch and committing exporting html to a temporary directory changing branch to gh-pages copying files from temporary directory and committing is there a way of exporting […]

Git: How do I merge complex branches that have widely diverged with some missing history?

I have two “branches”, both of which started from the same code base, but both of which were imported to git after they diverged. The prior history is lost, and additionally both branches have extensive changes recorded in their git history. What is a good strategy to approach merging features and bugfixes between these two […]

git move locally committed changes to the new branch and push

I am on master. When I do git status I am told $ git status # On branch master # Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 13 commits. # (use “git push” to publish your local commits) # nothing to commit, working directory clean So all 13 only exist on my local machine. The […]

When should i create a new branch?

I am using git as the first time for a versioning system. I am starting a new project, and therefore to experiment a little bit with the technologies used in the project (hello world examples…) i want to create something like a “playground” branch. Is it common to create a new branch “playground” or should […]

Git – Create a new remote branch out of an old commit

I’m using the following Git command in order to create a new remote branch: git push origin origin:refs/heads/new_branch_name I wish that the new branch will start from an old commit, How can I do that? (I’ve tried some different methods, though failed) Thank you.

Does git log –branch have a different behaviour on normal and bare repositories?

I’d like to use the git log command to extract the list of changes from a repository since a given date on a specified branch. For the purpose I found the following syntax which seems to work fine: git log –since=2011-10-01 –branches=mybranch The above command works fine on a cloned repository in my workstation (Unbuntu […]

Show branches that do not contain commit

git branch -a –contains <hash> gives me all those branches containing hash. what I want is git branch -a –no-contains <hash>. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a command to accomplish this, so I’m thinking the solution is something like: git branch -a | grep -v output of(git branch -a –contains) but my bash isn’t […]

Is there a script to list git branches created by me?

I’m aware that branches don’t really store creator information – and they’re just a pointer to a commit. My goal is to be able to clean out my old branches that have been merged back to the main branch, and list branches where this hasn’t been done either. (A clean up). This is different to […]

“git branch –track” vs “git checkout –track”

What is the difference between “git branch –track” and “git checkout -b –track”, if there is any?

Git: Can't delete remote branch permanently

I know this has been asked, I’ve seen so my responses on it, but nothing seems to work. Here was my workflow. Create a new branch and work on it. Sometimes I use multiple computers so I pushed it to remote so that I could get it elsewhere git branch new_branch git checkout new_branch git […]

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