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Switching branches brings committed folders and files of the previous branch

I have been working on GIT for 3 years, but don’t remember facing this issue. I have created a new repository, where each branch has a different code. The folder structure is roughly the same at the outer level, but some sub-folders and a few files change for each branch (quite a common situation). I […]

Push a branch into a newly created Bitbucket repository

I’m currently switching over to using mono repos, since it fits my workflow better. However, I still want to be able to deploy/use parts of the now huge project separately. That is why I came across splitsh-lite (https://github.com/splitsh/lite), a replacement for git subtree. So, my project structure of the main (mono) repository is as follows: […]

Git Branch is not a remote Branch in Stash

I have a problem with GIT (version in combination with stash. I have created local branches on my development system with the command git checkout -b <my new branch> After all I pushed my new branch to the remote stash server : git push -u origin <my new branch> Now I am not able […]

How to fast forward a branch to another non-master branch

I am on branch B. When checking out branch A, I get the message that I am behind branch A by one commit. git checkout A Switched to branch ‘A’ Your branch is behind ‘origin/A’ by 1 commit, and can be fast-forwarded. But when on my own branch, I cannot do git pull A because […]

dividing a project Repository

I want to differentiate a repository into different levels For development For testing and For implementation etc. One solution I found is branching, but there will be issues when merging two branches. Is there any effective ways, please let me know.

Create Git feature branch from another feature branch

Is there a way in Git to create a Git feature branch (B) from another feature branch (A) but do not keep history from (A) and only display history of changes in B when create a PR?

Pull the new branch on my computer

I’m currently working on a “remote” project, i.e., I make programming on the server of someone. In fact, I’m starting doing programming in Django, and the team work use git. As It’s been a while I’ve worked on that project, I would like to work on the updated branch. How do I make it available? […]

Git: Branch for testing with persistent config file

The setup: I have two branches: master and testing. I add new features on the testing branch and then merge them to the master branch. However, in a recent web project, I have a git repository on my server and my local machine, so everytime I merge onto master and push to orign, I can […]

with git submodules, can I always get branch/HEAD when cloning?

With git 1.8.2+ you can track branches as described in this answer. But compared to svn-externals without revision you seem to have to manually update your submodules when you intend to always build with latest revision of your submodules: git clone <URL/TO/MY/COMPOSITE/PROJECT> –branch develop –recursive git submodule update –remote Is there a way to always […]

In git, is there a simple way of introducing an unrelated branch to a repository?

While helping a friend with a git problem today, I had to introduce a branch that needed to be totally separate from the master branch. The contents of this branch really had a different origin from what had been developed on the master branch, but they were going to be merged into the master branch […]

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