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why my code change not pushed to remote branch

I made some changes to a cpp file, say test.cpp when I work in my master branch. Then I push it to a remote branch so that I can pull request later: git add test.cpp git commit -m “blabla” git push origin master:remoteBranchName(non-master branch) Then I checked that remote branch, but I saw no code […]

Confusion about what ref/heads/ means

Currently I want to perform a rebase on my local branch , lets call this branch X. I want to rebase it onto my local branch Y. I’m using the WebStorm IDE to do this and in the onto dropdown it lists a whole bunch of ref/heads/[branch-name]. What are these? How do they compare to […]

Allow users to temporarily lock a remote branch in a GIT remote repository

Is there a way to allow users to temporarily lock a remote branch in the remote repository. The function of is to avoid any merging in GIT that isn’t Fast-Forward and to avoid conflicts (the constraint comes from the file type I am using). The method should be easy to lock and unlock, and users […]

Git: Branch of Branch is not fully Rendering CSS

I am new to Git. For my project, I have a branch called staging which is a branch off of master. I created a new branch called salesforce_update off of the staging branch. When I am on the staging branch, everything runs and renders well. When I switch over to the salesforce_update branch, it runs […]

Git Repository vs Git branch based development

I am working on how to migrate to progressive web app from the existing chrome apps as the chrome app will cease to exist by mid next year. While we are working on the migration to pwa we want to ensure that the existing chrome app continues to exist till we stop releasing it. In […]

Find out commit id of branch before I pulled

I am working in a git repository on the master branch. Recently I have pulled from a remote to update the branch. Is there some way to find out, which commit IP was the HEAD of master before I pulled?

Strange git diff behavior

I’m on branch A and branch B is ahead of it. I want to see the changes in B from A, but when I run git diff B it shows its additions as deletions and vice-versa, and if I want to put B‘s changes into the working copy of A (desirable if I have a […]

Allow only specific branch names

In Bitbucket, I can set permissions for branches matching a specific wildcard. But is it also possible that branches that do not match that wildcard can be blocked?

GIT : Changes from branch visible on master

I am aare, i forgot how to GIT. Accidentally i removed all untracked files from my branch and the only way was to clone repo again. After having completly clean repo with master branch I started to create new branch… … but as I have mentioned, probably i forgot how to GIT. I am creating […]

How to merge/copy entire forked repository into original repository?

I had an original repository say ‘A’ from which I have forked a new repository say ‘B’. I have been working on only ‘B’ since then, where I have created new branches and also deleted few. Now I want to merge my repository ‘B’ into ‘A’. What I essentially want is if A has (a1, […]

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