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Restrict users access on specific git branch repo and history repo, while keeping merge facilities

Here is my context: I have a software with 20 vesion, each version represents( is the same) a branch in my git repo. I Have two teams, one local and one remote. Here is my restrictions: Local team have full access to the repo. Remote team have access restrictively to 15th version(15th branch) Remoe team […]

When doing git checkout and checking the branch it shows – * (no branch)

After doing checkout with tag server_8_2_4 am getting this: root@dhp# git branch * (no branch) master Is my current branch now server_8_2_4? Or what exactly happened?

Why isn't it sufficient to just stage work-in-progress before switching branches? Why must I also commit?

I’m working on some files in one branch (called big_new_feature). The files are not ready to commit, but I need to switch branches to make a quick fix in another branch (called stable_branch). Why can’t I just stage the files in big_new_feature and check out stable_branch? Why do I have to actually commit the files […]

Git Parameter Plugin – filtering branches

I’m trying to use the GIT Parameter Plug-in to list all release branches that need to go in a build process. If I use the plug-in only specifying the parameter type it works fine simple plug-in configuration When I try to filter the list using the Branch Filter option the list appears empty. I’ve tried […]

Squashing commits while merging a branch from a separate fork

How do I merge a branch from a fork into the current master while simultaneously squashing the commits, without asking the fork maintainer to do it for me? For example, if my project is hosted at acme/helloworld:master and the fork is at coyote/helloworld:patch, and the patch branch has 10 extra commits, how do I merge […]

Changing the starting commit of a new git branch

I forgot to do a pull before creating a new branch. I did not recognize that, did the work and a finishing merge. Now I see that the starting point of the new (and now merged) branch is wrong as it is too far in the past. Is it possible to correct that?

why is it suggested to create a local branch tracking the remote branch in git when you call pull down the actual remote branch

It is a suggested practice to create a local git branch tracking the remote branch. My question is that why do we do that when we can actually pull down the remote branch and work on it directly with git checkout origin/master ?

Can't create a local branch of already existing github repository in Android Studio

I have looked up how to create a local branch (and I have done it before), but it won’t let me. Please let me know how to fix this problem or if I am missing something. I am already connected to the github repository, but I am currently using the master branch and I wan’t […]

GIT: cloning –single-branch yeilds different result from git clone then checkout branch

I would just like to ask the git gurus here if this is really possible. I cloned a whole repository, then checked out branch A which tracks the repo’s origin/A. I tried to build that snapshot and it got me an error. Now I was tasked to try to clone a –single-branch instead, cloning origin/A […]

git lost changes when merging back and forth between two branches

I have two branches, let’s call them ‘development’ and ‘stable’. Most of the time I merge from development to stable but sometimes I need to merge in the opposite direction. For example, somebody changes a script or config file and I want to get these changes into my development branch. Most of the time merging […]

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