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git change origin of a branch (rebase)

f’I have the following: A—B—C—–D– branch dev \–C’-E-/ branch test I did it bad: C and C’ are almost the same commits, it would make more sense if I could make branch test start on C, instead of B. How could I do that?, I guess rebase, but I’m not sure how to use it, […]

What is the standard or best way to deal with database branching with Mercurial or Git branches?

This has been a big question mark on my mind. I’m moving to Mercurial or Git very soon for my web software, and sometimes my branches require significant database changes which other branches should not see. This, I can’t always share the same database for my branches. Is there some standard way of dealing with […]

How to successfully keep master and development branches in sync? GIT

I like to do development on my development branch then merge into master when I am ready to push to production. As long as I don’t commit anything to the master branch all goes smoothly. However, I have come across situations where I have committed something to the master branch that conflicts with something that […]

git fails because of an untracked working tree file

I’m not an expert at google. Needless to say, I’m not even sure what this means or how to resolve it? >> git merge admin_playground error: Untracked working tree file ‘vendor/gems/panda-1.0.0/.gitignore’ would be overwritten by merge. fatal: merging of trees 538b2824765956cc44c42a8ad628e4f4 and d5d4cda68518cd1c81bf70ba8c339fea6 failed I am trying to perform a git merge and getting this […]

Is it possible to apply a commit to all branches in git?

I have a feeling I am asking something that can’t be done in git, but I might as well ask. Is there any way that I can make one change and commit it to all branches? For instance, suppose I want to make a change to my AUTHORS file or LICENSE file. I know I […]

Git rebase from one branch to another

I have the following case : K—L new-feature / H—I—J dev-team1 / E—F—G dev-main / A—B—C—D master And I want to move only the new-feature (K—L) branch in dev-main branch without (H—I—J) form dev-team1 H—I—J dev-team1 / E—F—G—K—L dev-main / A—B—C—D master

Git: Fetching latest commit on a branch

I’m struggling to understand something about GIT. We’ve got a repository with a number of branches in it. I can fetch a local copy of one of those branches (git checkout -b …), make some changes, then push them back. If I fail to tag the end of the branch, however, how do other users […]

How to retrieve the git branch name that was built by Jenkins when using inverse branch selection strategy?

We have one Jenkins job which builds every branch except master when there are new commits. This behavior can be configured via git plugin’s ‘choosing strategy:inverse‘ so that it listens to every branch except a specified branch. This functions very nicely. But the problem is that GIT_BRANCH environment variable always refers to the excluded branch(‘origin/master’ […]

Git rebase continually fails and requires manual merge intervention

I am having an issue with rebasing from master on to a ‘deploy’ branch within one of my repositories. My repo is setup as follows: master – of course, the main branch deploy – a branch created where files like Capfile, deploy.rb etc are created and configured – these changes will NEVER be merged back […]

Switch branches with tortoisegit

I cloned a git respository on my hard disc. This git repository contains not only the master but also a branch called newBranch. How can I checkout the new branch with tortoisegit? I tried it with the switch/checkout command but nothing changed in my local files. What works is when I clone the two branches […]

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