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git : remote HEAD is ambiguous – how to push changes to another branch than the cloned one?

I cloned a remote rep, master and made some changes. Before pushing changes admin has created Development branch. Now “git remote show origin” command is showing the following ambiguous HEAD branch. HEAD branch (remote HEAD is ambiguous, may be one of the following): development master Remote branches: development new (next fetch will store in remotes/origin) […]

git checkout master does not restore files

I have a repo, being at master. I do git checkout -b new_branch and change, add and commit some files to new_branch. Doing git checkout master keep the files state as they were in new_branch, so I have to do a git checkout — . on master to get all files to master state. If […]

kflorence jquery-wizard: branch validation

I’m using the kflorence jquery wizard: https://github.com/kflorence/jquery-wizard/ and I ran into an issue with validation when using branching. I’d like to have the wizard show an error message instead of the defaulted “alert” when the selected option is blank. It currently works for regular steps, but when I get to a branched question, the validation […]

Create a bugfix release when master is several versions ahead

I’ve been looking at using git flow, but there seems to be a hole in the original design around hotfixes. Say you’ve done several releases – your master has tags for 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, etc. You find a bug in 0.2, and want to do a release 0.2.1 with a fix. Where […]

How do I get another git branch up to current branch?

I’ve redacted the image below for privacy reason, but basically I have two branches that I am trying to get on the same commit. The commit with the tag is on a different branch than then one with the tag I’ve tried merging into but nothing changes. I’m simply trying to […]

'git: : number expected' error coming when doing git branch

I am in my local git repository and when I am doing: ‘git branch‘, then the error coming up is: “git:960: number expected”. The number keeps increasing by 1 every time I run the git branch command. Actually, the issue is coming with all git commands, like: git status, etc. Please help me with this.

Git workflow for keeping feature branch history

In our project, we are implementing features on top of upstream software (U-Boot). Once every year or two, development is started for a new hardware and newer version of upstream software is taken as a base. Some of previously implemented features are suitable for new project almost as is, without much modifications. Therefore, we need […]

Git branches on different environments

I am new to git and i am trying to set a git flow on different environments. I have a production environment that has the central repos with post receive hooks with the master branch a development branch for development server and a test environment with the release branches for the test environment.My idea and […]

Git Hide Local Branch History

Before a push I want to merge with master but I do not want my branch‘s commit messages appear in the remote repository. In graph: A: Master B – D : MyLocal Branch commits and comments. A E \ / B – C – D I want only E’s comment to appear in case of […]

git merge two branches line by line interactively

I want to merge two branches, git thinks there is no conflict however it is. So I want to merge the two branches interactively line by line preferably with emacs ediff, however other tools should be ok. I am really new to git, so please be verbose.

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