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How do I manage multiple development branches in Git?

I have 5 branches of one system – let’s call them master, London, Birmingham, Manchester and demo. These differ in only a configuration file and each has its own set of graphics files. When I do some development, I create a temp branch from master, called after the feature, and work on that. When ready […]

`git branch –list` returns files?

This is strange. I’m trying to make a script that will checkout every local branch and rebase origin/master onto it. So this is my script: for br in `git branch -l`; do git checkout $br git rebase origin/master done Simple. But before I made the script, I wanted to make sure that `git branch -l` […]

undo git pull of wrong branch onto master

I have pulled from a different branch from the remote. The 2 branches are different yet the merge happened silently on my current branch. I am currently working on the “master” branch locally, and it has been updated with the changes of the remote branch – “FE_Changes”. How do I remove the effects of the […]

Git workflow for different versions of a framework

We have the following setup: Three apps which are similar to each other with the common code extracted into a framework. Each app is managed in their own git repository and includes the framework as a git submodule. The problem is that the apps are now developed in parallel with new features being added to […]

git – changes to branch since created?

I’m always asking myself a set of questions about branches i’ve created that i’ve yet to determine how to accomplish: What files did i change in branch? What are the actually changes (diff) i made to the branch? What is the log of commits that i made to the branch? Now i think if figured […]

how to create a git branch that is independent of the master branch?

I want to create a git branch that will work independent of the master branch. I want all the code that is present in the master till now, but any further changes in the master should not reflect in the branch and any changes in the branch should not reflect in the master. I used […]

“Not currently on any branch” after doing a commit

I did a checkout to an earlier commit: git checkout 12345 Then back to the last commit: git checkout 56789 And then continued committing and I’m: Not currently on any branch. Perhaps, I should’ve done: git checkout master After the first checkout, instead of pointing to a commit id. Still, any idea how to get […]

Git: can't switch to new remote branch

I have an account on github and I use it from two different machines. On one, I created a new branch myNewBranch and switched to it. Then I did my modifications to my code, I committed and pushed to myNewBranch. On the second machine, I can’t figure out how to push to it. $ git […]

Where are the Git branches stored?

I’m working on a website and constantly switching from development mode (where the code has every URL in it pointing to localhost, the database is named “project”, the user “root”, empty password, etc.) to production mode (where everything set to work in my hosting, real passwords, real URLs, etc.) and I just recently started to […]

How to switch branches in eclipse without commiting changes

I’ve been using GIT for a couple of weeks now and trying to understand how to switch branches without commiting files. This is what I have done. Cloned a git repository and have a local master branch. Created a new local branch (Branch2) which is based on a remote branch. Made changes to 2 files […]

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