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Gerrit remote branch ownership

I have been using Gerrit for a while now however I could not figure out somthing about remote branches. I would like to set Gerrit settings so each person that uses the repository may create a new remote branch in Gerrit and in addition, only that person will be granted owner permission to that specific […]

Git cherry-picking commits from one location to another on same branch

I am confronted with a challenging situation. The project I am working on has two git branches (master and develop). I have been working on a number of issues on the develop branch. All commits have been made directly on the develop branch (separate branches are not used for different issues). Commits for a particular […]

How to automatically remove remote-tracking branch when the corresponding local branch is removed using git

The current setup: $ git branch -a * master feature remotes/origin/master remotes/origin/feature After feature branch is merged, I would like to remove local branch feature and remote-tracking branch origin/feature. The remote branch on server is already removed in this case. The commands I need is: $ git branch -d features $ git branch -d -r […]

Cleaning a Git repository with rebase remote branches

We are aworking on a project with GIT, but the guy who launch the project and create the git repository doesn’t explain to the team how to correctly and properly use GIT. I just arrived into the team last week and I have been charged to clean up the repositories which are all messy. First […]

browse through branch refs making use '/' (forward slash) grouping

I have two parts o the following question. GENERAL: Including a / (forward slash) within the name of a branch puts the head of that branch within a directory specified by the path as interpreted using the /. e.g. The head of a branch named Category-1/Ref-1 wil be named Ref-1 and stored in ./.git/refs/heads/Category-1/ as […]

git – use of branches as backup

I have a git archive which contains my dev code. Before pushing this into production, I need to delete quite a few unused source files. However, I want to keep those file around for reference. So my thought is to create a branch of the current code and delete the unneeded files from HEAD. This […]

SVN to Git migration : issue with Git folder structure and Git Branches

We are in process of migrating code from SVN to Git. We have more than 50 projects to be moved to Git. Our project structure looks like this. SVN Repo Project 1 Branches Tags Trunk Project 2 Branches Tags Trunk Project 2 Branches Tags Trunk Project 3 Branches Tags Trunk . . . Project N […]

git remote branch multiple elements reference

A public Git repository was cloned to local storage. The repository is for MSM SoC Linux kernel development. git remote show origin generates a long list of tracked remote branches. Here an example of one list item caf/linaro/linux-linaro-stable/v3.14/topic/arm64-apm tracked Question 1 What type of stuff does the element topic refer to? What type of stuff […]

Git Workflow for WordPress project

The Problem Setting up a Git workflow for a WordPress site, with the following branches: master (uses stable release of WordPress) production (live site) bleeding (uses most recent WordPress commit available on GitHub) with the following remotes: bitbucket (private) wpe-staging wpe-production Developing and testing the site’s theme and plugins on the upcoming version of WordPress […]

Git delete files in .gitignore after branch switch

I have two branches : master feature-x In the project, I have a temp folder. This folder is in .gitignore While being in master, I created a file hamburger.txt inside the temp folder. Then I switched branch for feature-x. The file hamburger.txt disappeared. Then I switch back to master. The hamburger has disappeared definitely. Why […]

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