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Git log only master branch

Is there any way to display in git log only commits, which have been ever pointed by master branch? For example: * c7e0107 – (22 hours ago) Merge branch ‘branch_b’ – MASTER |\ | * 3b90496 – (22 hours ago) Merge branch ‘branch_a’ into branch_b – | |\ | * | 033fef1 – (22 hours […]

How to correctly use GitHub

I have a private (paid) GitHub repository It enables me to have 5 total amount of repositories in it (basic account) I have created a repository, in where I have created a Master, Dev, and vs1, vs2, vs3 Branch The Idea (mine idea) is: Master should be the “base” code of my Custom Theme, this […]

Git branch no branch make data disappear

I had this issue that the output of git branch used to be * (no branch) master Then I committed the changes and switched to the master branch, by running git checkout master Now I have to get back some files in *(no branch). How can I do that? The application is in production and […]

Using Eclipse with multiple branches

I am new to serious programming and just decided to start using Git and GitHub to manage my projects more effectively. I created a local repo, synchronised it with a remote on GitHub, and created new branch for testing new concept. All works fine, but when I click on this new branch in Eclipse the […]

Git workflow when delivering to clients

During the last two years I’ve been using the following branching model while developing a large B2C app: A Successful Git Branching Model. In this case, code that was merged to master was only the production one, i.e. the exact version that was deployed to the app stores. Now that my work there is over, […]

Accessing branches created by others in Git

My partner and I are using Git to manage our code for our current project. I made a branch called test_func that extends a function in the code (didn’t know if it would work or not; that’s why I did it on a branch). However, my partner cannot access this branch from his local machine. […]

push from local branch to different remote branch

I have 2 branches named developer and Current on remote. In local I’m working on branch developer and I push my changes to remote developer. The question is, how can I push from local developer to remote Current? I have tried these: git push origin Current -f // error: // src refspec Current does not […]

How to prevent CocoaPods from removing libraries previously installed

When I run “pod install” CocoaPods removes all the libraries that is not included in the Pod file. The case where I want these libraries no to be uninstalled is as follow: I’m working on a project with many branches and each branch have it’s own dependencies so a different Pod file, I want to […]

Undo moved branch in GitX

I accidentally moved a branch in GitX (drag&drop using the mouse) onto another branch. Now, both branch labels point at the same tip(!) and I cannot see the commits done on the moved branch. Using git reflog I wanted to see that change and undo it, but nothing got logged. What is the recommended way […]

Git Ignored File When GitIgnore Doesn't Exist

I have an iOS project on XCode. I’ve been working off of a branch for some time. I’ve made particular changes to a file and have been committing the branch for some time. When I moved to an old branch, merged the code, and deleted the most recent branch, I realized this file was never […]

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