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Travis CI running on Docker Image – Switch to last comited branch

I’m working on an operating systems, and I want to use Travis CI for continuous integration. Basically, my OS can perform a bunch of kernel tests on boot, and I want them to be run at every push. However, setup environment is a bit complex, and so I’m using a Docker Image that I want […]

git branch merging

I’m going through a tutorial and it said this command, “git branch -a” would list all my remotes, both local and remote. So i did that and this is what i got. David-Adamss-MacBook-Pro:releventz davidadams$ git branch -a * master remotes/flashdrive/master remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master remotes/origin/master David-Adamss-MacBook-Pro:releventz davidadams$ Master is the branch i’m currently on and is […]

Rolling back or re-creating the master branch in git?

I have a git repo which has a few branches – there’s the master branch, which is our stable working version, and then there is a development/staging branch which we’re doing new work in. Unfortunately it would appear that without thinking I was a bit overzealous with rebasing and have pulled all of the staging […]

Create Branch from an Older Commit

Possible Duplicate: branch from a previous commit using git Can we create a branch from a previous commit? From the example below, can I create a branch from f70c700 (we’re already at fabdd09 at this point): $ git log –oneline –graph * fabdd09 Merge branch ‘mybranch’ |\ | * bd35011 Edit from mybranch * | […]

Deleting local git branch in script behaves unexpectedly

According to my flow I am pushing the new changes to my server new_release branch and then a script on the server takes care of applying the new release. At the moment when script is executed on the server git repo has two branches – master and new_release. At a given point the script executes […]

My git branch on github should be only 2 ahead but it is also 2 behind

I made a branch from ma master branch called development. The development branch got 2 new commits. Meanwhile the master branch got 1 commit, which was a mistake, then I reverted it and pushed. So far so good. I saw the ahead/behind thingy and I removed the two commits from master (the mistake and the […]

Git branch push to different repo

I apologize for the stupid question, but I feel like I’ve really struck a rut with this one. Currently, I’m hosting my app at PHPFog and to my knowledge they don’t allow pushing of any other branch aside from your master branch. My solution was to simply create another app/repo for development. My question is […]

Git new branch is not a branch when using a previous commit

I was on a branch in Git, doing some work. Then I decided to check out one of my previous commits on that branch using the commit’s hash, with git checkout -b new_branch 6e559cb. Now when I enter “git branch” it says that I’m currently on “(no branch)”. How do I merge this no-branch into […]

Git: Adding the full tree of files to the master

I have an existing folder that has many files and folders with no source control. I create a git repository in it’s root folder: git init However, there is no “master” git branch returns nothing. How do I create the master branch and have it set as the initial and only branch in a folder […]

Should Git workspace automatically adjust to the content of a specific branch?

Git checkout/pull doesn’t remove directories? I’m kind of new to git and slowly learning various parts of it. So forinstance I have a branch Master with FolderA I have later from Master created a branch Dev and added FolderB So Dev as result have FolderA and FolderB now when I do git branch master, I’m […]

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