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Merging multiple git branches into master?

So I have 3 git branches: master refresh auth_upgrade I haven’t really been using branches like I should…so master is way out of date, refresh is somewhat out of date and auth_upgrade is actually the branch that is completely current. So…I ultimately want to make auth_upgrade the master branch and then git push it to […]

fix 'unbroken' code with git commit and revert (my stupid way)?

I was working on branch A when suddenly everything crashed and stopped working. I thought I might broken something in my code so I committed my changes and created new branche B from branch A to keep it as a backup. then I revert branch A to the last working commit, and start trying to […]

git removing commit history of some files from a branch

i’ve started development of some little project and did not use feature branches. now i would like to release a little part of this project, because it’s stable enough to get released. what i would like to do is: create a “release” branch with only the commits of this part of the project and ideally […]

Git, robots and diverging branches

I am trying to use git as something it wasn’t made for – a database. Please feel free to tell me that this is a stupid idea. Setup One branch (let’s call it robot) is being updated automatically by a script on a daily basis. The data comes from some other publicly available database. Initially […]

How to set a folder to be used in different branches in git?

Suppose we have two branches as A and B, and these branches have files and folders. But I want to set a folder named X to be used in both branches simultaneously. For example: Branch A will contain a1.js, a2.js and the X folder. Branch B will contain b1.js, b2.js and the same X folder […]

Output from 'git ls-remote' shows tags not found in 'git tag -l'

I am converting a SVN repository to a Git repository following guidance from Pro Git (found here: http://progit.org/book/ch8-2.html ). After pushing to my newly created remote, I did a clone from said remote. New clone did not have any information about my tags. I then did a ‘git push –tags’ from the original. However, when […]

Accessing a repo in Netbeans with git

I created a repo in my webroot folder on my server, and I’m trying to clone it within Netbeans (through a git plugin). I’m using CakePHP, so I added my “app/” folder as a tracked folder. When I get a directory listing, I can see a “.git” file, but inside Netbeans, if I go to […]

Reverting master branch to previous state

I have two branches: master and bonbon Currently they are at the same point. The bonbon was a side project that was going to be released but has now been put on hold. I would like to revert the master branch to a point before the bonbon branch was created. However I would also like […]

Easy GIT: When checking out another local branch, what happens to changes?

This should be an easy one. Seems to be so straight forward that I couldn’t find a simple answer to this. I’m pretty new to heavy GIT using. I just created another local branch from a existing one to be able to play around. I checked it out and noticed that local unstaged changes went […]

Travis CI running on Docker Image – Switch to last comited branch

I’m working on an operating systems, and I want to use Travis CI for continuous integration. Basically, my OS can perform a bunch of kernel tests on boot, and I want them to be run at every push. However, setup environment is a bit complex, and so I’m using a Docker Image that I want […]

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