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Sharing code between solutions in TFS

I have a few different applications that i need to share code between to reduce maintenance. I have tried to read a lot on stackoverflow and the web in general and it is a fairly common problem; i have not found an answer i like. Our TFS branching structure is like this. We have three […]

Mercurial: Can I rename a branch?

We now have a “stiging” branch, where “staging” seems to be a far better semantic fit. What’s a good strategy for handling this?

Why do files in the working directory get the modified status on switching between Git branches?

I have two branches in my local git repository: master and anotherbranch. When I switch from master to anotherbranch with git checkout anotherbranch and run git status I see modified files. I undo these modifications with git reset HEAD and then git status does not display them. However when I switch to master and switch […]

Lcov: can not collect branch coverage statistics

I used the lcov to create coverage information in my project. But I only can get line coverage and function coverage statistics information. lcov version:1.10, gcov version:4.4.5 The commands I used is: lcov -d $OSPL_HOME/src -d $OSPL_OUTER_HOME/src -c -o /work/li/log/lcov-raw.info lcov -r /work/li/log/lcov-raw.info “*.ll” “*.yy” “*.yy.c” yaccpar “TAO161*” “/usr/include/*” “*/testsuite/*” -o /work/li/log/lcov.info After these two […]

How can I restore a local branch after deleting it?

I had a branch called my_branch_1 in my local repository, which I deleted. my_branch_1 was only local; I never pushed it to a remote server. Is it possible to restore this branch, somehow?

Mercurial, “Branching with bookmarks”

I read this document: A Guide to Branching with Mercurial, specifically the section titled Branching with Bookmarks. It says: Now you’ve got two bookmarks (essentially a tag) for your two branches at the current changeset. To switch to one of these branches you can use hg update feature to update to the tip changeset of […]

TFS Branch/Merge meets History View

We have a setup with a development “trunk” in our recently-migrated-to-from-VSS TFS system and developers have been doing work in branches off the trunk, which are merged back in. We’ve been diligently commenting our changesets at check in time, something we never did in the VSS days. However when I right-click on a trunk file […]

Servicing Branch in Standard Branch Plan

I have a very simple question regarding the Standard Branch Plan. I understand branching, FI and RI, etc.  What I don’t quite understand is how to use the Servicing branch in practice. My understanding is when it comes time to release, I branch Main -> R1.SP1 (assuming this is my first release, for example) and […]

best practices in mercurial: branch vs. clone, and partial merges?

…so I’ve gotten used to the simple stuff with Mercurial (add, commit, diff) and found out about the .hgignore file (yay!) and have gotten the hang of creating and switching between branches (branch, update -C). I have two major questions though: If I’m in branch “Branch1” and I want to pull in some but not […]

Can a branch be made from a previous changeset?

I need to create a branch at a specific Changeset in TFS. Is this doable? For example, I have changeset 1528 that was the last check in on my project. But I want to branch from changeset 1487. Can this be done? If so, how? Note: I am using TFS 2008

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