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Git:push from branch caused unwanted files to be committed

I am stuck with a weird problem which i dont seem to understand. I had two local git branches which both pointed to the same remote. Local branches are master and tenant and i have the following config in .git of my ws [remote “origin”] fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* url = git@egitrepo:project.git [branch “master”] remote = […]

how to merge local commits at a develop branch in git?

I have a local develop branch “dev” and a remote “master” branch. For the “dev” branch, I have a quite complicated commit history(nearly 20 successive commits). I tried to use “git rebase -i origin/master” at “dev”, however, I found this process is very error-prone(you have to apply each commit one by one and resolve conflicts..) […]

Maintain branches in GIT without merging with master

At my office, we have a home grown content management system. Slowly but steadily, we have setup 60 instances of our CMS. Yes, we are a big company; an NGO. Most of our offices use the CMS in its current form. Some of the offices customized the colors, fonts, basically skins. Some others build new […]

What is the git commands to delete unwanted commits that haven't been pushed to the remote?

If I have a few local topic branches I have made commits on and haven’t yet pushed them to the remote, how can I delete them? I don’t want to pollute the main tree with unwanted commits.

git segfaults on merge – submodule conflict

I’m trying to combine code on two branches with the ‘git merge‘ command, but git is crashing during the process. I need to find an alternative way to merge these branches. To increase merge output to a debug level I ran: $ export GIT_MERGE_VERBOSITY=5 I am currently on the destination branch. git-status shows everything clean […]

git undo pushed merge to restore separate branches

First, I have to apologise – there are quite a number of ‘how to undo a merge‘ questions on SO, but I’m so new at git that I really don’t understand how to adapt the solutions them to my situation (though I’m sure they can be). I have two branches, versionA and versionB. I made […]

Accidentally merged other branches when using `git pull` with no arguments

Not knowing any better, I’d always used blissfully git pull (without arguments) to get remote updates. Now that we’re using branches, this has come back to haunt me. After doing a git pull, I noticed that my local master had been merged with the other branches as well, whereas on the remote, the branches are […]

Temporary branch checkout to show work in progress?

What is the best way to “show” unfinished features (branches) by checking them out in another local repository? The usual way is to create an new local branch git checkout -b feature origin/feature. But thinking about: Local branches on the target machine are only temporary needed, will be deleted for sure. Read-only access would be […]

Git Branching and Environment Deployment Tracking

We’re moving our source control from VSS to Git (and VERY happy about that). I’m trying to determine the best strategy in Git to track which versions of our code are deployed on which boxes in our environment. So far we’ve only dedicated our GitHub master branch to exclusively represent what is in production ONLY. […]

How to check in git to which branch was the last change made?

Just cloned a git repo which has (besides the master branch) a lot of development branches. How can I tell which branch it was that the latest change was made to? Most elegantly of course.

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