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Redmine: associated revisions not updating for non-master branches

I have redmine configured with a git repository. The repository updates properly, and I can browse through all repository branches in redmine with no problem. However, associated revisions don’t show up in issues automatically for commits made to any branch other than master. If I jump to the repository tab and browse the branch in […]

Linking SVN repository trunk as branch for Git repository subfolder

I have open source project in Git repository. In the project, I’m using source code of another open source project. That code is stored in Git repository subfolder. I’d like to add the SVN repository [interested in trunk only] as a branch, but only for that specific Git subfolder. Note that I have modified the […]

Why won't SourceTree for Mac OS let me branch the same way twice?

I’m new to Git and I’m using SourceTree for Mac OS and have a question about branching. This is for a very small project, and it’s my first time using version control. I only have a very basic understanding of it so far. The first branch I made by clicking on “Branch” to create a […]

How do I create a branch and a pull request for a previous or old commit?

I have a project that I created and maintain for a larger project. When my project was ready to go, the larger project forked my repo and now they publish my work on their site. They made some changes to my work on their fork. I have since pulled those changes back into my repo. […]

Order branches in `git branch –all` by branch name

I have a repository with multiple remotes. When I issue a git branch –all –verbose it shows: bar 9876de11 hello world foo 12abde23 description master 34fd4545 tony the pony quz ab34df67 me, too remotes/origin/bar 9876de11 hello world remotes/origin/foo 12abde23 description remotes/origin/master 34fd4545 tony the pony remotes/origin/quz ab34df67 me, too remotes/zulu/bar 9876de11 hello world remotes/zulu/foo 12abde23 […]

Git Mess! Commits in the wrong branch

I just did something terrible on a Git repo and I have no idea how to approach the issue. I don’t even know how I got it into such a mess…! On the repo (hosted on git hub), there are 3 branches I am interested in: master, brancheA, brancheB. brancheA and brancheB are unrelated (touching […]

Branch invariant directory in git repository

Is there a way to make a directory in a git repository always the same in all branches? The scenario which I have in mind is the following: consider you are working on a project/thesis where you are experimenting a lot (i.e. creating a branch, try something out/do measurements/statistics, typically not merge it back to […]

Git: Move a few of the last commits to a new branch and then create a patch for them

I’ve made a few commits and now I want them (say from some commit in the branch) to move them into a new branch, i.e.: master – O1-O2-O3-X-C1-C2-C3 to become master – O1-O2-O3-X \ new_branch – C1-C2-C3 After that I need to make patches for the mentioned commits (C1, C2, C3) so that a friend […]

git: merging two branches and commits ahead

I have two branches:master and v2. I want to merge v2 in master so master will be exactly the same as v2. I did this: $> git checkout master $> git merge -Xtheirs v2 now “git status” returns: Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 201 commits. How can I “align” my remote repos with […]

File permissions resetting when switching branches in Git

I created a Git repository on a folder that had a different Linux owner than my user. It wasn’t until much later that I set the group permissions to write so that my user could make changes and commits to Git. However, whenever I switch from a branch to master, all the group write permissions […]

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