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tags and merging of branches

I tag master at time T, and I have a branch that contains modifications that took place before time T. When I do a merge of the branch into the master, does this mean that those changes will be merged in before the tag, so if I want to checkout the state that was tagged, […]

Merged changes are not updated in local branch push to remote repository

I created a branch called “myBranch” from “origin/develop.” I make local changes on myBranch. At the same time, other people are making changes to origin/develop, so I periodically fetch and merge that branch with myBranch (using “git pull”). When I add and commit, then push the changes to the remote repository, which shares the same […]

Prepend a commit from master to a branch

I started working on a new feature on master, by creating a commit A: o — A (master) before realizing that I should probably create a new branch. However, I didn’t “move” the commit A to the new branch, so now my repo looks like this: o — A (master) \ B – C – […]

Move branch to a different repository while preserving its commits but aggregating remaining history

I have two repositories A and B, which contain different projects. At some point I created a branch ‘develop’ in repo B and was doing some work there. Repo A master a-a-a-a Repo B master b-b-b-b \ develop d-d-d-d-d What I want to do now is to move branch develop from repo B to A, […]

GitLab: Create branch from only certain branches

Is there a way to set up a group or project so that developers can create branches only from certain branches? For example, I only want developers to create branches based off of master, but not from unstablestuff. I would like to restrict creation of branches to be based off of a list of certain […]

Git: get the list of branches into which current branch was ever merged

Maybe each developer faced that uncomfortable moment when you don’t remember whether you’ve merged you story code. So you looking for that code and find it’s in my-feature branch. But you still don’t remember whether you merged it or not. Question: How to get a list of branches into which my-feature was merged?

Pushing new Git branches and subsequently merging them on the origin

I am relatively new to Git and am trying to establish a certain workflow/procedure, and not quite sure how to implement it. FWIW I’m using Gitlab, although I don’t think that should matter. Currently a repo has only the master/mainline and no other branches. I would like to: Clone this project locally Create a new […]

How should I add new files when I already have multiple branches

We have recently started using GIT and it has worked out well, but we sometimes hits bumps that we don’t know how to best solve. Right now we have multiple branches. master, develop and lots of feature branches (one or more per developer). Now we want to add a directory with some script-files, and these […]

Secondary project based on original branched project (in GIT)

We have a project that we’ve been working on for 4 years. We’re launching a similar product that will be based extensively on the other project. In fact, Project B will start with Project A’s code and then be tweaked to the specifications of Project B. We would like for all changes in Project A, […]

git always display branches in columns

I have a bunch of branches and I’m trying to setup git so the default display is in columns. That is, I want the default to be git branch –column. I tried defining an alias in my .gitconfig file: bc = branch –column but when I type git bc in terminal, it instead creates a […]

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