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Is Feature Branching still (or ever) considered a bad practice?

Coming from the TFS world and having just gotten comfortable enough with Git, I am about to propose to my team that we should incorporate the Gitflow workflow as pointed out by the famous article by Vincent Dressen going forward. Almost all modern-day literature surrounding branching strategies voice the effectiveness of the Gitflow workflow, which […]

Does git record history of branch heads?

Git branch heads and tags are pointers to commits, and these pointers can move either implicitly (after a commit) or explicitly (after a branch -m). Does Git record the history of the state of these pointers? I see at least two reasons for this: To see the state of the repo two days ago, including […]

Git: How to merge a small, but very old branch?

We’re migrating from SVN, and also merging a bunch of branches. To massively simplify, we have a branch B which was forked a long time ago, and has a little bit of development, let’s say 8 files modified, out of hundreds. Meanwhile, huge changes have happened on master: A | X—(a few changes)— B | […]

Find first common child of two commits

: A T / \ i B C m : : e D E \ / | F V : git merge-base B E allows to find where a the common ancestor A of the two commits. Is there a way to find the commit F where the two branches are merged again?

Git retrieve a list of all files modified in a branch

How can I get a list of all the files that were changed in a branch? I can’t do a git-diff because the branch is already merged into master. I would need a way to list all the commits in a branch and extract the path of the files, without duplicates. If anybody has done […]

Git in TFS – Remove branches after merging

We recently migrated to Git hosted in TFS ’13. A few branches have been created, merged and then deleted using Visual Studio. However, these branches are still visible in the TFS web interface when going to Code > Branches. I expect this to become a huge mess if this will not be cleaned up regularly. […]

tags vs branches in git

We have a large rails project that runs on a production and staging server. Is it a good idea to create tags everytime we deploy to staging or production (this would happen automatically with capistrano). Or is better to create branches named “devlopment” and “staging”, (master would contain the production status)?

html export different branch

I have org files in a github repository and using project pages future. Exporting org files to html for use in gh-pages like this; editing org files on master branch and committing exporting html to a temporary directory changing branch to gh-pages copying files from temporary directory and committing is there a way of exporting […]

Git: How do I merge complex branches that have widely diverged with some missing history?

I have two “branches”, both of which started from the same code base, but both of which were imported to git after they diverged. The prior history is lost, and additionally both branches have extensive changes recorded in their git history. What is a good strategy to approach merging features and bugfixes between these two […]

git move locally committed changes to the new branch and push

I am on master. When I do git status I am told $ git status # On branch master # Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 13 commits. # (use “git push” to publish your local commits) # nothing to commit, working directory clean So all 13 only exist on my local machine. The […]

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