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Maintain some changes on git merge

I’m a bit confused about a git mechanics. My work has 3 branches master devel and public. I use master for deploy my Node.js app into OpenShift (or heroku); devel is where i develope my feature and i use public for push my open source code on GitHub. Everytime i have to deploy my app […]

New GIT Branch, Used Name, Fresh History

I had a branch named “Development” a year ago. It is long-gone. I just recently made a new branch named “Development” off of my master… but all the history from the old Development branch is there. How do I have my “New” Development branch have a fresh start of history? Do I need to name […]

How to keep the release branch updated?

I use branch master for development and release for release related stuff. Ideally I’d like them to look like this before every release: v release o – o – o / o – o – o – o ^ master This can be achieved by rebasing release onto master, however then pushing release to origin […]

Delete commit which is merged into main branch

How to delete this purple commit and the “Merge branch…” commit. I try to using “git rebase -i HEAD~x” but not work.

Are parallel branches the best way to manage similar projects which share code?

I have two projects (Product-line A and Product-line B) which share about 90% of the same code. I want to migrate both projects to GitHub. Should I use the common code as the master branch and create a new branches for product-line A and product-line B? Would there be any disadvantage to having two parallel […]

Why can you switch branch in SVN with uncommited changes?

I come from git so maybe there’s something I am missing. Find an example below: Let’s say I have the branch master and the branch release, I do some changes in master and I switch to release without committing the changes, in git I would get something like “Cannot switch branch with uncommitted changes, please […]

git – revert branch to look like master?

I have two branches develop and master. There are lots of commits in develop that are not in master yet. Though I need to make develop branch look exactly the same as master. To preserve all changes that happened into develop, I will create new branch from develop so all those changes won’t be lost. […]

Very large TFS repo — <git tfs branch> from a subfolder

I will tremendously appreciate all advice on how to proceed with the following task at hand. I have read fairly thoroughly the documentation on git-tfs clone, git-tfs quick-clone and git-tfs branch but still haven’t been able to break into this problem. Our TFS codebase is TERRIBLY LARGE (it is so because for odious reasons it […]

Git: squashing material shared between branches

I have a git respository that looks a little like this: C0 —- C1 —- … —- C12 —- C14 (dev) \ \—- C13 (abandoned) ‘dev’ is the main development branch, and ‘abandoned’ is an experiment that we may want to revisit at some point in the future. I would like to squash C1… C12 […]

How do I file one Pull Request per Commit after making multiple Commits?

I’ve been working on a project and made good progress on several tasks. I have been careful enough to keep all my changes for each task on their own individual commits. Now, I want to issue pull requests for each commit individually, so there is only one commit per pull request. What is the best […]

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