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git branch -r not showing all remote branches

I don’t see all my remote branches with command git branch -r origin/HEAD -> origin/master origin/master But then I use git ls-remote origin the output is e7ae5a2136ac27528cb201040f432faf29034d67 HEAD a085ebd1c7f0477cee4bbad92810e057f5899b6b refs/heads/bundles c9b34c60a18278e02489a2f232604f8e1bd295ca refs/heads/bundles_new 8eca519636f2dfe8a6b5d7f8e8021c5fc2a72fd7 refs/heads/compression So I’m trying to fetch all these branches git fetch origin remote: Counting objects: 22417, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (8478/8478), […]

Referencing composer version on branched **and** tagged repository

I have got some private development repositories used to host some of my personal composer packages. I create branches for all major versions (versions 0.1, 0.2, …, 0.9, …, 1.0, 1.1, …, 2.0, etc.) and inside that branches I tag certain commits with minor versions (0.1.1, 0.1.2, …, 0.1.x, 0.2.0, 0.2.1, …, 0.2.x). 1) Assuming […]

Netbeans git can't checkout local branch – Conflicts during checkout

Here is my problem: I have cloned project from remote server (branches develop & master) I checked out develop after changes, commited & pushed to remote, everything is fine pull from remote while still in develop commit after pull switch or checkout to new created branch Page from develop – won’t checkout. says: “Conflict during […]

'Pinning' a specific version of a file in a git branch

In a git repository, lets say I have a file in my master branch, config.json, which contains some information about e.g. my hosting environment. master – config.json For the sake of argument, lets assume this file is read by my gulp-file and contains information about whether to minimize my javascripts or include source maps. In […]

Git branch reset

So the situation is as follows: I’ve checked out a new branch, let’s call it branch1. I did some work on that branch, pushed the changes and made a pull request. Later I made a new branch named branch2. But the problem was that I forked from branch1, instead of master. So when I made […]

Correct procedure to use pending branch changes in a new branch

You submit a pull request to merge Branch A into master. While this is pending (1 hour or so) and you want to use the pending features of branch A while you are waiting, you make Branch B Should Branch B be a branch off of Branch A or should Branch B be a branch […]

GitFlow Unity3D and Branch specific Application Data

I’m currently using GitFlow as my branching model for a Unity3D application. The master branch is my production branch and the development branch is self-evident. Both of these branches have corresponding cloud build applications. When code is pushed to develop, the development build gets created and distributed automatically. When code is merged to master after […]

Remove inactive branches from IIS via TeamCity

I’ve got the following setup: I use git (Stash/BitBucket) as my versioning tool. My build- & deployment proccess is automated via TeamCity8.0.5 (TC) Feature & Bugfix branches are automatically deployed to an IIS Web Site. When I merge a feature branch and it gets deleted from git, it gets automatically hidden from display in TeamCity, […]

Should I file a pull request or merge when updating branches on a single developer GitHub project?

I’m using GitHub Desktop to manage my GitHub repository. It’s a project with multiple branches (I’m using this model), and I’m in a situation where I sometimes want to have updates made in one branch present in another. In my particular situation I’ve got a develop branch and a feature branch I created from develop […]

Git in TFS – Branch switching – 'Could not rmdir …'

I have recently convinced some of my colleagues to try out using Git instead of TFVC for a new team project, I’ve heard of some pros of DVCS world but rather than blindly switch over I want to assess if it provides any benefit to us. One (of many) quirks I can’t seem to figure […]

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