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Using git to manage combinations of branches in same directory

I’m using git in a nonstandard way, I have a mixture of files in a directory where each comes from a different branch. I’m using this combination of commands to modify a file: git fetch -f –all # Synch revision info with repository. git checkout -f remotes/$REPO/$BRANCH — $FILE # Update file contents. vim $FILE […]

Git branch is still on same line as master

I am getting something unexpected happening in the git tree. I have created a branch off of master, however while I am performing commits on the new branch it appears as though these are taking place in the same code line as master… As you can see, on the very left hand side is the […]

Do we really need to branch in Git?

I’m in my first software engineering class. It’s the first time any of us has worked in a team and used git and github. In class our teacher told us that you should usually branch off the master, after you finish your new feature, merge it back to the master. This is what I’ve been […]

arbitrary branch showing via git log –decorate

Below- after issuing a ‘git log –oneline –decorate‘, I see this single commit with (remote) dangling in the midst of the other commits. 7b942c2 (HEAD -> development, origin/development) Changed activity name from Keyguard to Snooze. [snip] d27174e (remote) Added new icons, Added Billing SDK, started billing implementation and configured Main activity to be single instance. […]

Cannot Push Local Branch to Remote Git Repo

I have a problem with a git repo that is shared between multiple developers. A branch seems to have gone missing (kind of) and when I try to push to the remote repo with this branch I receive the following message… To git@hades:bbis.git * [new branch] dompdf0.52 -> dompdf0.52 ! [rejected] live -> live (non-fast-forward) […]

Branches from Common Code Base for App Specific Files in GIT

I’m trying to determine the best way to have multiple software products built off the same common code base using GIT. My initial plan was to have a master branch with the common code/framework and to have the different products be branches off of this. I think as the code base builds up, when I […]

Git for game server configuring?

I was wondering if git is suitable for this. So here is the scenario: We are thinking about hosting a game server. However it is not the case of just downloading files and running the server. It needs to be carefully configured and maintained. It also has scripting capabilities. Also, there will be quite a […]

Branch setup when features are interrelated

Say we have a a web app under git. We are doing localization, so we have a long running topic branch ‘loc’. We are also doing a new skin that would go with the l10n, so we have a long running topic branch ‘skin’. We would like to have separate branches for each, but the […]

git: merge a portion of one branch's source tree into another, regardless of individual commits

I understand how to merge branches together in git, and I love how easy it makes it. I have a branch that looks like this: project/ |–subproj1/ | |—(files) | |–subproj2/ |—(files) A colleague has a branch that’s made significant changes to both subprojects. More specifically, he’s altered them both to depend on a common […]

how to seamlessly integrate subversion and git?

I’m looking for tips on how to seamlessly integrate subversion and git, for deploying web sites by a small team of web developers. We each have our own development versions of our sites on our local machines. We also have dev, staging, and live servers. As our team has grown, we haven’t updated our revision […]

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