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Change base of branch – git

My current git tree looks like this: / C -> D -> more commits previous commits -> A -> B \ C -> E -> more commits where B and C are exactly the same (in terms of file changes) but they are different commits. My question is can I make my tree look like […]

Git newbie, might have messed up my repository

So here is the deal, I’m using git and Bitbucket for my application. I’m using git-flow system for git. So the background is this. I had a release branch called release/v1.0.2 which had been open for a while (my users are currently beta-testing 1.0.2). Meanwhile beta-testing 1.0.2 I have started implementing on two new features, […]

Eclipse Egit automatically pull changes to local branch

My repository has only one branch HEAD. My local branch is master and I’m usually checked out on my local branch. Now when I pull it won’t update my local master. I have to right click on master -> merge, then select remote branches -> HEAD and then updates will be on master too. I […]

How can I find who deleted a feature branch from our team project at GitHub?

We have a master branch and multiple feature branches. And found one feature branch is missing now. How can I find who deleted a feature branch from our team project at GitHub?

Git – How to move subpath to new branch and push it when server doesn't allow commit with difference id?

I have a repository with structure like this: /MyProject /Module1 /Module2 /Experimental /Module1 /Module2 In which, Experimental is contain the experimental code; I know this is not the best practice for Git, but people did it in the past. Now, we need to make Experimental become a branch for MyProject. I used git subtree split […]

How do I get a list of all differences in a large project

I have two branches in a git repository, it’s a large project, lots of files and lots of folders, however theres only probably a couple of hundred files that are different, but I’d like everything different to be outputted into a text file. I’m not very good with git but when I run the command […]

Setting up Gitosis : push goes okay, but nothing really pushed on the server

I’m going to work on a project with a teammate, so we decided to set up a Git server. We followed this tutorial : http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-on-the-Server-Gitosis We created a gitrepo/ directory locally on my computer, and did a git init inside it. Then, we created a index.html file, git add index.html and git commit -m “First […]

git how to push the change of “master” to a branch

Currently I’m working on the master and made some changes. Instead of just push my current working I wanted to push all the things to a branch (Cause several people are working on the same thing, don’t want to make a fuss). So following is what I did: git branch <branch_name> git push origin <branch_name> […]

Git multiple outputs

I have a master and want to have several “outputs” How do I accomplish this. I’ve no clue if this is possible with Git. Please have a look at this example git project: Master phpfiles.php config.php plugins a.php b.php c.php Branch A phpfiles.php config.php -> is different then the Master plugins a.php Branch B subfolder1 […]

Is it possible to compare multiple branches to one in git?

Would it be possible to compare Branch 1 and Branch 2 changes against Master in this scenario? * * Branch 2 | / |/ | * Branch 1 |/ * Master Ideally this is something difftool would be able do.

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