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Checking if a Git branch has been merged into master when SQUASHED?

I’d like to automate cleaning of remote branches. I want to be able to check to see if a branch has been merged into master already. Originally, my plan was to use git merge-base to see the last common commit. However, it turns out that we squash all of our branches as we merge them […]

using git to maintain a shared codebase

I’m not quite sure what the right terminology is to use for this, so please forgive me in advance if I munge things horribly. I currently maintain a codebase in git for an app that I publish in the Mac app store. For various reasons, I am now looking at publishing a non-MAS release as […]

How do I create a new branch based on an existing Git hub branch? (Please read – tried the beginners guide)

I have a master branch and would like to create a new branch based on it, and then switch to the new branch. I’m very very new to coda/github/terminal so I don’t even know if my syntax is correct. here’s what I typed in, letter for letter, with the exception of the branch names which […]

branch with no common ancesters

I seem to have managed to create a branch that does not stem from the initial commit. It seemed to happen when pulling changes from the repo. I have managed to get a point where my working branch has all the necessary commits, but my branch history is confusing. Can I correct it?

Github deploy only specific features in development branch

So I am figuring out the simplest branching/deployment strategy from Github that at least has a dev and a release(master) branch. After seing this answer I think this is really close to what we need. Except the one big problem of being able to deploy only some features. Not everything. The 2 options presented here […]

EGit: why “Local branch as upstream is not recommended”?

When I create a new branch, if I set “Configure upstream for push and pull” a warning appears (circled in blue in the screenshot). Why is that not recommended ? What potential problems or disadvantages does that have ? I ran that warning through search engines and searched for it on https://git-scm.com and https://www.eclipse.org/egit/ but […]

Lock the Git branch

Is there a way to lock the Git branch for writing AND reading? So that no writing to the branch and no cloning from the branch will be possible, but just for one person who is build engineer? Here is the scenario: The code has been pushed to the Git repository and then the development […]

Git (Process): Use Rebase or Double QA?

Our shop has a fairly rapid deploy cycle (1-2 weeks between when the code is written and when it’s released). As such, after a bit of experimentation we’ve adopted the following pattern for our Git usage: Developer creates a branch, based off master, for their specific ticket (ie. “bug-5555” branch) Developer commits the code for […]

Advantages of branching in Git (for an SVN user)

I have a project using Git. My co-worker comes from the SVN world and hesitates when checking out a new branch on his local repository. He would work on his local master and select files to push to remote repository. How should I convince him of the advantages of branching? For example, what kinds of […]

Only trigger builds on new branches in Jenkins?

I have a git repository that is a few years old with 100s of branch. I only really want to get Jenkins to start running builds on newly pushed branches and not the previous ones. Currently I’m trying to trigger it via a URL within the post-receive hook: http://jenkins/git/notifyCommit?url=git@git:myrepository.git&branches=${BRANCH} It does activate the build, but […]

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