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How to perform a git rollback via a Pull Request?

We strictly use PRs to introduce changes to our production branch (as you would). My assumption was that a rollback would mean creating a rollback branch before merging the feature topic branch and if we require, we can rollback via the rollback PR. However this doesn’t work as I thought. Create rollback branch: git checkout […]

Why a file deleted and recreated on different location is shown as renamed file?

I had a file at following location /c/projects/myproject/app/code/local/Myproject/Shipping/controllers/Adminhtml/Matrixrate/ConfigController.php I deleted it using rm command on Git bash and recreated on following location using touch command /c/projects/myproject/app/code/local/Myproject/Shipping/controllers/Adminhtml/Multipletablerates222/Matrixrate/ConfigController.php Now when I use git status command it shows the file as renamed file and after commiting in the bitbucket I get message app/code/local/Myproject/Shipping/controllers/Adminhtml/ { → Multipletablerates222 } /Matrixrate/ConfigController.php […]

Bitbucket: fork to existing repository

I have empty repository B on bitbucket and I want to fork another one A into my existing repository B. How can I do this? On website bitbucket allows only to fork in new repository.

JENKINS – Git Plugin not working as expected

I have Jenkins 1.609, Git Plugin 2.4.4, Bitbucket v4.2.0, and pull-request-notifier-for-bitbucket v.2.26. My workflow is the following: I’ve configured the pull-request-notifier-for-bitbucket to trigget any PRs that are being opened to master branch. On my jenkins job, i’ve configured the git repository (using ssh credentials), in the branch specifier, i have the following content “/pr/“ The […]

How can I transport a Git repo from one PC to another when the files are (probably) current?

I have a project on PC1 that I have been using GitExtensions and BitBucket to manage. Because of pre-git activity, the folder is pretty much replicated on another (remote) machine PC2, but there is no git repo there, and I want to export the existing git repo so that I get PC2 up-to-date with commits […]

git – extend commit hook with part of branch name

I would like to use the prepare-commit-msg hook. I am using feature and bugfix branches (feature/ISSUEKEY-23123-some-feature) and I would like to prepend the ISSUEKEY-23123 into the commit message: #!/bin/bash BRANCH_NAME=$(git branch | grep ‘*’ | sed ‘s/* //’) STR=`echo $BRANCH_NAME | grep -E ‘ISSUEKEY-[0-9]*’ -o` if [[ $BRANCH_NAME == *”feature”* ]] || [[ $BRANCH_NAME == […]

git fails to clone: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I’m using bitbucket for my team project. The problem only appeared after I deleted the local repository (because it wouldn’t let me commit changes, but that’s another story). But when i cloned for the first time, it did work (I used the HTTP URL). Currently, when I try to clone using the Visual Studio’s team […]

Bitbucket doesn't create visual branch

I’m new to git and working with bitbucket. Did I do something wrong that bitbucket doesn’t show a visual branch? It looks like i’m still working in master. I have other commits before in the master branch.

SVN to Git conversion – branches not pushed to Bitbucket

I’m new to Git and having some issues migrating my SVN. I was able to correctly convert to a git repo that looks good on my local machine. When I push it to bitbucket however, I only see the master and none of my branches (which I can see on my local git. ) I […]

Git responds with “Your branch is ahead of 'origin/Dev' by 2 commits” after merging a pull request through Bitbucket

I’m noticing an issue where every time I accept a pull request in bitbucket and merge the feature branch into the dev branch, then come back into to my command line and do a git pull from within my dev branch, git responds with: Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/Dev’ by 2 commits. (use “git […]

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