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how to insert a document to bitbucket using java?

I can insert a document to bitbucket using git. This is fine. Now I want to insert some documents to bitbucket using Java code. is that possible? do we any other ways to push to bitbucket using some code time to time or something like auto. provide me some suggestions. Thanks in Advance

Want to track a file / folder which was earlier ignored by .gitignore

I have a folder public/lib which was ignored by GIT as i added following to .gitignore file : public/lib I made initial committ & pushed changes into remote repository. Later realized i need to commit one folder in public/lib called templates. Then found this approach for Make .gitignore ignore everything except a few files Changed […]

clone specific commit bitbucket

_ I have an project in bitbucket and I want to clone specific commit from it these are the commits, I want without the last two of them butin SourceTree I can’t see the commits number b6981f9 and 1fb876a just the last number da84f64 I think because the last 3 pushed together, what I should […]

Jenkins finds cannot find ssh key

I’ve got an ssh key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub when I login as the jenkins user. I’ve imported this into bitbucket correctly and it has accepted the key. When I try to do a git clone (to the correct URL) I still get…. Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Google adwords/workspace Checkout:workspace / /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Google adwords/workspace – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@2c473996 Using strategy: Default […]

Smartgit always asking for password credentials

I am using bitbucket for my project and using SmartGit 17.0.4 for pull and pull to my repository. Every time it asks to enter the username and password. I searched it, but didnt get any solution. Anyone knows? Here is the screenshot of popup . http://prntscr.com/fd91v7

Why does git complain about an empty repository or a folder with existing files?

In BitBucket if I try and create a repository into an existing folder I get an error complaining that it is not an empty directory. If I go into an empty folder it complains that it is an empty folder. What are the steps involved in adding an existing project already in development to a […]

How do you get full url of branch to clone from command line? Bitbucket

I have cloned development once before and I see it under git branch -a Now I want to do a fresh clone from another directory but I cannot git clone ‘development’ How do I get the full clone url from the command line? I could use the bitbucket UI but I would like to be […]

GitHub Deployment method on BitBucket

Ive just started my journey into Source Control … Im getting the hang of it using GIT. I want to use a hosted repo to keep projects, i came across GitHub but I don’t really want my projects public, so I have decided to go with Bitbucket. One thing I did notice about GitHub though, […]

How to use the API to download a repo

I want to download a single file from my Bitbucket repository. In the documentary I found the following API call. https://api.bitbucket.org/1.0/repositories/{accountname}/{repo_slug}/raw/{revision}/{path} However I struggle to find out what my “accountname”, “repo_slug”, “revision” and “path” is. If I open the folder “scripts” in my Bitbucket account the browser displays the following link. https://example.com/projects/MMMA/repos/iapc_reporting/browse/scripts For accountname I […]

Git workflow from local to bitbucket/github hub to live webserver

I would like to setup a workflow that enables pushing local changes to Bitbucket or Github (but ideally the former) that then updates a live site hosted on my lamp VPS server. Is this possible? I remember working some time ago with a team that had a similar setup but with Github. There is an […]

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