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Git remote push crashed

I used Smartgit to push a repository to bit bucket. The push went through and I can see it on BitBucket but the Smartgit thread crashed. So now my repository says that it is not in sync with BitBucket even though the push did go through. What should now I do to get my local […]

Close github repo issue via linked bitbucket repo commit message

I am committing source code to a free private bitbucket repository and using an empty github repository to manage issues. I value the github workflow ability to close an issue by referencing it in a commit message. Is is possible to link the bitbucket repo with the github repo so bitbucket commits can close github […]

Update changes from Bitbucket to local git repository in Eclipse?

I have a repository on bitbucket and I was able to successfully import the repository to Eclipse to work on the java files but I’ve run into a problem. I can’t seem to update Eclipse to accommodate for the commits made to the Bitbucket git repository. I’ve tried to import again and and I used […]

Bitbucket: Automatically use rerere for Pull Request

I am new to Bitbucket, and I am trying to figure out how I might be able to use rerere for Pull Requests. As the admin I would like to try to merge in all branches before someone actually tries merging them in with pull requests. If I catch a branch that will cause a […]

Git Add . command with Node.js not working

I am getting this error when issuing a git add . command The file will have its original line endings in your working directory. warning: LF will be replaced by CRLF in node_modules/babel- jscs/node_modules/babel-core/lib/transformation/file/plugin-manager.js.

Git: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to bitbucket.org:443

Using git 2.5.0 on an Ubuntu 15.10, I want to clone my repository from behind a corporate firewall: git clone https://<me>@bitbucket.org/etc/etc.git Proxy settings must be right because I frequently used them behind the same corporate proxy on the same hardware – using Ubuntu 14.10 then. The process is interrupted with given error (see headline). Log […]

Undo changes in working local folder from specific commit that already pushed

I have a git repo at BitBucket and after 2 hour, I realize that.. I do mistake and need to undo my local working folder with 2 previous commit. How I can do that? This is my git log commit fd04cfd1c3ed6a80649f018cffc80acfee8d022c Author: R <r@hotmail.com> Date: Sat Sep 19 14:43:44 2015 +0800 theme changed. commit 11783669c8b8c0dc909dbf15aac085a0c497422c […]

bitbucket → 2f9ee0cc7896 meaning

I have a set of project managed my git, each project is managed separately. the I put all the project within a folder (I kept the .git directory for each project to keep the local log). then I commited the global directory where all the project are copied. then when I browse online on bitbucket […]

Bitbucket – Webhook returns 200 but deploy.php is not working

I’m trying to set up auto deploy by Bitbucket webhook. First, I set up webhook and deploy-key settings, then put /var/www/html/deploy.php on the server. deploy.php like <?php $command = “cd /git//git/myproject.git/ && git fetch && GIT_WORK_TREE=/var/www/html/ git checkout -f”; exec($command); Webhook status on Bitbucket returns 200. Do “su -s /bin/bash nginx && php deploy.php” on […]

Moving all but one folder to sub-directory – git

I have a git repo synced with Github with the following structure. ~/Data_Store/ ~/Data_Read/ …. … ~/R/ The .git folder is in ~/ I wish to achieve the following end state. The current repo moved to a new folder called ghubrepo in ~/ghubrepo/ A new repo created linked to BitBucket called bbrepo in ~/bbrepo/ Retain […]

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