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Syncing a fork in Bitbucket, Branches and tags..how are they synced?

I’m quite new to the whole forking “thingy”.. I get the basics of the concept, but the part I don’t get is: What happens to all the branches? Lets say that I decide to fork a repository; the original repository adds a bunch of new branches, which I assume my fork won’t be automatically updated […]

Cron job Auto-Push to Git Issue

I have a cron job setup to run a bash script to push to Git every night. The cron job was setup as root, and I have set my git credentials via: git config credential.helper store as per: Git push: username, password, how to avoid? (second answer) The code for the bash script is pretty […]

How to pull code from BitBucket with C# programmatically

I am writing C# web forms application that needs to pull code for concerned tag on bitbucket. I have discovered SharpBucket as potential solution. But I am not sure how to pull actual code. It seems that SharpBucket API offers only meta data about repositories. All the the properties in Intelli Sense on the picture […]

AWS ec2 git clone or pull not working and no error message

I’m trying to clone a bitbucket repo in AWS ec2. But its not working. and not giving any error message. It’s only giving message is Cloning into ‘repo_name’… I have also tried telnet command. telnet bitbucket.org 443 But it also showing message Trying… Trying… Trying… telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: […]

how do i search bitbucket files that contain a string and are contained in specific repos?

I want to search bitbucket for files that contain the string “MyStr”, but only search repos who’s name contains “cookbook”- is this possible? Could not see how to do this with quick file search: https://blog.bitbucket.org/2013/02/07/introducing-quick-file-search/

Git Push Unable to Create Directory Error

When I try to push a branch that has a slash / such as used commonly in git flow I get the following error: (env)➜ api git:(release/0.15) git push –set-upstream origin release/0.15 Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0) remote: error: Cannot update the ref ‘refs/heads/release/0.15’: unable to create directory for logs/refs/heads/release/0.15: No such […]

How can i organize bitbucket CustomName/Development, CustomName/Database

My bitbucket has become a mess. I am trying to understand (w/o too much command line voodoo) how to organize. In other source controls i never had this issue (svn, tfs, etc) For instance, I have a project that contains 3 completely separate repos: 1.) Development (source code c#, f#, etc) 2.) Database (scripts, etc […]

Update an imported repo from github to bitbucket

I’ve imported a repo from GitHub to Bitbucket using bitbucket‘s import repository option. It has imported all the branches, tags, commits etc. Now, the original repo has changed and new branches/tags/commits have been created in the original repo. How do I update my bitbucket’s repo at par with the Github’s repo? PS: I can delete […]

Is it possible to create a Heroku review app from a Bitbucket pull request

I’ve been using this feature with GitHub, but it seems there’s no way to get a review app running when the codebase is hosted on BitBucket. Is there a way of getting around this limitation?

Git init with symlinks

I am attempting to run Atlassian BitKeeper within the context of a Docker container (Windows Nano). The home directory is stored outside the context of the container. As a result, this is presented as a symlink inside it. Running git init with the repository contained in the symlink’ed directory results in an error: Invalid path […]

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