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Bitbucket git repository printed strange colored flower after push. WTH?

This question already has an answer here: Atlassian “logo” after pushing to bitbucket 4 answers

Git: How to find uncommitted changes so far?

Here is the situation I ran into: When I tried to git pull, I found my collaborator had committed some changes, hence got the following error message. error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: template.tex Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge. Aborting So I […]

Can't push feature branch in git, doesn't exist in remote?

I created a feature branch off of develop. It looks like this: Previously when I made a feature branch, it also showed up on the remote, but now it’s not present. Now, when I try to push in SourceTree, I get the following error: To https://myname-mycompany@bitbucket.org/mycompany/projectname.git ! [remote rejected] feature/data_utilities -> feature/data_utilities (failed to write) […]

What's the use of Pull Request? And how to use Bitbucket properly?

I’ve used BitBucket before but only solo for my own personal projects. I know the basics (the very basic I must say), but for solo developer only. And even then, I did it via Source Tree, not the console. So it’s a lot easier for me. My usual workflow is like this: code->commit->code->commit->tag->push(if a feature […]

Unable to automate git fetch && git checkout using python

I have automated the process of git checkout a particular branch which a user want to enter. I am using the following python code with subprocess to do so , from bitbucket.bitbucket import Bitbucket from sys import argv import subprocess prompt = ‘> ‘ print “Enter the name of branch you need to clone: ” […]

Pushing new branch to remote pushing everything again

I created a new branch develop from master. Then I pushed the new branch to the remote using git push -u origin develop from develop branch. This command took too much time to push the new develop branch. The output is: $ git push -u origin develop Counting objects: 11531, done. Delta compression using up […]

Git pull on a remote server with an unknown tag

I’ve created a deployment tool for colleagues (developers) to simply press a button to deploy code from bitbucket to a remote server. Two things will occur SSH into server (target address) Run a git command here to pull the code The problem lies in my lack of git knowledge. Repositories may have tags and so […]

How to create a comment on a Bitbucket pull request

How do you programmatically make a comment (preferrably with Python) on a pull request hosted on Bitbucket? I have a Buildbot server continuously running tests on all my branches hosted on Bitbucket, and after it runs tests for a branch, I want it to check for any pending pull requests and automatically create a comment […]

How to transfer git repo from Bitbucket to Github in Android Studio?

So I have an Android Studio project that I have on Bitbucket that I’m having trouble moving to Github. So far I’ve imported the project to Github using its import feature and changed the origin using “git remote set-url”. Now every time I try to push & commit using Android Studio I get the error […]

Git URL for a Bitbucket repo not showing

I have a strange thing going on. Someone gave me a repo on a linux box, when I do: $ git status On branch master nothing to commit, working directory clean This means it is a Git repo, I tried to find the remote URL for this repo using: $ git config –get remote.origin.url It […]

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