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Apply Bitbucket pull request as a patch

I’ve got a repo on Bitbucket that only I have write access to. Someone forked that repo, made changes and issued a pull request to my repo from the fork. How can I get that pull request as a git patch to apply temporarily to my repo for testing purposes? The forked repo is private […]

Reference files from one repository to another

I have a git repository with a lot of source files. I would like to create a new repository, where some of the files from the existing repository is referenced into the new repository. Example: Repository A contains: Directory 1 Source file 1 Source file 2 Directory 2 Source file 3 Source file 4 In […]

Bitbucket: Adding a local built project to bitbucket using a Mac OSX

I have recently added a project as a git project (im new to git and learning) and i was looking at using Bitbucket via Source tree on a mac, but how do i add a locally created project to Bitbucket, as i am using Source Tree but it does not seem to push to my […]

How to change the main branch in BitBucket?

I have a repo on bitbucket with two branches. First branch is master with a fake content, then I have another one called trunk with the correct content. I would like to change the main branch to trunk (actually is master). I found that in the repo adminsitration are on bitbucket web I could change […]

How to see all local commits which are not pushed to the remote branch?

I am using the following commands to see all the local commits which are not pushed to remote branch but I am not getting all those local commits. git log git log origin/master..master I want to see at-least 10 local commits(only local).

Change version file automatically on commit with git

We have our master branch that we merge our features into. I need to be able to increment our version on commit/merge to the master automatically as a part of the merge. Is there a way i can do this so that the upped version is committed as a part of this commit without having […]

Managing Git or bitbucket repositories through Sublime text

Hi team was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, I wanted to know is there a plugin or some documentation on how to use my sublime text editor to pull and push my changes to repositories without leaving my sublime text editor? Thanks guys

Git and changelog guideline

I’m a noob with git and i would like to know the best practice to create tags and generate/mantain a changelog. Until now, i always created a readme.md and manually indicate (in the section “changelog”) the most important feature For example: version 1.0.1 changed layout in home added slideshow in gallery etc.. How can i […]

Eclipse, Git and Bitbucket – Can't push – Error 401 Unauthorized

I have a problem with Bitbucket and EGit. I created a new repository on BitBucket and also a new project in Eclipse. When I try to push a commit, I get the following error message: Can’t connect to any repository: https://bitbucket.org/MyName/MyProject.git (https://bitbucket.org/MyName/MyProject.git: 401 Unauthorized) I also tried https://MyName@bitbucket.org/MyName/MyProject.git but I got the same error. After […]

BitBucket.org – limitations only number of users?

BitBucket now states that they offer unlimited repositories (Git and Mercurial) with the only limitation on number of users (5 for free account.) Are there are known file-size, or repository-size limitations? It seems ‘too-good-to-be-true’… I have created 5 private repos so far and haven’t had any issues but I’d like to know what limits lie […]

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