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merging branches in after many wrong commits

I am new to .git and I am using it with Sourcetree/Bitbucket. I don’t need to share my code for the moment but only to keep track of my projects and allow me to undo or revert back to an old version. I have read many guides but it’s still a bit cryptic to me. […]

cloning a private bitbucket repository given access to me

I need to clone a repository from Bitbucket that I was given access to by another user. I tried this: git clone myusername@bitbucket.org:repositoryOwnerUserName/repo.git It gave me an error message: Permission denied(publickey). How I can clone this repository?

Git error: “fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly”

Strange issue here. We keep getting a connection closed by remote host when all 48 of our servers try pulling from Git. When running the .sh file directly (which has git pull code), there is no issue, unless its run at the same time as the other pulls (*/5 cron job). Below is the .sh […]

how to create folder on BitBucket?

How can I create a folders on BitBucket (web interface) to organize my repositories hierarchically ?. Example : https://bitbucket.org/my_account/my_folder/my_repository

Why is my Git Extensions Graph totally gray and how can I fix it?

I am using Git Extensions with Visual Studio 2010. My repository is on Bitbucket and I am using SSH and PuTTY to push/pull. When I open my project and click on browse repository, the first thing I see is a window with a message that starts like this ( Along with two buttons for “Edit […]

Permission denied (publickey), when cloning bitbucket repository via ruby-script

after problems for a few hours, a lot of googlin’ and many many configuration changes I’m asking you to help me out. I want to use the Redmine Bitbucket plugin https://bitbucket.org/steveqx/redmine_bitbucket for my Redmine 2.3 Server running under Ubuntu 12.04 Server for my private repos. I installed it and configured Bitbucket to make the POST […]

Cloning a pull request

How do I clone/pull a pull request to a local repository from Bitbucket? There is a similar question for Github but I am somehow not able to find a handle to the pull request on Bitbucket that I can name on the command line.

Git .pack file is too large

I’m trying to do a git clone from a bitbucket repo. When doing that this error occurs: fatal: Out of memory maloc, failed ( try to allocate 1822535087 bytes ) fatal: index-pack failed fatal: write-error invalid argument After searching for a problem on stackoverflow ( Repack of Git repository fails ), I ran this command […]

git pull hangs after authentication

I have a repo on bitbucket with a project. I want to have the current up-to-date version on a server in my local network. I connect to that server via ssh and I do a git pull. Git works trough ssh. After I enter my password, it hangs with the cursor blinking. If I enter […]

git repository clone failed. Connection Reset

I am using Bit bucket as my hosting site for the distributed version control systems (DVCS) Git. While Cloning the project and bringing into my eclipse it is giving me the error: Git repository clone failed. Connection reset While in wizard it does import till 50% Of my project and as soon as it reach […]

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