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Bitbucket plugin can't connect in Android Studio

I recently downloaded the Bitbucket plugin for Android Studio (I’m running 1.1.0). Initially, I downloaded it from this link (https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6207?pr=phpStorm) which should be compatible with Android studio. When I tried to clone a project in my repo, it prompted me for login credentials. I entered them, but it tells me that I can’t connect to […]

Remove files from git repository without cloning it

For some reason a repository on Bitbucket that I need to clone contains very large files that I don’t require. Is it possible to clone this repository without these files ? Or maybe is it possible to delete these files without cloning the repo in the first place?

Why does git clone hang when calling from a shell script which SSH's to a remote server?

I am writing a small app for those in the company who don’t like command line and to help with productivity. The app runs a shell script which gets input from the user, uses it to SSH to a remote staging server and git clone the repo to that remote server. SSH keys are all […]

Git hangs on initial push

I’ve just started a new private project and wanted to push it to Bitbucket. However, git just hangs after entering my ssh passphrase: psirus|example» git push -u origin master Enter passphrase for key ‘/home/psirus/.ssh/id_rsa’: Unfortunately, nothing more useful can be found by using -v: psirus|example» git push -v -u origin master Pushing to git@bitbucket.org:psirus/example.git Enter […]

Git Flow: Automatically Close Feature Branch After Merged to Master

Summary: I would like to stop team members from closing feature branches and only close feature branches after they have been merged into master. I have the following git environment in bitbucket: master (prod) env/stage env/qa env/dev All env branches protected. All feature branches branch off env/dev then when completed, the dev creates a pull […]

git rev-parse –short HEAD doesn't get latest commit

Hey so I am using a post hook like this: <?php file_put_contents(‘deploy.log’, serialize($_POST[‘payload’]), FILE_APPEND); $repo_dir = ‘/home/admin/web/website/repo-fullstack.git’; $web_root_dir = ‘/home/admin/web/website/public_html’; // Full path to git binary is required if git is not in your PHP user’s path. Otherwise just use ‘git’. $git_bin_path = ‘git’; $update = false; // Parse data from Bitbucket hook payload $payload […]

Remove folder in bitbucket

I originally had my eclipse project in Bitbucket in Bitbucket. I changed the package name of the project and attempted to push but it would not let me so I used git push -f and it pushed my new package name but it kept the old one also. I am not sure what happened since […]

ssh agent forwarding not working on ec2

I’m trying to use ssh agent forwarding on my local machine so that I dont have to use my private key on remote server for git clone git@bitbucket.org:username/bucketname.git I have following setup on my machine: $cat ~/.ssh/config Host bitbucket.org IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa Host ForwardAgent yes and have added my public key to bitbucket site when […]

I have two distinct git repos. How to replace one with newer?

I have my live site on my web server and locally on my development machine. It is one of my git repositories on bitbucket. Using Laravel, they suggested to upgrade to their newest version the recommended way is to create a completely new project, migrate in your old files, test, then deploy. I did that […]

How to copy Rails app with existing git repository?

I want to copy and paste my Rails app, only with different name. Here is my problem. When I go into my new rails app folder its on master branch, but I can’t push anything from there. It belongs to my first(old) app. I should remove git from new app and make entirely new repository, […]

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