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How can i connect openshift git repository to bitbucket

I’ve created a project on Red Hat openshift now i want to know about how can i connect it with my bit-bucket account to maintain and handle my openshift Project with bit-bucket

Why doesn't the vendor folder show in Bitbucket?

I have a Laravel project. I’m using Git to upload projects into Bitbucket but the vendor folder is not shown. Why not? All files have been uploaded except the vendor folder.

“Bad configuration option” on linux terminal, during bitbucket ssh connection.

I would like to start to use bitbucket, I’ve made the tutorial’s steps to connect to their server. link Bit something always wrong with the config file. I use ubuntu 12.10. root@peter-VPCEH1M1E:/home/peter/Dropbox/C++/Qt/sql/.git# git push git@bitbucket.org:erbal/sql.git /root/.ssh/config: line 1: Bad configuration option: [core] /root/.ssh/config: line 2: Bad configuration option: repositoryformatversion /root/.ssh/config: line 3: Bad configuration option: […]

How to import GitHub and Bitbucket repositories into Eclipse Mars?

I installed Eclipse Mars enabled the Git perspective and imported a repository. It looks fine, but Eclipse is not behaving normal I can’t create new files and search is not finding anything outside the file I’m in. What is the proper way to import repositories/projects from GitHub, Bitbucket and other Git Hosts?

Revert to an old commit in Bitbucket

I have git setup on my web hosting and on an account at Bitbucket which are both linked. How can I revert back to my first commit on both my hosting (which I am logged into via SSH and has git installed ready and working) and on Bitbucket? I have tried: git checkout 965a793 Then […]

Cannot clone using deploy key (bitbucket) EC2

I am not able to clone my repository to my remote EC2 ubuntu instance using my deployment key. Here are the steps I followed. I deleted the existing deployment keys I had in my bitbucket account I cleaned ~/.ssh/know_hosts following https://stackoverflow.com/a/26520681/808734 I generated my new key following these steps and added it as a deployment […]

Xcode/Git Repository Error: “Please verify that the working copy is reachable and try again.”

Here are the steps I take. I open Xcode (4.3.3) organizer and select Checkout or Clone Repository I choose the location https://MyUsername@bitbucket.org/MyUsername/myrepo.git Press Clone button and it successfully clones it on my local disk So I open the local copy of the project and perform some changes to it. When I try to commit changes […]

Are the remote and centralized repository the same thing in git?

They seem to be synonyms, but I can’t tell quite yet. Basing this off the Subversion vs. DVCS debate here.

Is it possible to 'fork” a repo upto a specific commit?

Is it possible to create a fork in butbucket from a specific commit in a repo? I don’t want to clone the repo to my machine and then push back. Is there a way to do it from the web interface?

How to Clone all repositories into Team from Bitbucket using GIT

i want to know if it’s possible to clone all repositories in a team from bitbucket since git. Thanks in advance.

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