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Bitbucket command doesn't work when I want to push project

I want to push my project to bit bucket but when I enter “git push …” I get this lines and no change will be appeared! hesam@hesam-X460-X460DX:~/blog$ git push origin master Password for ‘https://hesam4g@bitbucket.org’: Counting objects: 106, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (95/95), done. Writing objects: 100% (106/106), 23.34 […]

Is it possible to install puppet-sync post receive hook on Bitbucket site to sync my Puppet master automatically after each push?

I recently started using Puppet directory environments. I really like the idea of Dynamic Puppet environments with Git branches and Git hooks to sync Puppet master after any changes were pushed to the Git server. My question is: Can I use external service like Bitbucket as a Git master or do I need to have […]

Is it OK to squash changesets of an opened pull request?

I’m in the following scenario: I commit some patches to a dev branch I push the branch on stash or github or bitbucket I open a merge request from dev to master I push some new patches that fix issues reported by reviewers It turns out some of the patches can be squashed with the […]

Deploying with capistrano git Permission denied (publickey)

I’m trying to deploy my laravel project using capistrano. Followed the tutorials from here and here but when running cap production deploy from my local machine all I get is the following: INFO [0d38240d] Running /usr/bin/env git ls-remote –heads git@bitbucket.org:tudor2004/test-deploy.git as user@host DEBUG [0d38240d] Command: ( GIT_ASKPASS=/bin/echo GIT_SSH=/tmp/sejurplacut/git-ssh.sh /usr/bin/env git ls-remote –heads git@bitbucket.org:tudor2004/test-deploy.git ) DEBUG […]

Reduce Repo Size on Bitbucket

I’ve realised my repo is coming in at just over 1GB, it seems my .git folder weighs in at 800MB. Why is this and what are the right ways to go about reducing this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Git diff does not make any sense

When I run git diff on a PHP file that I have modified, it shows me the wrong line being modified and the other lines are ‘unmodified’ (no changes), even though I have modified the other lines. An example: This is the change I have made to the document: It only occurs on certain files […]

git move sub project to the root of the reposotory

I am using GIT repository to check-in my changes. in repository, I have a project and under that I am checking in everything. But while configuring ‘OpenShift’ in eclipse using jbosstools, it is saying The project <projectname> is not at the root of your git repository and appears to be a sub-project. Please copy your […]

How do fix my Bitbucket ssh access?

I have been successfully pulling and pushing to my repo for over a month. My last push was on the 22nd January 2015. All was well. Today, I tried to push and I got an error: conq: repository access denied. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access […]

Why can't I delete a remote branch in BitBucket?

When I try to do git push origin :foo-branch’, I get an error: error: unable to delete ‘foo-branch’: remote ref does not exist error: failed to push some refs to ‘git@bitbucket.org:username/repo-name.git’ I know the branch exist, because: I see it in git log –all; I see it in the web interface on BitBucket What’s more, […]

Bitbucket – Git submodule update asking for user and password

I have two projects within the same bitbucket user, one of them is a submodule of the first one. When I have changes in main project git fetch origin and git merge origin/master work fine, but as soon as I have any change at the submodule git fetch origin ask me for my user and […]

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