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.xccheckout had a tree conflict

Using Xcode 5.x and Git, we did a commit on this file: MyProjectName.xccheckout. We then pushed this commit to our central repo. Now, when someone else on the team does a Pull we get the error: “MyProjectName.xccheckout had a tree conflict.” There are several posts on this topic and appears the correct thing to do […]

Xcode iOS using git

I have set up a bitbucket repo and have configured it in my Organizer. I have created a basic .gitignore and added it to the root of my project. I have tried committing all the files, but it continues to say there are uncommitted files when I try to push. The uncommited files are: .DS_Store […]

How to clone a Bitbucket repository with Jenkins

I am using RedHat linux I have created a repository in Bitbucket say Demo and I have some HTML code into that. I have install Jenkins in my system. What I am trying to do is clone the Bitbucket repository with Jenkins so that i can build the project. Steps what I am following is […]

Public key issue with command line in sourceTree (git )

I usually use git on linux and i’m not familiar with sourceTree on windows ( c# project ), interface is usefull to follow the tree, but I want use commande line. I really don’t understand, i generated my ssh key with sourceTree agent and load with “Pageant”, i added the public key on my bitbucket […]

How to track down a Jenkins failure to checkout git submodule over ssh?

I’m using bitbucket and Jenkins to do my builds. My project has a submodule that needs to be checked out during the build process. The top level git repository that I’m using is working fine. It pulls that out of bitbucket using deployment keys with SSH access no problem. I have the same deployment key […]

No master branch in git / BitBucket

I’m new to git. I’m using bitbucket with sourcetree client. I’ve cloned the repository from bitbucket in the sourcetree ,and then I wanted to create a Develop branch from Master. The thing is : there isn’t any master branch. I’ve tried committing some text file , and then I was able to create that Develop […]

TortoiseGit show log for remote branch

I am new to Git and bitbucket so excuse me if this is a very simple question. I am using bitbucket in conjunction with TortoiseGit and I’ve set it up according to: http://guganeshan.com/blog/setting-up-git-and-tortoisegit-with-bitbucket-step-by-step.html and it is all working correctly. What I would like to do is that when I click on show log from tortoiseGit […]

Remove Bitbucket deployment from Azure Web App

In trying to figure out the best way to deploy our website, initially we were using the deployment configured in Azure to check for new updates on our git repository, Bitbucket. However, we ended up using another tool from our buildserver and no longer need this integration. I cannot find a way to remove the […]

How do I add an existing XCode (4.5) project to BitBucket

I have an existing project in XCode 4.5 which is not under any form of source control. All I want to do is add it to a BitBucket repository so that I can work alongside another developer. I’ve tried and tried to get this code under source control and onto a BitBucket repository, but I […]

SourceTree keeps asking for Github password

My organization is switching from Bitbucket to Github for project management. Today, I was trying to transfer our most recent project from Bitbucket to Github, by using SourceTree. I added a second remote repository to the project (using the URL of the destination repository on Github), brought everything up to date, and then attempted to […]

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