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Bitbucket – Syncing Branch with another Branch

This may be a duplicate of How to keep a git branch in sync with master (I assume I can just replace Master with the other branch), but it’s vital that this works and doesn’t merge the wrong way around so I need to make sure. Scenario There was a branch called v1, and I […]

2 local folders, each containing a different branch of the same repository

I’m have a repository in Bitbucket and I use Altassian SourceTree to work with it. Is it possible to have two folders for two branches of the same repository? I have found this answer, but I don’t understand what to do and I’m bit afraid of if ‘I do evil’ and I lost my repository.

Git remove duplicate commits from history

So…. I say trying to remove a file from history as it contained a password (I know – should have been in gitignore from the start!). I followed https://help.github.com/articles/remove-sensitive-data/ to point 6 but I had an issue with my SSH key being used by Git Bash (usually use sourcetree as store the repository on BitBucket) […]

Hosted Development Server + Git + Bitbucket Workflow

I have just taken over the management of a business-critical WordPress site. Currently there isn’t a development server or any source control. I would therefore like to get this setup and was just after a bit of advice on the best workflow. Development will be done on one machine initially, but the development server must […]

How to add Bitbucket repository in to jenkins?

I have a ruby on rails code in bitbucket private repository. And i have added my repository remote into jenkins as follows: https://bitbucket.org/myuser_name/demo_app followed by Credentials: Kind: username and password and i have given bitbucket username and password into it. Before i am saving the project configuration i got no error under Repository URL. So […]

Git is reading all my computer files, rather than just one folder. How to point git to a different folder?

I’m pretty new to Git (and Stack Overflow). Aside from git add, commit and push – and pull, I haven’t explored any of the commands just yet. Every time I open Terminal on my mac, normally when typing git status on the main (Macintosh HD) folder, I’ll get a response that says, “this is not […]

how to run a github pulled project with laravel?

i just cloned a project from bitbucket with sourcetree. Now i am trying to run it with laravel. I started my cmd with administrator rights and i am in the right directory of the project. Now when i try to do the ‘composer update‘ command i get this error in my command line : i […]

BitBucket – Create repository and sub modules

I am using bitbucket web interface and have created a new project “Test_Project”. In this project, I am able to create a new repository – ‘Module1’ using Create repository option. Now I want to create repository hierarchy in bitbucket project – Test_Project as following :- Test_Project (Bitbucket project) Web (Repository 1) Module1 (Sub-Repository/Sub-module 1) Module2 […]

SourceTree considers pulled files as uncommitted changes

In some unknown cases when I pull using SourceTree, it consider all pulled files as uncommitted changes and won’t allow to pull/push any more unless re-commit or discard those changes. If I discard uncommitted files, it will discard all the changes have been applied by my team-mate. What’s wrong with that? Is there a known […]

Git tells me my branch has no tracking information, but there is an older version of my branch on the remote

Some changes were committed to master by my colleague and I had to update my branch accordingly. After some struggling I thought I had gotten it right. However, when I run git remote show origin, I get: * remote origin Fetch URL: https://bitbucket.org/….git Push URL: https://bitbucket.org/….git HEAD branch: master Remote branches: layout tracked layout-report tracked […]

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