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git add is adding files to staging area

I am trying to commit some modified files to my git staging area with command git add. However the files are not adding to the staging area. The below is the output of git status:- :~/Desktop/production-18-12-2013$ git status # On branch master # Changes not staged for commit: # (use “git add/rm <file>…” to update […]

How can I use git to automatically keep all Laravel sites in production updated?

I have a site skeleton built on Laravel 4 in a private git repo on Bitbucket. Our very small team each has their own local development copy, and there’s also a version of the site on a development environment which we use to display things to clients. In addition, there’s a branded production version of […]

Can't get git flow to apply to other users in Sourcetree

I am using Sourcetree to work with my git repo on Bitbucket. I would like it so that when I initialize gitflow for the repository, everyone using Sourcetree doesn’t also have to initialize gitflow. However, whenever someone clones the repo (or I delete and re-clone), I have to reinitialize gitflow. How do I get this […]

Possible to know if member has cloned source code from git repository?

I am wondering if we can check somewhere that we can see if members of the git repository has cloned the source code? If yes, can we check how many times they have cloned the source code? For your information we are using Bitbucket. Thanks

Git issues with Laravel Forge

I’m deploying my web app using Laravel Forge and BitBucket. Recently I was coding one part of my website, and I noticed that I made small mistake in CSS, since I couldn’t use git push because I’m not finished with coding, I changed that CSS using FTP. So after I finished with development, I tried […]

Using Git to deploy changes to server

I have read through the posts here and I have not found one that has a great explanation for what I am looking for. So, here it goes…. I am developing a WordPress site locally. I commit changes and then I push them to Bitbucket. Once I do that, I go to my server and […]

git ignoring remote file

I have access to a private remote repository on bitbucket and running git clone on it. The files seem to copy fine but package.json in the root of the repository is completely ignored, although I can see it fine in bitbucket. How do I force getting all the files? Or maybe the repository owner should […]

bitbucket git commits missing

We have migrated from svn to git lately. And I am not good with git till now. My problem is that, I have committed some files and it cause to lose the file changes others did. But the changes are there in my instance but not in any others(they lost what they committed). The graph […]

Git – Some commits can only be seen in “All Branches” where the only branch is master

We are using Git repository from Bitbucket. A person from our team is ahead 6 commits from origin/master branch. Also when he push his commits, he can see everything is up-to-date but still ahead from origin/master. His commits can only be seen when the “All Branches” are selected. If the master branch is selected his […]

git browse for Bitbucket repositories

I want to have the git browse feature for Bitbucket repositories. In my workflow, I work in the terminal with git and then I usually open to the same project on Bitbucket to do a pull request or review something, so I only need to open the working directory in the browser. Assuming that I’m […]

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