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Understanding Git with XCode and BitBucket

After following several tutorials I was finally able to take my existing, non-Git-Repository XCode Project and get it uploaded to a repository on BitBucket. I’m completely new to git but I’d like to start working with versioning. Since I’m a complete newb I’d rather not be working with the command line all day (which is […]

How to group git repositories by keyword/tag

How do you group multiple git repositories by keyword or tag or attribute? Do you have to manage repos in some external tool or is it possible to use a git client to find all repos that have a specific attribute? For example, Project1 was for client X, it was built for iPad, it included […]

Cloning a Git repo into a new repo – without commit history

So I’m trying to get my head around Git, and have the need (why I have this need I won’t go into) to be able to take the files from one repo, via command line, and put them into a brand new repository WITHOUT taking all of the previous commit history with it. What I’m […]

How to set up auto-deploy to AppEngine when pushing to Git Repository

I’ve heard that other platforms support auto-deployment of their code to production when they push changes to their Git repository. Can I set up something similar to this for AppEngine? How? I’m using Python2.7 on Windows, and bitbucket as a repository. Thanks!

How to reference public bitbucket repo as npm module in package.json on heroku?

I tried {myrepo}: git://git@bitbucket.org/{myaccount}/{myrepo}.git in packages.json. On my local machine when I type sudo npm install (I have to use sudo) it works and my repo is cloned to node_modules. When I am pushing my app to heroku there are errors: npm ERR! git clone git://git@bitbucket.org/{myaccount}/{myrepo}.git Initialized empty Git repository in /app/.npm/_git-remotes/git-git-bitbucket-org-{myaccount}-{myrepo}-git-bd17f867/ npm ERR! git […]

Two-step git import over ssh

Bitbucket has an importer tool for importing repositories from remote locations, but it only supports the git:// protocol. Our existing repositories are on a company controlled machine behind a firewall that I can’t change, and git:// is not available. I need to move the repositories from our company machine to bitbucket, keeping all history and […]

What to do after cloning repo from git

I am just a git starter, basically I clone a git repository and now I wanted to commit the changes that I made in a file. when I run the command git commit it says not a git repository, So being a starter in git i just wanted to ask that do i need to […]

Project commits too many files

I just cloned a project using git and opened a new branch. After changing just 1 file I tried to commit the changes but it shows me that I am commiting like 3000+ files. After clicking on any file to see the differences, the phpstorm says “no differences”. I heard that might be an error […]

How to delete latest Git commit in Bitbucket?

I am storing laravel files in bitbucket and I also have a local copy of the project. Every time i save my local copy, i push it to the remote repository in bitbucket so that they have the same update. Problem: I made a mistake in my local project and I want to delete the […]

SourceTree – how to checkout to remote repo branch

I create a new branch in remote GIT repository. Repository stored on BitBucket. In my my local repository I can see this new branch with SourceTree. It appears in commits list, on same commit I create branch from. But I cannot see this new branch under branches list and cannot checkout it. I want to […]

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