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Travis CI can not find npm dependency referenced as url to Bitbucket git tag

I have a project hosted on Github and one of it’s dependencies is hosted on Bitbucket. Both repositories are private, but we have access to them. I’ve recently added git tag for versioning, because build server on customer’s site did not pick up the most recent version of one dependency. So the package.json now looks […]

How to pull from private repo in a bitbucket pipeline?

I have a bitbucket pipeline that works well but now on a project i need to pull from a private repository wich contains a package that is required in my composer.json. When i do a composer install in the pipeline, it stops with this error Failed to execute git clone –no-checkout ‘git@bitbucket.org:company/package.git’ […] Cloning into […]

Duplicate Tag on Remote

We are using Bitbucket as our remote for a git repository, and we somehow ended up with a duplicate tag (which I didn’t think was possible). When I try: git push –delete origin refs/tags/mytagName I get: error: dst refspec refs/tags/mytagName matches more than one. error: failed to push some refs to ‘https://me@bitbucket.org/[etc]’ I can see […]

Git wrongly interprets that files names have changed after I pull

I normally work on mac and maintain a bitbucket repository (git). I have no problem pulling my repository on mace. But when I pull my repository on Windows (Win7), it interprets the filenames wrong and show two files by the same name, one to be deleted and one unkown (basically not added yet). What can […]

Issues while creating repository?

Hi I am new to Bitbucket. In the beginning, while setting up the account I am asked to enter the email ids…do at that time I have to enter just my email id or the email ids of all the people that I am sharing my code with. While setting up my code repository I […]

BitBucket colored diff email service

Does anyone know about anyway to send out colored diffs of commits in bitbucket? I reckon you can do that by pushing out a HTTP call to your own server, but I need a solution in case you do not have your own server to rely on. I am a big fan of SVN::Notify, so […]

bitbucket hook for automatic update of source code from branch

I have a repo named Live and 2 branches master and livecloud. Now I want to add a hook to update source code from bitbucket branch livecloud only as soon as commit is pushed in this branch. code in hook.php <?php echo “Begin: Pull code from BitBucket<br/>”; exec(‘git pull’, $output); foreach ($output as $o) { […]

Bitbucket repo doesn't match local repo

I cannot seem to find an answer or even any related material to this question via Google, stackoverflow etc. I’ve recently started using Git. I created a Git repo on my local machine, and also set up a remote repo on Bitbucket. I added the Bitbucket repo as a remote on my local Git repo, […]

Why vendor folder's size drops from 100MB to 15MB after pushing it to bitbucket git repository?

We usually kept vendor folder in .gitignore but had to disable it since we have no ssh access on our production server and we need to run composer update time to time. So, we came up with an idea about removing .gitignore on vendor folder, doing composer update on our local computers, pushing everything to […]

A bunch of errors while connecting bitbucket/git

I have a bunch of errors while connecting my git. Let see: git push -u origin –all ssh -vT git@github.com Then More investigation What else can I do?

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