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I need help resetting my repository

I currently have a private repository on bitbucket which I use for developing my app on my laptop and desktop. On my laptop I started working on a new branch called bootstrap. I cloned it from origin/master. Unfortunately, I forgot to publish my local master first. Not realizing this, I then made 3 commits to […]

Git Clones the Wrong Project

I have an application on openshift, but I lost my src. I am trying to git clone from the ssh url given there, but when I run: git clone ssh://… I instead get one of my other projects that is setup with bitbucket. I assume this has something to do with my ssh keys, I […]

random commit in bitbucket from unknown user

I recently made a bitbucket repository (Private, and in a team). And going to check the repository, which i created on 07/07/2014, there is a strange commit “initial commit” showing from someone called “Thomas” in 2011. I have absolutely no idea who this person is and checking the commit it seems to say they committed […]

Pointing remote Bitbucket repository to content in remote Github repository that pulls from local folder

Basically my goal is to push to both my GH and BB remote repositories, or push to my GH from my local, and the BB repository pulls from my remote GH. I tried following the instructions in: pull/push from multiple remote locations but I really don’t understand and I’ve been tinkering with this all day. […]

Clone Failed while trying to checkout from bitbucket https url

I tried to clone a repository from bitbucket in android studio through options VCS->Checkout from version control->git. It asked me for the url which I copied from bitbucket repo path & press ok, It gives me the following error then: Clone failed fatal: unable to access ‘https://user_name@bitbucket.org/Dir/repo_name.git/’: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer […]

Why can't I clone files into a Bitbucket repository?

I set up a SSH key pair to connect Bitbucket with Jenkins. But after that, I can’t clone repositories from Bitbucket. The error I’m getting is as follows. conq: repository access denied. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. I have all […]

How to push a local repo to bitbucket?

I have my repo online at bitbucket, I have created the ssh key using: ssh-keygen And I’ve used the resulted key as a deployment key for the online repo. Then, at source-tree I have added the generated key, but when I push the repo, I get this error: Pushing to git@bitbucket.org:xxxxx/xxxxxx.git Permission denied (publickey). fatal: […]

error in git trying to push after a rebase

Disclaimer: I’m sort of a git and version control newb. At work we’re thinking about using git to manage our customizations to a COTS product we purchased. I’m having a little bit of a hard time figuring out the best way to approach this. My idea was that we would have three perm branches: master […]

Can I require a valid build before a pull request is merged on bitbucket

I want a git workflow where all changes are done on a branch and the developers have to create a pull request to merge into master. The pull request needs to be approved by a reviewer and the build_must_be_successful. Is that possible in bitbucket? I have seen it in Stash but would really like to […]

Force Remote Merge Between Two Branches Even With Conflict

I’m working on a project and I’ve used bitbucket‘s git repo in it. I want to merge a branch (let’s call it my-branch) to master but due to some conflicts, I’m unable to do so. Some files in bin/ and gen/ directories (I know I should have added them in the .gitignore list but I […]

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