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Repository access denied. access via a deployment key is read-only

After successfully cloning my repo from heroku and added another remote 1/ git clone git@heroku.com:[APP].git 2/ git remote add bitbucket ssh://git@bitbucket.org/[ACCOUNT]/[REPO].git 3/ git push bitbucket master I am still getting this error after running line (3) or using SourceTree conq: repository access denied. access via a deployment key is read-only. First I don’t understand what […]

Atlassian “logo” after pushing to bitbucket

Having pushed to bitbucket I got this “image”. What is this?

Clone private git repo with dockerfile

I have copied this code from what seems to be various working dockerfiles around, here is mine: FROM ubuntu MAINTAINER Luke Crooks “luke@pumalo.org” # Update aptitude with new repo RUN apt-get update # Install software RUN apt-get install -y git python-virtualenv # Make ssh dir RUN mkdir /root/.ssh/ # Copy over private key, and set […]

Best practice – Git + Build automation – Keeping configs separate

Searching for the best approach to keep my config files separate, yet not introduce extra steps for new developers setting up their environments. I am guessing a submodule would suffice to do the job, but then how would I switch configs seamlessly depending on the task at hand, aka pull in DEV config regularly, pull […]

How to remove a directory from git repository?

I have 2 directories on my GitHub repository. I’d like to delete one of them. How could I do that without deleting and re-creating entire repository?

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