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access by link in bitbucket

I have private repository in bitbucket. Can I make something similar as Anyone with a link to the file can to share in Google Drive? I want to make my repository private, but so that some people (I do not know the specific accounts of these people) could read it?

git svn clone fails because of deleted branch

I am migrating some SVN repos to Bitbucket using git svn clone. It seems that the clone fails when the revision that it is going to clone doesn’t exist because the branch it affected doesn’t exist anymore in Subversion. I did git svn clone -authors-file=authors.txt https://my.svn.com/project001 project001 The logs shows {…} r12 = f16b3d1014109ccd1c7e24dd70bfa9df45362e48 (refs/remotes/git-svn) […]

How to sync my git repository on a new computer?

I’m newbie to git. I have a repository on bitbucket. Now I want to download it on my computer at work and make some changes on the project, then push it again. First of all I initialized the git on a local directory by this line: $ git init Then I set something configuration: $ […]

how to read BitBucket/Stash branches and their linked JIRA tickets with Java

I want to read bitbucket/stash branches and their respected Jira issue, when i was looking for it and found Atlassian APIs. I couldn’t find any proper examples in this, like how do I connect to bitbucket server, get information of any project, and read branches of that project, and also if there is any Jira […]

How to import projects properly using Git from cloud

How to properly import projects from BitBucket or another cloud repository? I have Eclipse Neon JavaEE. Even if there is Git preinstalled yet and (for my purposes important) Maven too. The imported projects are not real projects. The straighforward way is: File -> Import -> Git -> Clone URI (copied from repository i.e. BitBucket) Fill […]

how to update local repo if some one has made change in master repo?

I have assigned a project. if someone update code in git repository? would my local repository will update automatically? or i have to do it manually ? what are the commands.

Getting error while triong to push all my project code into bitbucket

I am getting the following error while trying to push my first project into bit bucket repository. Error: To https://subhrajyoti@bitbucket.org/subhrajyoti/oditek_project.git ! [rejected] master -> master (fetch first) error: failed to push some refs to ‘https://subhrajyoti@bitbucket.org/subhrajyoti/oditek_project.git’ hint: Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do hint: not have locally. This is usually caused […]

Updating your .bashrc profile file to SSH into Bitbucket on Windows

I am following these instructions to set up SSH for BitBucket. I got the key generated and got through step four of creating a .bashrc profile file that automatically starts the SSH agent when git bash starts. However, when I restart Git Bash nothing happens. I’ve checked and the script the .bashrc is in my […]

Rollback Commit Upon Build/Test Failure on Jenkins

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of these kinds of questions without really any answers but rather warnings against it. So I understand why it might be annoying/dangerous to do this, and have considered these things. But with how my team project/management is set up (at least for now), it makes a lot of sense […]

Git push new project permission denied

So I tried to create a new Project at bitbucket and Import my current stuff. Step 1: Switch to your repository‘s directory cd /path/to/your/repo Step 2: Connect your existing repository to Bitbucket git remote add origin ssh://git@bitbucket.org/KevinSpence/app.git git push -u origin master After git push -u origin master I got this error: $ git push […]

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