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Git deployment from bitbucket

Im not exactly new to git, i’ve used it for quite a few projects. However i am pretty new to deploying to bitbucket & then making the site live from there. I’ve seen a few questions like this, but every time i clone my repo from bitbucket (its a wordpress install) i get a server […]

Git repository url issues

I had repository with URL A – then i stopped working with it, and went to repository with URL B Now i want to merge the changes from repository in URL B with the repository in URL A- in the process i need to wipe out everything that may have been in URL A, such […]

ssh git – logged in as another user

I run the following command on my machine (not locally): ssh -T hg@bitbucket.org and get as output logged in as maxifl This user is old and I use another user. How do I change the user? Moreover, I get an error while I run “git pull” conq: repository access denied. fatal: The remote end hung […]

Error message “uname.exe” has stopped working when I open Git Bash

For some days I have had a strange problem with my Git Bash installation: Whenever I run Git Bash, I immediately receive the error message “uname.exe” has stopped working, and a stackdump is created. I am working with Windows 7 64-bit and have re-installed the latest versions of both cygwin (64-bit) and Git Bash since […]

Auto Deployment On Git and Bitbucket using Hooks. Is It Secure, or Is there A Better Way?

I’m looking to use auto deployments on a new project using git and BitBucket. I’ve looked into using BitBuckets POST hooks and this seems to be a popular option, but I can’t find a lot of options currently, and I’m not sure about how secure this is: A far as I can see you have […]

cleaning my bitbucket-git, more precisely, the .git/objects folder

My repo shoulds be around 2Mo (all my sources and some data) but the whole repo is around 19Mo, actualy the files in .git/objects take ~17Mo… I read several answers on stackoverflow, about cleaning a git. none of them leads me to clean properly my repo. I know how to delete my src and data, […]

Go to an old commit and push temporary changes to remote

I have a repo on Bitbucket, and we have a specific branch called “staging” that when we push to it, it updates the code on our server automatically. I need to go back like 10 commits earlier to see if a bug was introduced in those last commits. Locally, tried to git checkout <commit-sha> while […]

Teamcity GitHub Private Key FileNotFoundException (No such file or directory)

I been trying for about three hours to create a VCS Root pointing to a Github repository using “Private Key” as the the Authentication method. But when I hit the “Test Connection” button I get this error back: Test connection failed in Apms :: GateControl :: Nightly. List remote refs failed: com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\key\private (No […]

Sync AND Pull in a Git Repo

My interest is this: I’d like to set up a single homework repository to share with my students. The repository contains templates, specifications, and unit tests. Students derive from this repository, complete their homework, and push their changes for grading. This past year I did this using Bitbucket. I created a public Git repository containing […]

bitbucket bddc1783b136 errors

I upload my project files by smartgit/hg to bitbucket. But when I clone the repository in another computer. I got many empty folders that expected to contain many .java files. So I open bitbucket.org in my browser, and find the repository–click “source”. It shows “back → bddc1783b136 [bddc1783b136]” the pic is on : http://img3.picbed.org/uploads/2014/04/abc.jpg “back” […]

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