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Can I import my heroku git repo into bitbuket? and how?

My laptop died and I need to code from another computer. I am working with Heroku and I want to get the latest version of code from Heroku to another machine. I understood that it is very recommended to get a proper remote repository using GitHub or BitBucket. I decided to try BitBucket. While creating […]

Can't login to Bitbucket on 'Github for Windows'

I’ve followed the tutorials on how to make Github for Windows work with Bitbucket, And in some point where you try to login I get this strange bug or anything. Here’s the image: The problem is I can’t click the login button and I have no idea why. I’m stuck and can’t proceed on the […]

how to get all branches of my forked git repo

I have cloned, pulled and fetched my remote git repo at BitBucket. But I could only get the master branch. My repo at BitBucket has 4 branches: master fix/cleanup etc/schema_note feature/sampledata I have found the two questions this and that. I followed some of the instructions in those questions. When I tried git branch -a, […]

How to fix commit to wrong branch

I have a question of how to fix a mistake I did when committing and pushing my code to our repo at bitbucket. The situation was that I had finished working on a previous feature branch(Branch1) and it was pulled into the master branch. Then i proceeded to create a new branch(Branch2) for a new […]

Change Credentials for Push in Git

Just getting started with Git. I have an existing personal account on Bitbucket, and I have created a team account as well using my work email address. I created a repository, got it working, cloned it, etc. I then did a few test commits and pushes. I believe I entered my work email and password […]

How to check out a branch in Bitbucket

I have a Git repository at https://user_name@bitbucket.org/path/git.git. This repository has a branch called feature/myFeature, which I want to check out. I have run git init in the desired folder, and then, according to Bitbucket, I need to run git fetch && git checkout feature/myFeature However, I get the following error, fatal: No remote repository specified. […]

Git push fatal: repository not found

I’m not sure what is going on. But every time I try to push or pull now with git I get this message “fatal: repository ‘https://….’ not found”. I usually use source tree with bitbucket but am receiving the same error when I try from the command line. The reason I’m so confused is I […]

Build job jenkins at specific commit to bitbucket

i need start a build on Jenkins only when i push and commit with specific message to bitbucket. Actually work with webhooks but every push, the build starting. I have tried with git plugin and “Additional Behaviours” but not sure what is possible.

Importing from Bitbucket to Stash with history?

We are moving our repositories from Bitbucket to our local environment in Stash. I am able to import the latest version of our repositories but not the details of previous commits and versions. Can you please guide me what I should do to import our repositories with all branches, commits and version details? This is […]

Right clicking on project doesn't show Git menu

In Android Studio in the projects view when I right click on my project, I can’t see the Git menu. Hence I can’t add all the files altogether. How can I fix this? I’m trying to follow this tutorial for bitbucket integration at 9:10 time. My Android Studio version is 1.3.1 on xUbuntu 14.04 which […]

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