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Push to Bitbucket repo silently fails and nothing changes

In the past I’ve used svn and cvs, but never BitBucket or Git. I just got a BitBucket account with an empty project associated. I read Getting Started with Bitbucket and on my BitBucket page that I am supposed to do the following: git clone https://bitbucket.org/REST_OF_URL/… I use the URL provided by Git; it successfully […]

SourceTree can't push to Bitbucket

I try to push changes to Bitbucket but have exception Pushing to https://wegorich@bitbucket.org/…/….git 2013-11-26 15:35:18.193 git-credential-sourcetree[19530:507] Error (internetKeychainItemForServer:withUsername:path:port:protocol:) – The specified item could not be found in the keychain. fatal: Authentication failed Repo path = https://wegorich@bitbucket.org/…/….git Other Bitbucket project I can push and pull. 🙁

Bash shell script error sh: '

Aim: I’m trying to create a useful shortcut for initializing a git repo locally, and simultaneously creating a remote repo origin on bitbucket or github. This function is added to my .bashrc file in my home directory. Here is the bash function (which yields an error): function initg() { # Defaults to bitbucket API local […]

Is it possible to Git merge / push using Jenkins pipeline

I am trying to create a Jenkins workflow using a Jenkinsfile. All I want it to do is monitor the ‘develop’ branch for changes. When a change occurs, I want it to git tag and merge to master. I am using the GitSCM Step but the only thing that it appears to support is git […]

Pruning branches that were deleted in upstream Git repo but still exist in my fork

I created a fork of a git repo on BitBucket (let’s call it fork_origin). Now the upstream repository (let’s call it upstream_origin) has had numerous branches merged into it’s master and deleted. So running git fetch –prune upstream_origin deleted lots of remote/upstream_origin/ branches, but now those same branches still exist in the remote/fork_origin/ namespace. Is […]

Git won't diff my main plugin file?

So I’m coming across quite an odd problem. No matter what change I make to a certain file, it always says there’s 1 deletion and 1 insertion, which is the entire code of the file for each. This doesn’t happen to the other files. This only started happening recently and I’m not sure what could […]

Team member cannot clone repo from BitBucket?

I am quite new to BitBucket/SourceTree, infact I am quite new to GIT! I created a BitBucket account couple of days ago, created a private repo and invited one other user (with WRITE permission). On my machine, I opened SourceTree, generated SSH key, added SSH key to BitBucket, voila, repo cloned, everything works. My friend […]

fatal: could not unset 'branch.master.remote'

I am trying to remove git remote. I have just removed heroku remote url with the command $ git remote rm heroku but when I try to use this on remote for bitbucket(origin). It fails with an error git remote rm origin fatal: could not unset ‘branch.master.remote’ where’s when listing remote with $ git remote […]

Cloning a git repo from Bitbucket with Ansible – asked for password two or three times

I am trying to clone a private git repository from Bitbucket using Ansible 1.9.3 (OSX) and an https connection. I have my password stored in the clipboard and use pasting when asked to provide it. The following command requires me to provide the password two or three times (irregularly, never once and never more than […]

bitbucket Unable to merge Unrelated branches

I have repository (lets say A) and forked repository A-dev on bitbucket. Everything had been worked good for 3 months. But recently, when I tried to create pull request in A-dev it says: Unable to merge Unrelated branches Why this would happen and how it can be solved? Anyway to troubleshoot it? Thank you. EDIT

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