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Custom domain for git repository

I have a repository on github at github.com/sampleusername/sample-repository.git. I need to change it as https://sub.mysite.com/sample-repository.git. Is it possible in github, bitbucket or anywhere else? Actually I need to maintain bower in that repository. The user need to install the bower by run the command bower install https://sub.mysite.com/sample-repository.git without any authentication.

Download RData from bitbucket private repo using R

I am trying to import a .RData from my own bitbucket private repo to Rstudio. I tried googling but I seem to get answers about GitHub. While useful, the techniques do not discuss about private repos. Some help would be great. I tried several ways but it isn’t working. 1. x <- read.csv( curl(“https://xxx@bitbucket.org/xxx/data-sets.git/DataSets/xxx.csv”) ) […]

BitBucket credentials popup broken in Visual Studio's Team Explorer

I’m using Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 on a Win7 64 machine. I’m following this tutorial to play around with BitBucket. Everything works fine up to the point where Visual Studio throws the authentication message box. This is what it should look like: The problem is that the dialog I get shown doesn’t contain the […]

Smartgit Integrate Develop not available – Bitbucket # commits behind | # commits ahead

I am using Smartgit and Bitbucket to commit my code. I did not check in code for many weeks and now I am so many commits behind. I am working from my own branch say branch x; not the Develop branch. My problem is I need to get caught up on those many commits behind […]

Bitbucket – Explanation on Branch Column

I’m using Bitbucket as my git repo and I’m having trouble understanding the column that shows the branches, from the Commits page. Let’s say I just pushed a branch called bug_fix. In the first row, I see “bug_fix” under the column for branches. But for other rows, when I start seeing 2 branches, or 3 […]

Teamcity Git private Submodule checkout fails

TeamCity unable to checkout git projects with private git submodules (projects themselves are private and accessed with username/password and use same credentails for submodules), all source is stored on bitbucket and accessed over HTTPS. TeamCity is able to using the same VCS root checkout other projects without submodules just fine (so im happy credentails/proxy issues […]

BitBucket: Cross Reference between commits and issues not working

I just activate the issue tracker within one of my repositories on bitbucket. I also entered issues successfully. However, when I commited new code to the repository fixing a bug the corresponding issue gets resolved but in the commits list there is no cross reference to the bug as explained here The commit message I […]

Eclipse egit clone failed: Unexpected end of file

As I’m trying to clone an existing repository (relatively large, >1Gb) to a new computer, I get the following error message (after approx 45 seconds): Despite increasing the remote connection timeout in the git preferences to 10000 seconds, the problem persists. I am pretty sure that my login credentials are correct since I do get […]

How can I restore deleted local files from initial Git commit?

New to git, just pushed my initial commit of a repo to Bitbucket, and untracked files in the .gitignore file were deleted locally. That wasn’t my understanding of .gitignore – I simply thought the files wouldn’t be pushed to the remote, and would still exist locally. Was wrong – all files are gone from local […]

Github/ Bitbucket not showing correct commit / contribution history

On Github, when I go to the graphs section for one of my recently completed projects, I get this image: However, this is entirely inaccurate – when I go to SourceTree and look at the history, I can see I had far more than 19 commits. Just looking at it now, I can see that […]

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