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git – error while trying to commit a C++ project

I have made a repository on bitbucket.org for a C++ project. I downloaded git on my computer installed it and also installed as client, SmartGIT. I have generated a set of keys by using puttygen. After the generating step, I have added the public key data in bitbucket in the SSH keys section of my […]

pull from non local git repository using Egit

I am trying to do a “pull” from my git repository on bitbucket, using Egit (Eclipse). I can do “push” without any problems, but when I try to pull I get the error message: The current branch is not configured for pull No value for key branch.master.merge found in configuration I have tried creating new […]

How to turn off fast-forwarding in Git?

We are trying to use git in our project development. We work from our private repositories, through pull-requests to main repository under another account. To deploy to our hosting we use ftploy.com We tested it, all works fine on first manual deploy, but it doesn’t work automaticly, when we merge pull-request to our master branch. […]

Settings up git workflow

I am involved in project with three more developers and currently setting up the git repository in BitBucket. So far I have created the master repo and a develop branch. If I want to follow the git flow , how should I implement it? As in should I ask the other developers to checkout the […]

Git Workflow leads to Unsyncronized Branches on Bitbucket

I am fairly new to Git, get my ways around it though and basiclly everything is working the way I want it to be working. I just now ran into an issue involving Git, Bitbucket and the often cited “Successfull Git Branching Model”. I have a local copy of my webproject and develop locally with […]

bitbucket git push not permitted

i am trying to push code to bitbucket account from eclipse, where i am getting error *”push not permitted”*, i am able to clone and get files from the bitbucket repository. i am facing problem while pushing to upstream command in eclipse git, am getting below error git@bitbucket.org:codedevelopers/coder.git push not permitted i am not admin, […]

Why is Git not prompting me for password?

I am trying to set up a Git/Bitbucket account so I can source control one of my projects. I created a Bitbucket account and created myself a repository as well. I am on Step 1 part 8 of Clone Your Git Repo and Add Source Files in the Atlassian documentation. I keep getting this error: […]

Bitbucket git delete files

i started using bitbucket + git + symfony2. And i got the problem. At the beginning i created new symfony2 project. Uploaded it to bitbucket server. But later, i delete local directory, created new symfony2 project with the same name and make some changes. Finally, my home version and bitbucket versions are different. But when […]

How to create a restricted Git release branch that contains sensitive data?

I have a simple web-store, some php/html/css/js files. The master branch on Bitbucket is actually a development branch, i.e. developers push into it and then I pull the changes to development web-server as Git is installed on my shared hosting and I have SSH access there. The question is how to create a release branch […]

Bitbucket Git Code Review

I new to git and bitbucket. I have a bitbucket.org team account and I created a git repository. I added 1 member on the team I created. What I want is that the added user will review my code before being pushed. How to do it in bitbucket? What concept should I read regarding the […]

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