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Git cannot lock ref 'HEAD': unable to resolve reference HEAD

I’m trying to commit the changes to my repository but I receive the error below: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false commit -q -F C:\Users\Contronym\AppData\Local\Temp\bkdweixb.mnu fatal: cannot lock ref ‘HEAD’: unable to resolve reference HEAD: Invalid argument Completed with errors, see above. I’m using bitbucket and SourceTree. What’s the reason for this commit failing? I was […]

How can I push a shallow update? Set receive.shallowUpdate on remote?

I have a project for which I don’t have access to the git repository any more. I want to put it in a new repository (on Bitbucket), but when I try to git push -u origin –all I get ! [remote rejected] master -> master (shallow update not allowed) for all branches. Apparently there is […]

Git pull from Bitbucket server

I have a problem with running git pull from a php script on a remote server. I have looked at a lot of different sources to make it work but none works for me. So what have I done so far: Created the pub and private key for Apache: mkdir /var/www/.ssh sudo chown -R apache:nobody […]

So “tags” for versions and “branches” for new features?

I’m a little bit new to the distributed version control systems, so I was reading Mercurial manual and what I understood is the tag feature can be used to mark release numbers, example a tag called v1.0 and another v1.1, etc. As for branches they are to be used to add new features without disturbing […]

Git history rewrite on Bitbucket HEAD -> branch (pre-receive hook declined)

On Bitbucket, using the Bitbucket web interface, I sync’d a blessed repo with my own private fork in error. I wanted to rewrite history on the blessed repo to bring it back to the correct commit. I cloned the blessed repo that contained my incorrect commits and locally ran git reset –hard HEAD~1 on the […]

Jenkins Git Branch Selection with Fallback

In my project i have a GitFlow style Repository. How can I make Jenkins do the following: (XXXX=Release No) Build the Release-XXXX branch If a release branch does not exist build the Master branch. I understand I can put branches in priority order using the git-chooser-alternative plugin but I don’t know how to select branches […]

Completely remove commit from Bitbucket history

I’ve made a wrong commit and I pushed it to my private bitbucket.org repository. How can I completely remove this commit from history? I tried the following: git reset –hard HEAD~1 git reset HEAD~ git commit -m “some message” git push -f I did this based on solution from Bitbucket git reset Yet, previous commits […]

Why can't I specify another repository for pull request in BitBucket?

I want to pull changes from my repo to team one. Since my repo was created first, team one was created via import. Unfortunately, BitBucket won’t allow me to create PR to it (dropdown for target repository is my own repo only). Why can’t I specify another repository? Must I fork it, for PRs to […]

Bitbucket – git push fails. Packet corrupt | Broken pipe

A strange problem suddenly occurred in most of my repos. I used to push normaly via SSH to Bitbucket, different types of files (.html, .pdf, .png, .js, .css, etc.) without any problems. Few days ago I started getting the following error when trying to push: Received disconnect from 2: Packet corrupt fatal: The remote […]

Phabricator hook and Bitbucket

My desired setup it is to have my repos in bitbucket and then a copy in phabricator to use its tasks manager and diff features. After setting up correctly the server and bitbucket I can pull any repo and it is updated, but as the documentation states it is possible that a repository is updated […]

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