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Azure Git deploy into site folder not wwwroot

This would seem to be an easy task although I can’t find the solution. I’ve recently started a Laravel 4 project which needs to be hosted on Azure. I’ve linked Azure to deploy from bitbucket when a change is made. This however pushes the files into “wwwroot” folder in Azure (the public folder). Some of […]

Bitbucket with android :“Can't publish part of repository” error

I have recently use Android studio and i was just try to connect bitbucket with it. I dont want manually bitbucket by terminal thas why i googling it. find some links link . I have follow all the steps install plugin>shareproject>login>private>share project and than error. I checked my bitbucket but no repositary created. Can’t publish […]

Should xcworkspace be in gitignore

I am using GitHubObjectiveCGitIgnore When I go in sourcetree to commit I see : project.xcworkspace This file is not ignored using Github .gitignore file. I am not sure do I need to commit and push this file?

How to resolve git error: “Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind”

I recently started using Git (previously I used subversion but I am now doing some collaborative work on a project that uses bitbucket and git). All has been going well up until today when I find a well meaning colleague has pushed changes to the Master instead of making a branch. This means that when […]

How do I download a large Git Repository?

I have a GIT repository on BitBucket which is more than 4GB. I can’t clone the repository using the normal GIT command as it fails (looks like it’s working for a long time but then rolls back). I also can’t download the repository as a zip from the BitBucket interface as: Feature unavailable This repository […]

How does my git repository keep getting corrupted?

I am using ubuntu 14.10 (64bit), git version 2.1.0. This is a repository that has been around for several years, and has recently started having issues. Sometimes I’ll change branches, edit a file, and type git status. It will show a bunch of files as “modified” that actually haven’t changed at all. If I type […]

Advantages of GitHub over Bitbucket for Git Repositories

Now that Bitbucket also supports Git repositories, it seams to me that it is a good alternative to GitHub, especially since its free plan includes unlimited private repositories, which is not available on GitHub. Yet, GitHub seams much more popular. Are there any major reasons to choose GitHub as the hosting site for Git repositories […]

How do I release with BitBucket+Git+Maven

I have specified the following SCM tags in my pom. However when I do a maven release:prepare the tag created has a version 1.0-SNAPSHOT instead of 1.0 Any ideas? <scm> <connection>scm:git:https://<username>@bitbucket.org/<username>/<repo>.git</connection> <developerConnection>scm:git:https://<username>@bitbucket.org/<username>/<repo>.git</developerConnection> <url>https://bitbucket.org/<username>/<project></url> </scm>

Is it possible to use GitHub App to commit to bitbucket Repository?

Is it possible to use GitHub App to commit to bitbucket Repository? If yes then where I need to add in GitHub ? I see Clone in SourceTree option, I want to clone in Git Hub, Is it possible ?

SourceTree Staging Error

After having used SourceTree with limited hiccups over the past 6 months or so, I am no longer able to commit any file to SourceTree. Whenever I try I am given this error message: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false reset -q — Assets/… fatal: Unable to create ‘E:/Users/…/.git/index.lock’: File exists. If no other git process […]

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