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Is it possible to use BitBucket with GitEye?

I am trying to add a repo from BitBucket to GitEye and cannot figure out how to connect the two. Has anyone else been able to do this?

Bitbucket git process ensure master only

Pretty new to git, I wanted to check if my process is reasonable, and ensure that my deployed production web server only ever sees the master repo. I have an “origin” repo on bitbucket. I’ve cloned it to my development server where I’m doing most of my work. To get changes into production it goes […]

colorful shape on git console during push

This question already has an answer here: Atlassian “logo” after pushing to bitbucket 4 answers

How to create pull request for wiki of a repository on Bitbucket?

I forked a repository, also separately forked its wiki, I can synchronize the forked repo’s wiki by merge upstream commands, however I don’t know how to create pull requests if I updated the wiki and want to create a pull request to the upstream repository. So my question is rt, I searched through internet and […]

Git – folder not pushed to repo

I have been trying to push an entire folder to my repo on Bitbucket and I kept getting following when I view the source: I also check the commit to find it empty, Nothing was pushed. The folder was initially named ChartNew.js as result of a clone, so I tried renaming it mutiple times but […]

Setting up Visual Studio 2013 and SourceTree

Could someone help me with setting up VS 2013 to work with SourceTree? Say, I have the VS project on my local computer and I want to work on that project together with my friend X. I’ve tried the following algorithms: 1) Create a project on my computer, push it to the remote repository and […]

Git pull and push not working (using gitg client)

I’m not sure if it matters but I’m using a Bitbucket private repository. I installed git on my Ubuntu machine and then installed gitg. I’ve lived on windows all my life and getting used to the terminal is frankly very difficult. This is also my first time working with git (I’ve used svn before). Pushing […]

Git master branch as live version understanding

So I’ve dealt with Git a bit over the last few days and I think I’ve understood the concept.. expect for one thing : How you could handle the master branch as the live version without other branches influencing it? I’m working with a remote repository and I’ve 2 branches : master and development. Now […]

Reimporting an entire Git repository

I’ve imported a repository from GitHub to my Bitbucket account. I haven’t touched it for a couple of weeks, and now I want to re-import that same (but now updated) repository from GitHub (and this should be the last time I deal with that GitHub repository. Afterwards I will only work on the Bitbucket project). […]

Git Workflow Suggestions Please: Where do I gitinit from when working with Concrete5 Packages?

It’s awkward to title this without being a little vague so I’m sorry if it’s a little unclear. Let me clear things up here. I’m pretty new to git and I’m using bitbucket so part of this most likely comes from inexperience. I’m noticing when I push things up to bitbucket, it pushes the “guts” […]

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