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Fork public repository into private and receive public commits

Let’s have public github repository (A) https://github.com/schacon/example I want to fork this repository to bitbucket as private repo (B). I want to receive public commits from repository A to repository B. Is it possible?

Git Bitbucket Branching Tree

I have this commit a new Git branch in bitbucket, but in the source tree its not creating a new line, what am I missing ?

Git & Subdirectories / Submodules?

I’m relatively new to git. However, I want to be able to start deploying my sites via bitbucket/netlify so I have question for the git pros out there! The CMS I use publishes all my sites as static html/css/js files into a directory structure like this… app →sites →→customer 1 →→customer 2 →→customer 3 What […]

Why git pull fails?

Today, supposingly I faced with a git problem. It’s 1 year I use git (just push and pull commands) and all been fine so far. But today this command doesn’t work and throws an error: $ git pull origin master Here is the error: Does anybody know what’s the problem and how can I fix […]

Can't push to bitbucket from eclipse neon

When I’m trying to commit and push a rep in bitbucket from Eclipse Neon I get this message: When I push using command line it works perfectly! I tried to go to: eclipse/myeclipse > menu window > preferences > general > security > content > click “delete” > ok and then I re-entered my credentials […]

How to clean up my Git history

I’m still quite new to Git but have thus far been able to figure out how to do what I want to do with some searching. I’m trying to clean up my Git history and remove a previous commit and branch called bootstrap-v4 but haven’t had any luck so far. Can someone suggest how to […]

JIRA smart commit – Block git commit without JIRA ticket number

I am trying to block a GIT commit if the commit message doesn’t include a JIRA ticket number. Has anyone been able to do this? From my understanding the following commit message will log the commit message on ticket WEBSITE-4. JIRA:WEBSITE-4 #comment Testing smart commit. But I need a way to block the commit from […]

reverting to previous change in bitbucket

I have committed changes in my bitbucket account 4 times in last 2 days, but now I want to go back to the state that was 2 day back. If there is any way, then please help me out. I am using Source tree if that helps my quest.

How can I see all opened pull requests on command line?

I have a repo stored on BitBucket and cloned locally, I want to know via command line if that repo has pull requests open in order to invoke that command via shell script. Do you know if that command exists?

Cannot clone private bitbucket repo through ansible

I have the following configurations in ansible.cfg sudo_flags = -H -S -n [ssh_connection] ssh_args = -C -o ControlMaster=auto -o ControlPersist=60s -o ForwardAgent=yes – name: Fetch code from git repo git: repo={{repo_url}} dest={{ proj_path }} version={{ repo_version }} accept_hostkey=yes force=true Keep in mind that I also have same tasks that run as sudo before this one […]

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