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git push hangs after Total line

My git push is hanging after appearing to complete the push. I am going git push Counting objects: 51, done. Delta compression using up to 2 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (47/47), done. Writing objects: 100% (47/47), 27.64 MiB | 6.47 MiB/s, done. Total 47 (delta 4), reused 0 (delta 0) It hangs here and I […]

Cannot push to Bitbucket via https anymore: git returns fatal error

I recently reinstalled windows and got the latest version of git. I created a new repo on Bitbucket and ran git remote add origin https://MYUSERNAME@bitbucket.org/MYUSERNAME/test.git then I ran git push -u origin –all however this gave me the error fatal: could not read Password for ‘https://MYUSERNAME@bitbucket.org’: No such file or directory before I would just […]

'cannot open git-upload-pack' error in Eclipse when cloning or pushing git repository

I am not able to clone or push to a git repository at Bitbucket in Eclipse: It’s weird, because a day before I didn’t have any problem. I have downloaded the sts 3 times with no luck. This error keeps showing. Also I have installed SourceTree and it says ‘This is not a valid source […]

How to push local changes to a remote git repository on bitbucket

I’m testing out Git and Bitbucket. I’ve created a repository on Bitbucket and have created a local copy of the repo and am committing files into it. I cann’t seem to push the files from my local repo to the remote repo. Here’s what I’m doing: git clone https://me@bitbucket.org/me/test.git cd test touch dummy git add […]

Forking from GitHub to Bitbucket

I’m working on a project based on CakePHP, that’s hosted on GitHub. My project is being hosted on Bitbucket. Both of them use git. Basically I’d like to create a ‘fork’ (I don’t know if I’m using the right terms, since I’m new to git) of CakePHP in my Bitbucket repository, in order to be […]

Git clone / pull continually freezing at “Store key in cache?”

I’m attempting to clone a repo from my BitBucket account to my Windows 10 laptop (running GitBash). I’ve completed all of the steps necessary to connect (set up my SSH key, verified by successfully SSHing git@bitbucket.org, etc). However, whenever I attempt to clone a repo, the prompt continually hangs up after confirming that I want […]

How to maintain multiple bitbucket accounts with multiple ssh keys in the same system

I have multiple Git accounts one is my personal use and one is of company use. Both accounts source need to be activated from my laptop. Here I generated two ssh keys like id_rsa.pub,id_benwork_rsa.pub and I configured the config of git as Host sfsworkdid HostName bitbucket.org IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa Host workdid HostName bitbucket.org IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_benwork_rsa so […]

Bitbucket, Windows and “fatal: could not read Password for”

I recently reinstalled Windows and I have a problem with downloading files from repository. I have installed GIT and Python, but when I am trying to download anything from Bitbucket I get the message: “fatal: could not read Password for: ‘https://username@bitbucket.org’: No such file or directory”. What am I doing wrong?

How to discard uncommitted changes in SourceTree?

I’m new to the Git environment, and I’m using BitBucket with SourceTree on Mac. All I want to do now is to discard the changes since last commit. How should I do this? I haven’t found anything like “discard changes”, and directly pulling from the last commit doesn’t seem to work. Solutions done with either […]

Bitbucket: Update a fork to merge changes of master repo?

I am working with a bitbucket git repo I have read-only access to, so I created a fork to work on my features. Question: How do I update my fork to include changes made to the original repo made by the owner? On github, it seems one has to do the following, so I suspect […]

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