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Connecting to bitbucket repository from jenkins server

At moment I’m trying connect from jenkins to my bitbucket repository, using the git plugin that I’ve installed in jenkins. When I enter the repository URL, I get the following output or message notification such as shown in the figure: “Failed to connect to repository : Command “ls-remote -h git@bitbucket.org:safe2school-ondemand/s2s-android-padres.git HEAD” returned status code 128: […]

Adding remote upstream to git repo on bit bucket

In case of GitHub, I added a remote named upstream to pull in latest changes to my forked repo using: git remote add upstream git@github.com:<original_author_name>/<productname>.git Here, git@github.com:<original_author_name>/<productname>.git is displayed on my github dashborad, Once I forked the repo. But in case of Bitbucket, I always see my forked repo location but not the original source […]

Recovering a deleted branch from a remote on Bitbucket (git)

I want to recover a branch that was deleted from our remote shared repository on Bitbucket. I know that reflog is the way to go with local repositories. How would I got about achieving this on the remote one?

Can Git software (e.g. Gitbox, Github, SourceTree) use a remote repo instead of local?

I like using Git software to push commits, but the ones I use (Gitbox, Github, SourceTree) all ask for a local repo when adding a new repo to them. Thing is, my repo is on my development server not my local machine. So can Git software use a remote Git repo as a development repo, […]

Bitbucket cannot execute git upload-pack

I am trying to clone a repository, but I get an error message, stating the following whenever I try that: Bitbucket cannot not execute “git upload-pack …”. The command is not supported as entered. Ensure you are using a supported SCM, check the syntax and try again. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. I […]

Bitbucket Server Pull Request

So here is my situation and hopefully someone can clarify my thought process: I have a private bitbucket server I have a user who has only read-access He makes a new local branch, does his work, now he is ready for a pull request Error: Bitbucket create pull request needs two branches on the same […]

Is there a way to find out bitbucket team repositories names using git?

I have a bitbucket team which has several repositories but I forgot the user password to login. I have the user password credentials for team through which I can access and clone the repo. Is there a way to find out the names or link to repositories in this scenario? Any API or git command […]

how to sync repos of bitbucket on github?

i have some projects on git and some on bitbucket, so my client needs as if some changes are made in repo in bitbucket then it must be reflected in github. i want to do it in c# is there any api etc?

Limit POST Hook to git branch, not repository, on Bitbucket

Complicated title, let me explain. I want to limit an automatic POST hook when I push to the master branch; so it won’t fire when I push to the dev branch. This is so the app will only deploy to the live servers when the changes have been merged with master and the new master […]

The working copy <Project name> failed to commit files. – The repository has an uncompleted operation

I’ve just updated my Xcode from 6 to 7 (and code from Swift 1.2 to Swift 2.0) and try to create new branch in Xcode. After that I can’t push my code to Bitbucket. Is there a way how can I delete repository from directory and setup Bitbucket again and maybe push to another (a […]

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