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BitBucket Pipeline for Simple HTML site, no database

Looking into using BitBucket Pipeline to automate a legacy client HTML website. Most tutorials for Pipelines expect Node or some sort of build process. If I just want a Pipeline to push to a standard shared Apache server, over FTP, and git-push any changed HTML, CSS, and JS files to the live server – any […]

Why can't I see my bitbucket commits?

I am working on a repo on bitbucket. I cloned my project on an other laptop (I have 2 ssh keys on my account) and since I have added the second ssh key, I can’t see my commits from the first laptop . when I do git push feature feature/353 I get the following error: […]

How to resolve error in git pull from bitbucket?

Getting following error when making pull request on bitbucket. The project is written in python-django framework. remote: Counting objects: 3703, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (3030/3030), done. error: RPC failed; curl 18 transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: early EOF fatal: index-pack failed Any solution?

Cloning a 1GB+ repo from BitBucket into SourceTree taking forever

I have a repo that is on Bitbucket.com and is very large (over 1Gb) – when I try to clone this using SourceTree it states it is cloning & the application hasn’t crashed but it has been over an hour (my internet connection is a fast broadband so this isn’t the problem). Is there a […]

git: how to push to master an unrelated repo

I had a git repo on bitbucket with a project. Then I decided to completely rewrite the project from scratch. Now, I have a clean working new version of the project I would push it to bitbucked but it say to me that there are merging conflits since the two repo doesn’t have a common […]

How to copy full source without opening raw(bitbucket)

Is there any shortcut available to copy entire source code from a bitbucket file without selecting view raw file option?

OpenShift (Next Gen) and GitHub vs BitBucket

I would like to evaluate OpenShift (Next Gen). However at the very first step I faced an issue which prevents me to continue. In order to create an application from command line, the documentation says to execute the command: $ oc new-app /path/to/source/code Quite simple, but it also specifies: If using a local Git repository, […]

git – how to handle confilicts

Here is the scenario: User A and B has the same source code. User A makes a changes => add => commit => push. The source code in remote repository is changed. User B start changing without pulling. (or maybe changes in remote repository is applied after user B pulled the repository) Then he also […]

Updating git from a version without .git history

My collaborator is having trouble with git and we have decided to work on our unity project through unity collab. I however, push milestones to bitbucket (git) to keep track of things. My collaborator’s version is synched through unity (not the .git files). If at some point, she needs to update the bitbucket, how do […]

Permission denied (publickey) when clone git repo from bitbucket

I just created the git repo on bitbucket. Then I create the ssh key by follow: 1. ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ‘dien.vo@asnet.com.vn’ 2. ssh-keygen (press enter more) 3. cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub –> it return for me a SSH key 4. Coppy that and added on bitbucket, then I save the new SSH key After that I […]

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