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File or directory 'shelves' is out of date; try updating – BitBucket Server Svn Mirror

Getting error File or directory ‘shelves’ is out of date; try updating With BitBucket Server Svn Mirror when merging branch from git command line, or web interface. (This question differs from others about the same issue, as it’s not related to TortoiseSVN or local SVN repository access).

Clone Git repo so I can keep it updated with original, but keep my changes separate

My apologies in advance for any misuse of git terminology… I have an existing phpbb site. I would like to clone their repo, apply my changes, and create my own repo, in a way that way I can apply updates from the original phpbb master branch as they make them, and so I can maintain […]

git pull halts and doesn't update repository

I am unable to take pull of my repository. When I type git pull origin master It seems doesn’t connect with repo. Nothing happens. Here is my config file under .git folder. Any troubleshooting tips? [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = false bare = false logallrefupdates = true symlinks = false ignorecase = true hideDotFiles […]

What I can do to resolve “1 commit behind master”?

After pushing I’ve been seeing this message at remote repository: 1 commit behind master. This merge has conflicts that must be resolved before it can be committed. To manually merge these changes into TA20footerLast run the following commands: git checkout 7c891f50c557 Note: This will create a detached head! git merge remotes/origin/master

SourceTree Git Error: “fatal: unable to read” after changing directory

I recently changed my primary HDD after my old one died, so my local project files are now under a new path with a new drive letter. When I opened SourceTree, it prompted me to select the path of this repository. I did so, and it’s been giving me this error when it tries to […]

ignoring specific changes inside files

I’m using Talend Open Studio at work. We are working on best practices for using git with Talend source which is all xml under the hood. Talend likes to change the modification date in some lines of underlying xml files and it clutters my SourceTree GUI with a bunch of changes that aren’t really changes. […]

Mirror team foundation server 2015 git repo to bitbucket

I have a tfs 2015 server with a git repo. When a developer carries out a sync, I would like tfs to also push the changes to bitbucket git repo. Can anyone suggest any solution to this?

Use/Update same ReadMe.md file in multiple repositories

I’ve more than 25 repositories in BitBucket. We are following same guidelines for all the repositories. It is a difficult task for me to update readme for all the repositories. Is there any way to update the ReadMe file in all repositories whenever it is updated in one repository. In another way, I can publish […]

How to configure Shippable to build all projects from single repository?

I have an bitbucket repository with 3 project. myRepo app1(ruby-on-rails) app2(node.js) app3(node.js) now I am trying to configure Shippable (https://app.shippable.com/) with this repository to build all this 3 projects and run all tests on them. I know that I should configure shippable.yml file in the root of my repository, and so far I reached in […]

How to set up bitbucket when you have a project folder with previous .git files?

I recently reinstalled Ubuntu on my machine and made a backup of all files and folders. I am in the process of syncing my local files back with the repository on bitbucket using PyCharm. I have seen many tutorials on how to do this for a NEW repository, but I have seen none on how […]

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