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Eclipse code not indent properly in git

I write code in eclipse and indent it properly there. It also looks fine in Eclipse. But when I push that code in github(I am using bitbucket) and then go to git. I see that in github(I am using bitbucket) the indentation is totally messed up. Any solution for this.

How to preserve history on bitbucket while moving files within a repository

I would like to restructure some files within my git repo while preserving the history of these files on bitbucket. I have read the post where it was advised to use the git log –follow command. However bitbucket doesn’t seem to be able to use the follow flag. Is there any other way to preserve […]

How to convert a remote branch into a local one in Eclipse using Bitbucket?

I’m kind a newbie on Bitbucket so I have a lot of doubts. I share an Eclipse project between two different computers. I have pushed the project from one computer to the Bitbucket repository using the Eclipse plug-in. Now when I go to the other computer I have fetched the repository that is saved on […]

Git – How do I revert my local files to the last commit i made?

I host my files on bitbucket and normally commit changes every now and then. Since my last commit, I have made some mistakes in my code. (These mistakes have been saved in their respective local files and I haven’t added it to the local git repo just yet using git add.) I would like to […]

Publish a package to Bitbucket or GitHub

In my Laravel application I created a packet (located in the workbench directory). Now I’d like to publish it to my private Bitbucket repository so that I can use it in different projects and once it is ready I also like to publish it to GitHub. But I have no idea how to publish only […]

Git: Merging two remote branches

Newbie question. I’m using Bitbucket to store my git repositories. I previously created a new local branch of the master, called branch1. I then would commit my changes to branch1 to bitbucket. Another developer has been using the master for his changes and I need to now merge them with branch1. When I do git […]

How to clone Bitbucket repository when you have files?

I have a private Bitbucket repository, which I clone to all client machines: that’s how I bring sources and updates to client machines, and make changes from any of them during development phase. Recently, I had problems with cloning repository from Bitbucket to one of client machines. These problems were related to the poor network […]

What is push repository URL?

I try configure Weblate for automatic pushing tranlate changes and need explanation and example: what is push repository url? By example if is my repostory https://bitbucket.org/username/repo/ https url is https://username@bitbucket.org/username/repo.git but this does not work in weblate. Excerpt from Weblate documentation “Repository push URL Repository URL used for pushing, this is completely optional and push […]

strange ascii image when run “git push” to bitbucket repository

This question already has an answer here: Atlassian “logo” after pushing to bitbucket 4 answers

Can I work with git locally and sync to Plastic SCM server

I understand that a sync can happen between the git hosting services but I would like to know if it is possible to use git locally and then set it up in such a way that I can sync with the Plastic SCM server. Ie the inverse of what gitsync does…my central share is a […]

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