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How to restrict access to master branch on git

I have a single repo in which I have 2 user groups: Admins HTML/UI Developers I do not wish to give read/write access of my master branch to my HTML developers as they do not need to work on it and should not be misusing the core code. Though they need to work on their […]

How do I manage users on Bitbucket

I have been reading the bitbucket documentation and I am still confused about how to manage users well on my repo. I want to give some developers the ability to pull and push to certain branches but not others, i.e. they can pull and push to a developer-master branch, but the final merges to the […]

How can I make/follow a release announcement feed on Bitbucket?

On GitHub you can use a git tag to publish a release announcement which will then appear on a release page (example) and release feed (example). If a developer has done this, you can subscribe to the feed to receive notification of releases rather than all commits. Is it possible to do this on Bitbucket […]

View commits that make changes to subfolder

Assume a repo called drivers which contain sub-folders, eg., ath, b43, p54, etc. Without subtreeing (creating new repo), is it possible to view commits that applies to a specific sub-folder, eg., view all commits that made changes to ath sub-folder.

How to specify version with git smart commits?

I’m using BitBucket and Attlasian Jira. They are linked between each other so i can resolve an issues just with git comment: git commit -m “BUG-123 #resolve #comment My comment” My question is. Is it possible to specify fix version with smart commit feature?

Git push to DigitalOcean from Bitbucket or Cloud9

I’m making site on Cloud9 IDE and I can’t find the way to easy push my production code to DigitalOcean droplet server. Maybe there is some simple way I could do it as easy as it is to push code to Heroku from Cloud9. With simple command from Cloud9 console. All my git code lives […]

Bitbucket REST interface and GIT; how to get a log history between two tags from a branch

I am building an app to which requires all the commit comments from git commits against a branch on remote origin. Our repository is hosted on a BitBucket server and is a Git repository. I have looked over the Bitbucket (Stash) REST api and I can bring back the git comments by browsing the commits, […]

How to make my local git copy always at its latest version automatically?

My system has few git repositories with some c++ code in them. Users which send a request to my system are getting a binary executable compiled from all the git repositories together. A basic feature of this system is to send binary built from the latest version of the source. In order to do so, […]

Auto deployment with Git and Rails, How does it work?

I have a Git repository in bitbucket and another on my live rails server, How can I make it so whenever i push to bitbucket it, the live server pull it from bitbucket as well? I found this snippet online, and i put it on my live server’s git hooks as post-receive, but i don’t […]

Configuring Jenkins with Bitbucket

I seem to have got stuck trying to link Jenkins (an EC2 AWS instance of Ubuntu) with Bitbucket. Whenever I try to build my project (I’ve installed the git plugin on Jenkins) I get… Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Google adwords/workspace Checkout:workspace / /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Google adwords/workspace – hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@2c473996 Using strategy: Default Cloning the remote Git repository Cloning repository […]

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