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git branch -r not showing all remote branches

I don’t see all my remote branches with command git branch -r origin/HEAD -> origin/master origin/master But then I use git ls-remote origin the output is e7ae5a2136ac27528cb201040f432faf29034d67 HEAD a085ebd1c7f0477cee4bbad92810e057f5899b6b refs/heads/bundles c9b34c60a18278e02489a2f232604f8e1bd295ca refs/heads/bundles_new 8eca519636f2dfe8a6b5d7f8e8021c5fc2a72fd7 refs/heads/compression So I’m trying to fetch all these branches git fetch origin remote: Counting objects: 22417, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (8478/8478), […]

Git Workflow with Bitbucket

I’m looking at using bitbucket to allow for easy updating of a web application and deployment to the production server. Is it standard practice to continue on a git repo and then when ready to deploy (to either production or development for testing), you deploy from your local computer rather then bitbucket? So in effect, […]

Unable to push changes to remote repository with multiple users

I have set up git successfully and pushed my project to remote repository. I had already setup my global user.name and user.email by executing following: git config –global user.name ‘user1’ git config –global user.email ‘user1@example.com’ Now I have another repository for which I needed a different user, so I created another user specific to that […]

Proper way to release in Git with submodules

Im starting to work with git submodules and Im a bit confused. Basically on my project I needed a modified version of hybridauth library. So I forked hybridauth, did my changes and added it as a submodule of my repo. Now when I try to do a release of my repo or simple download a […]

GIT: `error: unable to find <commit>` and `fatal: object <commit> not found` on pull

We have a repo in Bitbucket, which we use as a central repo: we update it via pull requests or directly by pushing changes, and we synchronize the last changes in remote servers by pulling from it. This has been working like a charm for about a year, but now we are not able to […]

Is there a way to push a bitbucket repo to a development website easily?

I have a Bitbucket repo that I want to push to a development website that I have already installed Git on. I am able to push from my local repo to that development website, I was wondering if it was possible to do that with the Bitbucket repo. I read that it was possible using […]

How to rewrite a repo on Git

I’m working on a Magento project, and and I have the directory called Magento2 init as a git repo. However, I usually work on a repo of Magento2/app/code/Vendor/Module and when I have to save my work, I use git add app/code/Vendor/Module Then commit. As you can guess, the remote repo’s source says app/code/Vendor/Module. A new […]

Bitbucket says the branch is merged, but the code is missing and git has no record of the merge

One member of my team created a branch and made some code changes there. He then created a pull request in bitbucket for his branch. After couple of days, he approved the pull request and Merged it to the main branch via bitbucket. So now bitbucket says that the branch is merged, but when I […]

Git pull on remote host with Fabric

I’m trying to write deploy script in fabfile.py. This is my code: from fabric.api import * env.user = ‘user’ env.hosts = [‘my_host’] env.dbname = ‘foo.bar’ env.dbuser = ‘pg_user’ env.dbpass = ‘pg_user’ code_dir = ‘/cygdrive/d/folder’ def deploy(): with cd(code_dir): run(‘git pull’) run(‘pip install -r requirements.txt’) run(‘manage.py migrate –all’) run(‘net stop Apache2.2’) run(‘net start Apache2.2’) When I […]

Joining two GIT repositories into one using SourceTree

I have separate GIT repositories for each Arduino Project I have developed which I handle using SourceTree connected to remote repositories in Bitbucket. I would like to know how can I join these repositories into one and conserve the history changes of each file. Is it possible to do it within SourceTree? I have not […]

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