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errors while committing the repository in sourcetree, Git window client

I am new to bitbucket, git and sourcetree. i created a repository on bitbucket, then i installed the sourcetree client for win 7, then i clone that repository with my local desktop folder, then i placed a file in the local folder, now when i try to commit the changes, sourcetree give me following errors. […]

Error on git push = ! master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)

I think, it’s a different issue than this(remote rejected master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)), and many people are facing same issue, So I am posting a new here. My friend added me on bitbucket.org as admin, so that I can help on his project. So, I wanted to start by taking a pull of […]

Bitbucket git push as user

1) I create a new repo on bitbucket using the main TEAM user. 2) Then i add all development keys that will be able to download this repo. 3) Went to a server and made a clone of this repo using the command: git clone ssh://git@bitbucket.org/user/repo.git 4) I made some changes to the code and […]

Bitbucket teams/organizations?

We’re 5 people working on the same projects and have several GIT-repositories in Bitbucket. Each user has their own Bitbucket account. I’m looking for the best-practice approach to having some sort of team or organization feature so that we can all work on the same repositories? As a use case, when I clone a repository […]

Visual Studio and libgit2 Git Commit Error In Different Solution

While commiting from Visual Studio got my GIT repo, I get the following error below. It’s weird because I have another copy of the project that uses the same repository and that solution commits just fine, same repo and everything. Clues? An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Net […]

How do I manage an open-source and commercial version of the same project using source control?

We are developing an open source project, and we are using Mercurial for source management control. The Mercurial repository for this project is public (we are using Bitbucket). Now we have a client for whom we need to customize our open source software. These customizations must be kept private, so we probably need to create […]

How to delete a repository and add a new one in Android studio?

I was working with VCS enabled in Android Studio and pushed my code to a repository that I had created in BitBucket. However, now the team I’m working with has created a new repository also on BitBucket and I have to switch my entire project there. So how do I stop VCS in my current […]

GIT pulling or cloning repository only gets Master branch

I host on BitBucket when I git clone a repository or use git pull origin master and git pull origin myBranch it does pull second time, but when I list branches with git branch -v I only see master. Doing git status shows nothing too. How do I pull all of the branches off the […]

What does it mean when it says a git step is “1 ahead”

I’m trying to learn git by playing around with it using SourceTree as as tool. I added my local repository to a BitBucket repository and then made a couple of changes locally. I committed them, and then pushed them. I then logged onto BitBucket and manually changed a portion of the document (item “Added 4”). […]

Couldn't open xib file after git pull, invalid element name

I am working on project with another developer. We are working on bitbucket. The problem is he made a changes in XIB files. After that when I do a git pull, I receive the changes but get an error on XIB files. When I tried to open it, a show alert message saying could not […]

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