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Eclipse (bug ?) + Bitbucket : Permission denied (publickey)

I know the question has already been asked, but it is a failure. The facts: I use Windows 7, Eclipse and Bitbucket I can’t push to Bitbucket. There is Permission denied (publickey). When I use TortoiseGit in the folder, there is no problem : My key (private and public) are OK and the content is […]

Code synchronization combining usb flash drive and Bitbucket repository

I’m new to git version-control system so I need help or advice from experts. I would like to backup and sync my 2 PCs over Bitbucket repository. One of 2 computers is without network connection. So, I have the problem. This is equipment I plan to use for problem solving: PC without network (A) PC […]

How can I clone a git repo on bitbucket.org with Git Gui on Windows 7?

I created a git repo on bitbucket.org a couple of hours ago, worked on the few (test) files on Xubuntu 13.10 and used git on them via terminal. I am now on Windows 7 and am using Git Gui. I cloned my remote repo on bitbucket with the same username and same password I used […]

Forcing git merge (I don't care about loss of commits)

I’ve been working on an Android app with a lot of people and a obscene team managing. To simplify it we were divided in teams, each team started developing on its own repo and then, sometimes, the features were merged into the common one. I’ve been working on my clean branch, dedicated to my feature, […]

Troubles with Bitbucket repositories using Eclipse

I have a problem/doubt with the use of repositories and Eclipse I have a repository stored in Bitbucket, and I want to have it in two computers. When I made some changes in one computer, I commit and push it to the Bitbucket repository. What can I do to have the repository onto another computer, […]

use remote repository withEgit

I am trying to use a project from a repository on bitbucket that someone else created, but when i try to import it and place it in my C:\Users—\git folder, I can’t run it from my localhost obviously. Then when I try to import the repository to my htdocs folder (localhost) and try to import […]

Git not adding updated files

When I make changes to any files in a repository that I’m working in and add them with git add . or git add –all and then commit, it says nothing to commit, working directory clean. I made a temp directory, then checked out my master directory and merged with the following: git checkout -b […]

How to clone from Bitbucket on Eclipse behind an auth proxy

I’m having problems to clone a git repository from bitbucket on eclipse, the fact is that I can clone from other sites like github, but not from bitbucket. The auth proxy on my company allows me to go out only with http and https, so I cannot use ssh. The url I am using to […]

cant push to bitbucket forked repo

Here is my situation: I am a newbie to git and for learning purpose: I (User A) created a repository in bitbucket. Then cloned the repo and created a readme file and pushed it successfully to remote. I signed up as another user, lets say user B on bitbucket. As user B, I have a […]

Facebook SDK does not work after bitbucket pull in other computer with Xcode project

I have a project where I am using FacebookSDK framework. I have followed the guide and everything works well in my computer, the problem is when I make a push into bitbucket repository and one mate make pull in his computer to work with the project there. He gets this error FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h file not found.. […]

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