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Stripped commits on GIT repository with Bitbucket

I removed the last 3 commits from my remote GIT repository (because I goofed!). This has worked fine and I have pushed the correct commits this time around and the repository is almost as it should be. Bitbucket is still showing the original 3 commit messages in its “Overview” log and it also shows “stripped […]

Received HTTP code 302 from proxy after CONNECT While cloning a bitbucket repository

I’m trying to clone a repo using proxy. I’ve already configured git with: git config –global https.proxy http:\\proxyuser:proxypass@proxy.name.edu.co:8080 But when I type: git clone https://bitbucket.org/petsc/petsc petsc It shows me the next error: Cloning into ‘pflotran-dev’… fatal: unable to access ‘https://bitbucket.org/pflotran/pflotran-dev/’: Received HTTP code 302 from proxy after CONNECT I think I did it all right. […]

How can I connect a MonoDevelop project to BitBucket using git or svn?

i’m using BitBucket to host my code because I can have a free PRIVATE repository. Can someone show me the connection details if wish to use MonoDevelop to connect to bitbuck via git, svn please? I’m under the impression that HG is not support in MonoDevelop.

Git push, post commit-comment to wall of facebookgroup?

I guess this is a pretty rare question, but it would be pretty cool if there was someway of doing this. My company has a private facebook group for all the employees and I would like if all the pushes i do on my repo i have on bitbucket.org would also show up on that […]

Bitbucket Repository

I’ve created a Bitbucket account for sharing code with friends. When I try to clone the repository, with the command $ git clone https://wallstrass@bitbucket.org/wallstrass/wall-strass.git they say : $ git clone https://wallstrass@bitbucket.org/wallstrass/wall-strass.git Cloning into ‘wall-strass’… fatal: https://wallstrass@bitbucket.org/wallstrass/wall-strass.git/info/refs not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server? I’ve tried to do the command “git update-server-info” but […]

Working with two repositories in git

Me and my friend are working with some little project and we have problems with Git. We have one main repository which is created by me. My friend forked it and cloned it to his local machine. Now when I make some changes I push commits to my repository by doing: git add -u git […]

Git pull requests only certain commits on bitbucket

What happens if you only want to pull request some commits but not all? say you have a repo, Foo, and forked that repo as Bar. you then make commits 1 and 2 to Bar. I only want to pull commit 2 back to Foo, how can I do that? I’m using bitbucket as git […]

How can I automatically push code to Azure WebSites when I push to my BitBucket GIT Repository?

I know this is possible using AppHarbor. BitBucket has a service specifically for AppHarbor which I believe notifies them to pull the latest revision when I push to my repository. Is there a way to setup a similar workflow using Windows Azure Websites?

Change git account in specific project

My BitBucket account is globally installed for my git projects. Now I have to use my Gitlab account from school for a project. When I try to clone the repository I get the error: Cloning into ‘*****’… Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the co I […]

Problem with git push and entering password

I’ve just setup an account on bitbucket and trying to import my repository for the first time. I type this command: git push -u origin –all Then I am prompted for my password. When I hit enter a new line is inserted and nothing happens. I can also see my password on the screen. For […]

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