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Importing commit from Bitbucket to Existing Gitlab repo

I am working on this large project and my source code is being stored on Gitlab. I gave the code to another person and they have done some major work to it and they store it on Bitbucket. Now I want to take the person’s code and add it to my existing Gitlab repo (as […]

How to checkout only Jenkinsfile instead of the whole branch while using Bitbucket Pullrequest Builder Plugin?

Background: The Jenkins plugins I’m working with are: Bitbucket Plugin Bitbucket Pullrequest Builder Plugin The company I work for is using Jira + Bitbucket. I’ve implemented automatic builds in Jenkins by creating a Jenkins “Bitbucket team” job which automatically scans the whole company’s Bitbucket organization repositories and all branches within each repository and automatically builds […]

how to add remote repository using sourcetree

I’m using a Mac and I’m new to bitbucket and sourcetree. I want to push my local repository to a remote repository. So in sourcetree, I pressed “New”, “clone from Url” and I pasted the url right from our remote repository. When I press enter, it says the url isn’t valid. I kinda rushed through […]

Sync a git repository with three different origins on Github/Bitbucket

Imagine I have 4 repositories: [A, B, C, D] I would like to use a simple git command to update them all at the same time. I expect to use something like: git push all Any ideas?

How to push/pull/fetch different repositories which are belong to different user of BitBucket on one computer

We have a repository in bit bucket for (office project where i am working). Tortoise Git client is set in my office laptop to use the git repository. Now I have made my own bit bucket repository for home use (for my free lancing project at home). How can i set the username and password […]

How do I work on 1 git repository from 2 computers

this might be a trivial question for some of you but I can’t seem to figure out how, or even if, this works. I have a repository setup on bitbucket connected with desktop. I want to be able to be able to work on it on the go with my laptop. I have been able […]

How do you support 'go get' using bitbucket server?

I would like to support requests of the form: go get acme.com/component where component is a git project stored in Bitbucket Server which can be retrieved via: git clone http://acme.dev:7600/scm/project/component The go 1.8 client does not know how to fetch the component based on the go get parameters so it does an HTTPS get (as […]

Push full copy of my git repo to my remote

Enviroment I converted my git repo using git-lfs-migrate and I am within a BARE Repo now. Everything seems fine: Converting finished without errors, tags are still available as well as branches. Those branches have a different commit id compared to before I converted. This id seems to be fine since git show prints some infos […]

Splitting a repository with the possibility to later pull changes

I have a repository in which I have boilerplate code for new projects. I now have 2 projects for 2 different clients. The projects have some resemblances. Ideally if I were to add a new feature for project X that I think could be useful for the other project I want to add this non-specific […]

Bitbucket different keys and accounts

Any way of configuring ssh to use a different key for each account of bitbucket (or github)? I mean, if I’m going to work with *.bitbucket:user1 ssh should use key id_rsa.user1 and for *.bitbucket:user2 should user id_rsa.user2 Have tried it by doing: IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.user1 IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.user2 Host *.bitbucket.org:user1* IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.user1 User git Host *.bitbucket.org:user2* IdentityFile […]

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