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Git Pull from Shell script

I’m trying to update a git repo from a bash script and I’ve run into some trouble. I can run git pull and have it work if there is no other lines or characters after the git pull but if I say have #!/bin/bash git pull echo “test” then I get ‘ is not a […]

Modified terminal prompt to show current Git branch, and now (master) is showing up in all directories

I added the git branch to my terminal and now it is constantly telling me that I am in branch master in all of my directories. I thought maybe git is just installed in my ~ directory, so I ran rm -rf .git But it still shows up. Here is what I added to my […]

Git in PyCharm using a pre-existing repository

So I hadn’t realized that PyCharm has its own git functionality. As of now, I already have a local repository and a remote repository, only they were created with git bash. The project I’m currently working on is already located in that local repository. I want to integrate PyCharm to let me work with those […]

GIT run script before git add

I often require to do a make clean / make distclean before I do a git add . since I do not want to include binary and other stuffs. I know I can add some name / pattern in to .gitignore but that’s not very productive and flexible. Another solution is to create a bash […]

Why is git 'dim' color option not working?

I am configuring git‘s usage of color, however the attribute ‘dim’ doesn’t have a visible effect. According to the specification: The colors accepted are normal, black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan and white; the attributes are bold, dim, ul, blink and reverse. The first color given is the foreground; the second is the background. […]

Can't type characters in git bash

I just rebooted and re-installed git version 1.8.3.msysgit.0 and rebooted again on my Windows 7 pro 64bit. And I can’t type the letters i or r in the git bash. I can type I and R( capitalized ) I tried changing the font size, edit mode and dir but it keeps happening. I tried using […]

Git SSH access setup issue

I am currently using Cywin and had a set up working previously. Upon reinstall and redoing my setup it is no longer working. I am following the instructions here https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Set+up+SSH+for+Git I have modified my .bashrc with the following code SSH_ENV=”$HOME/.ssh/environment” # start the ssh-agent function start_agent { echo “Initializing new SSH agent…” # spawn ssh-agent […]

calling git diff in pre-commit shell script

I try to put the output of ‘git diff’ into a variable in shell script to check if file has changed, but whenn running ‘git diff file’ in script I always get this output: usage: git diff [–no-index] <path> <path> here is what i am calling in the script #!/bin/sh cd /path/to/repo jsdiff=`git diff file.js` […]

Git Pull command in shell script without having to enter password manually?

I need a way off avoiding entering my password manually when a git pull command is executed in a build script I have. I have tried the ssh keygen method and the git credentials caching method but both of them do not work for me. So is there any way of somehow storing the password […]

Watch for files to change and call git commit when they are new

I do not know bash very well and I have no idea how I would do this, essentially I want to say when a user does bin/build it will move a set of directories over. so lets assume you have a project like such: ProjectName/ bin/build FolderOne/ FolderTwo/ In this project you do bin/build it […]

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