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Ionic and Cordova is installed but commands not recognized

I install ionic and cordova globally but the commands aren’t recognized. I’m on Win 7 – 64bit Latest Nodejs is installed This is the install log : $ npm install -g cordova npm WARN engine xmlbuilder@2.2.1: wanted: {“node”:”0.8.x || 0.10.x”} (current: {“node”:”4.1.1″,”npm”:”2.14.4″}) C:\Program Files\Git\usr\local\cordova -> C:\Program Files\Git\usr\local\node_modules\cordova\bin\cordova cordova@5.3.3 C:\Program Files\Git\usr\local\node_modules\cordova ├── underscore@1.7.0 ├── q@1.0.1 ├── […]

Rename war generated using AWS cli for beanstalk deployemnt

i am using this script for deploying the war from jenkins to elastic beanstalk, check this link, https://github.com/ayush/eb-deploy/blob/master/eb-deploy , the script is working properly but one thing i need to modify is the version label of the uploaded war, currently it is renaming the build to something git-${a random number} , i need to provide […]

gzip and git diff and s3

I need to get a list of files that have changed since the last deployment (git diff), gzip those files, and send those files to S3. I need to get all of the css files and gzip them, then I need to get all of the html files, gzip them, and all of the JS […]

Automatically Sync Local Github Repository with Directory on Server

I have been attempting to use hooks to automatically pull the updated repo from github to my remote web server. This is the code on the post-receive hook: cd /home/[my username]/document_root/[github repo name]/ git pull origin master I expect this to run when there is a new commit from my development machine that syncs with […]

Pruning urls from git commits

Since git hub has no ability to turn off the automatic url links in commit messages, I’m wanting a way to remove/prune the file “.” from the url commit messages. http://www.somesite.com/ -> “http://www.somesite com/” http://somesite.co.uk/ -> “http://somesite.co uk/” http://somesite.eu/ -> “http://somesite eu/” http://somesite.eu:8080/ -> “http://somesite eu:8080/” etc This is my very basic commit script ./script.sh […]

How do I install Git for Windows software to a specific directory?

I have just downloaded the latest Git for Windows installer, v2.4. It appears to want to install to the standard Windows “Program files” (with-spaces-in-name) directory. Since I have all my development code in a folder called (simply) “/bin” — I want to see if there’s a command line option or parameter to change the install […]

How can I use bash filedescriptors with git am?

This may be a bit esoteric but it has confused me. git am is a nifty tool to apply a mbox. Much like git apply applies a patch file git am will apply a series of patch files. A key difference in their usage is that git am requires a file to work with while […]

Automatic authorization for Hub pull request from command line

I am attempting to make pull requests using Hub from the command line. I have installed using brew and put this line in my .bash_profile. eval “$(hub alias -s)” When I reload my bash profile I get this line: -bash: alias.uncommit: command not found This seems to reference an alias that I have in my […]

Chef shell-init on windows messing up git bash?

I’ve installed ChefDK on my machine (windows 7). I needed to use the embedded ruby as my system ruby, so I came across this command: echo ‘eval “$(chef shell-init bash)”‘ >> ~/.bash_profile I ran this. It seems to have updated my system ruby to ChefDK’s ruby. But now, Git bash isn’t working. Any command I […]

asking account password when pull in bitbucket?

I created git locally and commited my files, then I am trying to pull my code to bitbucket in first time, I am getting error. git remote add origin https://shihab-inf@bitbucket.org/shihab-inf/lsn.git git push -u origin –all remote repository successfully added but pull is not working. Git bash asking password and I put correct password,that time getting […]

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