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Piping to Git Pull

At my workplace I am trying to speed up my startup procedure so I am writing a BASH script that does it for me. One of the things it needs to do is do multiple git pull commands What I would like to do is have the script grab my password once at the very […]

Git Bash – Putty – Not a git repo issue – Windows

I use git bash locally working with multiple remote bare repositories (ssh with public key auth). Every day, I am having to re-install git if I want to work with my remote repositories. What happens: When I do git pull, fetch, push, or anything relating to a remote, I get a “fatal: Not a git […]

WebDAV for Nginx in Archlinux

This is a linux newbie here, so please be patient with me. I have installed Nginx onto an Archlinux virtual machine, and it works (perfectly well) as a reverse proxy to provide SSL and Auth to a farm of backend servers. Now I would like to configure a location to serve WebDAV as well. I […]

Formatting Git Log for HTML

I am trying to generate a HTML-formatted output of the information provided by git log. I am a beginner in bash so while I searched the web and StackOverflow for help, I could well have missed the obvious. What I am attempting is to output each commit statement (of the past 5 statements) in a […]

Facing image uploading error in interventoin / laravel 4.2

Facing some problem when uploading image using Intervention service provider on laravel 4.2 error- Can’t write image data to path. -searched on google and stackoverflow and tried to solve but the problem is still unsolved. may that directory has not in writable mod. how can I make the diretory ‘public/img/products/’ writable mod in windows 7 […]

Cannot run mongo/mongod with Git Bash but it runs in the Git CMD (mongo: not found)

So today I tried to get going with MongoDB on my computer but run into troubles right from the start. After I installed mongo on my machine, It tried to run “mongod” and “mongo” in Git Bash but with no luck. The error I get is “mongod: not found”/”mongo: not found” respectively. Now I saw […]

Mac OSX | Bash .bash_profile not updating PS1

I have a small script named .bash_prompt which is called by source ~/.bash_prompt in ~/.bash_profile. The script sets my PS1 to display some useful information about the current git repo. Unfortunately the git-part is only being executed when spawning a new terminal, so the branch is only displayed when I call the script manually after […]

Jenkins Execute Bash Based on Git Branch

I have a Jenkins project that successfully builds only when master and dev branches are pushed, and not any of our feature branches. However, what I would like to do is have Jenkins run a different set of bash commands depending on what branch was pushed / received by Jenkins. For example, if dev branch […]

How do I make git use my git username (git config user.name) instead of my system username (whoami)?

When I type whoami in git bash it prints “win-me6mt62nc4m\gugl0”, which is my system username. When I type git config user.name (using either –local, –system or –global flags) I get goran as the output, and goran is my username on the git repo I am working on. My problem is that when I try a […]

Edit Git alias in command line

I am using Git for windows. Right after installation, I setup some Git alias on Git bash command line. I used: git config –global alias.st status But now, I want to change the alias to diff –stat. Then, on Git bash, I typed git config –global alias.st diff –stat, but it seems to not replace […]

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