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check out a git branch programmatically in a script

I would like to check out the latest state of a remote git branch in a script for some integration-tests. The branch name can be changed by the programmer in between runs. I would like git not to fully clone the whole repository each time in order not to lose too much time. Since the […]

How do I get bash autocomplete to work with git aliases that use shell commands?

In my git config, I have a relatively long alias which outputs a log of recent git commits in a pretty format: lg = log –color –graph –pretty=format:’%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%ar) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset’ I also have another alias which builds on the previous one by adding the –all option the the command. I didn’t want […]

Bash function to search git repository for a filename that matches regex

I’m attempting to implement Handyman5’s gist (which is a comment on this answer, in this question) as a bash function in my .bashrc file. :<<COMMENT Searches all commits in the current git repository for a file that matches a regular expression. Usage: gitf <regex> Parameter is required, and must be at least one non-whitespace character. […]

Author for each remote or branch

Is there any way to set different authors for each remote or branch in Git? The only thing coming to my mind is scripting it using Git hooks (post-checkout/post-commit), which would check the current branch and change the author, but it would work only for branches, not remotes and doesn’t look elegant to me. Are […]

How do I check if git branch has a tracking branch?

I’m writing a small git helper for bash and I need to know whether the branch of some name has a tracking branch or not. More specifically the problem is that if you run git pull on a branch which doesn’t have a tracking branch it will fail with the following: There is no tracking […]

Piping to Git Pull

At my workplace I am trying to speed up my startup procedure so I am writing a BASH script that does it for me. One of the things it needs to do is do multiple git pull commands What I would like to do is have the script grab my password once at the very […]

Git Bash – Putty – Not a git repo issue – Windows

I use git bash locally working with multiple remote bare repositories (ssh with public key auth). Every day, I am having to re-install git if I want to work with my remote repositories. What happens: When I do git pull, fetch, push, or anything relating to a remote, I get a “fatal: Not a git […]

WebDAV for Nginx in Archlinux

This is a linux newbie here, so please be patient with me. I have installed Nginx onto an Archlinux virtual machine, and it works (perfectly well) as a reverse proxy to provide SSL and Auth to a farm of backend servers. Now I would like to configure a location to serve WebDAV as well. I […]

Formatting Git Log for HTML

I am trying to generate a HTML-formatted output of the information provided by git log. I am a beginner in bash so while I searched the web and StackOverflow for help, I could well have missed the obvious. What I am attempting is to output each commit statement (of the past 5 statements) in a […]

Facing image uploading error in interventoin / laravel 4.2

Facing some problem when uploading image using Intervention service provider on laravel 4.2 error- Can’t write image data to path. -searched on google and stackoverflow and tried to solve but the problem is still unsolved. may that directory has not in writable mod. how can I make the diretory ‘public/img/products/’ writable mod in windows 7 […]

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