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SVN post-commit hook sending a message back to client

I’m writing a post-commit script in bash, and I’d like to pass messages back to the client who’s making a commit. However echo my message >&2 isn’t making it back to the client. Is it even possible to send messages back with a post-commit hook?

How to detect file ends in newline?

Over at Can you modify text files when committing to subversion? Grant suggested that I block commits instead. However I don’t know how to check a file ends with a newline. How can you detect that the file ends with a newline?

TortiseSVN svn+ssh Error: Unable to connect to a repository at URL … Network connection closed unexpectedly

I’m having problems accessing an SVN repository using TortoiseSVN 1.7.8. The SVN repository is on a CentOS 6.3 box with openssh 5.3p1:81.el6 and appears to be functioning correctly. # svnadmin –version # svnadmin, version 1.6.11 (r934486) I can access the repository from another CentOS box with this command: svn list svn+ssh://USER@xxx.xx.xx.xxx/var/svn/joetest But when I attempt […]

Revert svn files by file pattern

I’m trying to find a command (can be bash command) to revert a group of svn files. Let’s say I have some changes in my check-out and I run svn st and get this output: My-MacBook-2:trunk aetzioni$ svn st M SomeFolderA/src/main/java/com/mycompany/package/classA.java M SomeFolderA/main/java/com/mycompany/package/classB.java M SomeFolderB/src/main/java/com/mycompany/package/classC.java Now I want to find a command that does svn […]

Colorize filename according to svn status

When invoking ls, I would like to have file names with a different color depending on their subversion status. For example, an added file will be cyan, a modified file red and so on. Is it possible with the bare power of bash? Is there something ready on this regard ?

Bash – get last dirname/filename in a file path argument

I’m trying to write a post-commit hook for SVN, which is hosted on our development server. My goal is to try to automatically checkout a copy of the committed project to the directory where it is hosted on the server. However I need to be able to read only the last directory in the directory […]

Exclude .svn directories from grep

This question already has an answer here: How can I exclude directories from grep -R? 10 answers

Removing .svn files from all directories

Possible Duplicate: How do you remove Subversion control for a folder? Command line to delete matching files and directories recursively I recently converted my cvs repository to svn using cvs2svn and I recently noticed that every directory has a hidden folder called .svn. My current build script copies a lot of directories from my versioned […]

How to display a specific user's commits in svn log?

How to display a specific user’s commits in svn? I didn’t find any switches for that for svn log.

How can I get `find` to ignore .svn directories?

I often use the find command to search through source code, delete files, whatever. Annoyingly, because Subversion stores duplicates of each file in its .svn/text-base/ directories my simple searches end up getting lots of duplicate results. For example, I want to recursively search for uint in multiple messages.h and messages.cpp files: # find -name ‘messages.*’ […]

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