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Why can't Git Bash run my executable?

I am on git-for-windows Git Bash. I can’t run an executable on the command line: Pedr@Abc-07 MINGW64 /c/dev $ ls sqlite3.exe sqlite3.exe* Pedr@Abc-07 MINGW64 /c/dev $ sqlite3 bash: sqlite3: command not found Why is it so?

Escaping git bash after reflog, or commit, etc

When I’m using something like git reflog, I lose my ability to type in commands. I don’t know what you look up, because I’m relatively new to bash. So, what’s the terminology I can use to go back to running git commands after running a reflog?

Check if git remote exists before first push

I’m writing a bash script and I need a test to see whether a given remote exists. Suppose, for concreteness, that I want to test whether the remote faraway exists. If I’ve pushed something to faraway, I can do if [ -d .git/refs/remotes/faraway ]; then …. But as far as I can see, the alias […]

Zip latest committed changes only

Git has the very handy archive command which allows me to make a copy of a particular commit in a .zip archive like so: git archive -o ../latest.zip some-commit This will contain the entire working tree for that commit. Usually I just need the changed files since a previous release. Currently I use this to […]

Git error remote: Empty password

I’m trying to clone my git repo from bitbucket, and when I enter this command: git clone https://naor_shoyhat@bitbucket.org/naor_shoyhat/hello-world.git The bash then prompts me a window with areas to enter username and password. I enter them and then I receive this error: remote: Empty password fatal: Authentication failed for ‘https://naor_shoyhat@bitbucket.org/naor_shoyhat/hello-world.git/’

How to register newly mounted drive in git bash?

In my day-to-day work (I’m using MS Windows), I keep my git bash (actually using console2 for this) open for the whole day. It is also very frequent that I mount new drives that I would like to work with git. However I noticed that I need to exit the bash and open it again […]

Shell script – trying to validate if a git tag exists in a git repository in an if/else statement

I am creating a deploy script for a zend application. The scrip is almost done only I want to verify that a tag exists within the repo to force tags on the team. Currently I have the following code: # Fist update the repo to make sure all the tags are in cd /git/repo/path git […]

git show HEAD^ doesn't seem to be working. Is this normal?

I’m using Zsh and and trying to run git show for a project to see my revision history. If I do git show HEAD it works fine showing me my last commit, however the following commands don’t work [master↑5⚡]:~/project $ git show HEAD^ zsh: no matches found: HEAD^ [master↑5⚡]:~/project $ git show HEAD^^ zsh: no […]

Why is “MINGW64” appearing on my Git bash?

I had to format my laptop, and so I had to install Git again. However it is quite different from the one I had yesterday, the icon is not the default orange one anymore, it looks more like Chrome now. The bash is quite different, including a purple “MINGW64” in every line. Why is it […]

Bash completion: Honor repository-specific Git alias in alias completion

Say bash is configured with the following alias: alias up=”git –git-dir /path/to/backup/.git” And that particular repository – and only that repository – has the following git alias: [alias] backup = commit –allow-empty-message How can up auto-complete backup? This auto-completes backup but not up: cd /a/different/dir git –git-dir=/path/to/backup/.git ba This auto-completes up with standard git commands […]

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