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Git server's host key not cached in registry – GitHub.com

Continuation of issue here: I’m trying to set up my first Git Repository on GitHub. (Note, this means I can’t use putty, I’m using openssh, or at least I’m supposed to and I think I am). I’ve been following the documentation on GitHub’s website here. I get everything right up until the very last command: […]

Git Status Across Multiple Repositories on a Mac

I have been searching for a solution to this for a while and have not found quite what I need. I have several Git Repositories in a folder on my Mac (OSX 10.6) and would like a script or tool that will loop through all the repositories and let me know if any of them […]

What is the difference between Git Bash and the GitHub for Windows shell?

I’m referring to the shell that comes with GitHub for Windows, and Git Bash (which has a stand alone installer).

Why doesn't my bash prompt update?

I’m new to git and I’m trying to add the current git branch to my already existing prompt, which is defined as follows : RESET=”\[\017\]” NORMAL=”\[\033[0m\]” RED=”\[\033[31;1m\]” YELLOW=”\[\033[33;1m\]” WHITE=”\[\033[37;1m\]” SMILEY=”${WHITE}:)${NORMAL}” FROWNY=”${RED}:(${NORMAL}” SELECT=”if [ \$? = 0 ]; then echo \”${SMILEY}\”; else echo \”${FROWNY}\”; fi” export PS1=”${RESET}${YELLOW}\u@\h${NORMAL} \`${SELECT}\` ${YELLOW}\w $(__git_ps1) >${NORMAL} ” I tried it (by […]

PS1 line with git current branch and colors

Here is my current PS1 export PS1='[\u@\h \W$(__git_ps1 ” (%s)”)]\$ ‘ How can I display the current branch in a different color?

Adding git branch on the Bash command prompt

I tried adding the git branch I’m currently working on (checked-out) on the bash prompt without success.. (while keeping my current path which shows the active directory/file intact) I have a .bashrc file on my home, but I also saw many people mentioning the .profile file..

Is it possible to get commit logs/messages of a remote git repo without git clone

Is it possible to get commit logs/messages of a remote git repo without git clone? The git repo I am working with is huge, even if I run git clone with –depth=1 still takes sometime before I am able to clone it. I am looking for something like this, git remote-log . I have also […]

How to enter command with password for git pull?

I want to do this command in one line: git pull && [my passphrase] How to do it?

Count number of lines in a git repository

How would I count the total number of lines present in all the files in a git repository? git ls-files gives me a list of files tracked by git. I’m looking for a command to cat all those files. Something like git ls-files | [cat all these files] | wc -l

How to add Git's branch name to the commit message?

I need some help with a Bash script that will automatically add the git‘s branch name as a hash in commit messages.

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