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Git: fatal: unable to find remote helper for 'ssl'

I have some trouble with git. I´m new at working with them. I use Git 1.9.4-preview20140929_win on Windows 8.1, for SSL verification I use Putty. Connect with server by SSL is ok, I have respons from server that key is ok. If I try to clone in Git Bash with $ git clone ssl://git@[server_name]:/home/test.git I […]

Script for automatically adding a new version number to current git branch

I created this script for automatically bumping the version number of an external bundle in Symfony2 (just a standard git repo which needs tagging so composer pulls these new versions). I just wanted to check if there were any issues with it (and share it if it is good and helpful for others) because I […]

configure github to work with multiple terminal

I have installed git and added github as remote repo for my projects, I have been using it for couple of months now either from git bash or “github for window” client(or the power shell that came along with it). It’s all working fine, but now I have just started using webstorm IDE, which has […]

Is there a less verbose way to get the commit date of the merge-base of origin/master and HEAD?

The command I’m using to get the commit date of the merge-base of origin/master and HEAD is: git log “$(git merge-base origin/master HEAD)” -1 –pretty=tformat:%ci Is there a less verbose way to get this?

How to install Git Bash with Azure Worker Role?

In my Azure Cloud Service application I want to setup Git Bash. To do this I followed this documentation. I think the best way is to do that, to create a startup script, called it startup.cmd` whose content is the following: powershell -c “(new-objectsystem.net.webclient).downloadfile (“https://github.com/msysgit/msysgit/releases/download/Git-1.9.4-preview20140611 /Git-1.9.4-preview20140611.exe”, “Git-1.9.4-preview20140611.exe”) Git-1.9.4-preview20140611.exe /passive I set a startup task at […]

Automatically generate git tags in the form vx.x.x

Hello StackOverflow people, I’m working on a project that involves CI with Jenkins, git, rsync and so I’m trying to figure out a way to automatically generate the tag versions for each succesfull deploy in the form of vX.X.X My question is are there any tools avialable that will do this for you, or you […]

Git push to master repo then send the dist folder to a specific path(/www/site/v0.0.1)?

So the goal is to push my project to a core repo, where all my development files live, for backup purposes. Then I want to send the dist folder to a directory like www/site.com/v0.0.1, for demonstration purposes, no development files are needed, it would just cause bloat because I have multiple directories. So what I […]

Adding existing key for Git in Cygwin

I have my key set up as inpdenedent GIT installation for our local repo. I can do all git commands from git bash prompot. Recently, I installed cygwin and want to use git from there. I tried running ssh-add command and it didn’t work … see below user@computer_name /cygdrive/d/folder/cheftesting $ ssh-add /cygdrive/c/Users/user/.ssh/id_rsa 0 [main] ssh-add […]

Sparse Checkout in LibGit2Sharp

Is there a way to do sparse checkout with Lib2GitSharp? I used this question (2nd answer) as a reference, executed it manually with git bash and it worked. The problem is that in this answer the command ‘git pull origin master’ is executed, and in the Lib2GitSharp I wasn’t able to find an exact equivalent […]

Git post commit and bash on windows

I want to copy all the *.obj files (ignored by the git, but present in the directory) after commit to a directory. With this script: #!/bin/sh pwd branch=$(git rev-parse –symbolic –abbrev-ref HEAD) echo logging objfiles for $branch mkdir -p ./OBJ_$branch/ cp -u -f -r *.obj ./OBJ_$branch/ Git says after commit, that “Cannot stat *.obj” Ia […]

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