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git: changelog day by day

How to generate changelog of commits groupped by date, in format: [date today] – commit message1 – commit message2 – commit message3 … [date day+3] – commit message1 – commit message2 – commit message3 … (skip this day if no commits) [date day+1] – commit message1 – commit message2 – commit message3 … [date since] […]

Git Bash won't run my python files?

I have been trying to run my python files in Git Bash but I keep getting an error and can’t figure out how to fix it. My command as follows in the git bash executable python filename.py then it says “Bash.exe”: python.exe: command not found I’m a windows user and I have added the path […]

Can git pre-receive hooks evaulate the incoming commit?

I’m trying to write a server side pre-receive git hook to evaluate commits as they are being pushed. According to the answers here, this should easily be possible by searching git log and filtering out what I want with ‘format:’. I’ve created the following pre-commit script. #!/bin/bash set -x #for debugging, TODO: remove echo “parameters […]

How to disable Git Credential Manager for Windows?

I notice that in the latest version of Git, the default is now to popup a “Git Credential Manager for Windows” dialog instead of prompting me for me password at the bash prompt every time. I really hate this behaviour. How can I just disable it and go back to entering the password at the […]

Git Checkout Latest Tag

I’m writing a shell script and I’m looking to checkout the latest version of repo. Specifically I want to break this process apart into multiple steps. I want to save the repositories latest tag into a variable Print out Checking out version: XX Checkout the latest tag I’ve seen similar questions but I don’t see […]

Alter Git prompt on Windows

I’m using Git on Windows, installed through GitExtensions with MSysGit (latest) having selected “do not modify my Windows prompt” during installation. Now, I would like to be able to modify the default prompt (which by default shows just the branch name to also show me how much time, and how many local commits since I […]

CMD Command for “Git Bash Here”

In Windows I can run “Git Bash Here” in the current directory by opening right click menu. I want to place gitbashhere.bat in default path for commands to have got easy access from standard cmd window. The sh.exe –login -i command only opens git bash in sh.exe’s directory instead of the current directory. How do […]

git: empty arguments in post-receive hook

I’m writing post-receive hook basing on the post-receive-email script from the contrib dir, but it seems that the oldrev and newrev arguments are empty. The script looks like this: #!/bin/bash oldrev=$(git rev-parse $1) newrev=$(git rev-parse $2) The script runs on push, but all $1, $2, $oldrev and $newrev are empty. Should I configure something to […]

git: stage only new files

When I have: dirty working directory, dirty staging area, and I copied some new files to the project, how do I stage only the new ones? git alias adduntracked=…

How can I call 'git pull' from within Python?

Using the github webhooks, I would like to be able to pull any changes to a remote development server. At the moment, when in the appropriate directory, git pull gets any changes that need to be made. However, I can’t figure out how to call that function from within Python. I have tried the following: […]

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