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Failsafe Automated Git Update/Add/Commit

I have a website that I need to commit system generated files and folders to an existing git repository via linux command line. I have an automated process that monitors a folder for new bash scripts and runs them. The website creates the scripts and saves them to the folder. I keep getting issues where […]

How to setup PHP Server for ReactJS Tutorial

I am intending to work through the ReactJS tutorial (https://facebook.github.io/react/docs/tutorial.html) but am unable to figure out how to setup the server. I want to run the php server.php command as per the github README (https://github.com/reactjs/react-tutorial/#to-use). Having done very little command line coding, I wanted to run this from Git Shell which I have installed on […]

Use node.js to determine if in git directory

I am trying to determine if my node process is running in a git directory. The following works, but is still outputting a fatal error in the console. function testForGit() { try { var test = execSync(‘git rev-parse –is-inside-work-tree’, {encoding: ‘utf8’}); } catch (e) { } return !!test; } console.log(testForGit()); When in a directory under […]

define git alias for pulling remote branch

I recently began adding git aliases to my workflow, but have not figured out how to handle the following scenario. Multiple times a day I pull down the latest remote branch into my local master with git pull git@github.com:Matt-Dionis/angular2-tour-of-heroes.git for example. What I would like to do is assign an alias such as git pull […]

GitLab CI check production before deployment(two way deployment)

I’m using GitLab CI with deploy tasks for review/stage/production. Deploy currently works via rsync. Project has files in git, but they also can be changed from admin interface of app directly on production by project owner. So i need solution for check if files changed on production server, then create new branch and push it […]

Why does git shell alias double command line arguments?

Git seems to double command-line arguments provided to its shell aliases. For example, if you create an alias that takes a single argument, then when you will try to use it, the argument would be concatenated to itself as if it was provided twice. Why is this happening? This demonstration was tested with the latest […]

execute git commands through bash script in other directory

is there a way to execute git commands in a bash script, add the changed files, commit it with a comment then push them to the server where the bash file isn’t in the directory of the repository? this is what I have, and everything works except the commit, cd /home/repos git add file.txt echo […]

git tag should not fail if tag is already in the commit I want to tag

Part of our CI is to tag our repo using the version specified in a version.txt file. We simply do: git tag `cat version.txt` Since we have no way of automatically increasing the version (there is no way to know if we are doing a major or minor release), updating the version.txt file is left […]

Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.cli.VaultFsApp

We use VLT and GIT for our AEM site development. I prefer the branch notifications and color coding etc. of GIT Bash, to the standard output. I use both from within ConEmu, and I have added Clink, and that is somewhat better, but not as nice as GIT Bash. Using the regular console I’m able […]

How to parametrize git checkout using bash script

I have directory with project sharing multiple versions and I’ve tried creating simple script that would checkout proper versions for every module with configuration is seperate files (2.6 is one of those). Config files look like: <module_name1> <branch_name1> <module_name2> <branch_name2> Script: Edited while read path branch; do cd $path echo echo $path echo “$branch” git […]

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