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How can I reset my working copy to a specific commit?

I (stupidly) have not committed or pushed changes on a project for a few days. Tonight, I accidentally created a commit with no message. Using Atlasssian’s Sourcetree I thought “oh let me add a message to that before I push this” – and right clicked and selected “revert”. I’m not entirely sure what other options […]

Pushing a branch to a remote server fails

I have a project which uses Git on a remote server. I installed SourceTree for Mac to manage it. I also have a .ssh folder with the private in the root directory where I keep all my projects and the public key is in the server. I was able to clone the project successfully and […]

Looking for a BitBucket Workflow

I have been using Beanstalk and TortoiseSVN for some time now and I am looking to change to Bitbucket with SourceTree. While working in groups we have the truck, which is master now in bitbucket am i right? Then our users switch to trunk to then create new branches for themselves. After a time all […]

Moving commits to another branch with Git

I need to make changesets 2-5 to be on the red (leftmost) branch instead of blue branch. Got weird results with rebase since 2-5 are “based” on 1 anyways. Do I need to cherry pick? I’m currently using Source Tree. Commits 2-5 must only appear on blue branch after the pull request. Meaning they have […]

How can I pull the changes from GitHub without pushing mine?

The problem is pretty simple. I use source tree to commit my changes, but I’m really a newbie and I don’t want to mess up with the common project. What should I do for keep the files I added WITHOUT committing them and at the same time have the master branch updated to the common […]

How to trash all local git changes and revert to old commit?

So here’s the scenario, I’ve got a project that has a number of commits, and recently I installed a load of new packages to my project and initiated them. I went and committed these changes (haven’t pushed) but then realised I had forgot to test a core component. Testing failed miserably, and I have now […]

Add prefix to commit message in SourceTree

I usually create branches from JIRA issue site. So let’s say my JIRA ticket name is “SOMEBUG-356: Bug in software” then a branch name will be: “feature/SOMEBUG-356-bug-in-software”. Is it possible to set some kind of template to SourceTree which would add a prefix to commit message with name of JIRA ticket of a branch that […]

Setting up SSH on sourcetree – wont PUSH to GitLab – asks for password

I have followed the below instructions to create an SSH key and added it to Gitlab. https://www.sourcetreeapp.com/faq/ (under the heading “How do I set up SSH keys for authentication?”) My changes are being tracked in Sourcetree and I am able to commit but I cannot pull or push without it asking for Authentication. Every time […]

how to delete a branch from a repo in sourcetree with only 1 branch?

I have SourceTree installed on my local environment. I’m working within a shared collection of git repos for at an enterprise. Looks like the admin created a new repo RepoY and we previously only had 1 repo (RepoX). I accidentally created BranchZ in RepoY and I need to delete it. I selected BranchZ through SourceTree […]

2 local folders, each containing a different branch of the same repository

I’m have a repository in Bitbucket and I use Altassian SourceTree to work with it. Is it possible to have two folders for two branches of the same repository? I have found this answer, but I don’t understand what to do and I’m bit afraid of if ‘I do evil’ and I lost my repository.

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