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Diff Word docx files in Sourcetree on Windows 7

I have been trying to get a text diff of Word .docx files working in Sourcetree on Windows 7. I have followed the instructions here Using Microsoft Word with git to use Pandoc and can get it working from the command line. Unfortunately I can’t get that diff to appear in Sourcetree. Is there something […]

What is the equivalent command in SourceTree GUI of 'git add .'?

I am trying to use SourceTree GUI. I’ve successfully created a local repo, committed some adds, removes, and mods, also successfully pushed to my remote. My problem is, everytime I try to commit, the ‘Staged Changes’ file list in my commit window is empty, and I must manually drag and drop the content of ‘Working […]

Using Atlassian SourceTree, error during stash apply. Not sure what to do

I clicked “apply stash” and I got the following error: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false stash apply stash@{0} fatal: ambiguous argument ‘stash@0’: unknown revision or path not in the working tree. Use ‘–‘ to separate paths from revisions What can I do? SourceTree shows my stash as existing, but does it really? Is there a […]

SSH key stop working on MAC OS Sierra 10.12.3 in source tree

Source tree was working fine using SSH but after upgrading my mac to ‘OS Sierra’ it stop working. Giving Error Permission Denied. Please Help

Git rebasing not working correctly?

Git rebase doesn’t seem to be working the way I’d expect, based on my understanding of rebasing, and based on how I’ve seen rebasing work in Mercurial. I’ve generated an example to illustrate the strange behavior, and am hoping someone can explain why Git is behaving the way it is. Consider this state of the […]

Amend a past commit (remove files from more than one recent commit)

I have 7 recent commits that I want to remove a folder from – this folder (and its contents) don’t need to be in these commits and were not in previous commits (prior to these past 7). Can I amend these past recent 7 commits and remove this folder? These 7 commits were not made […]

How to “un-git-ify” my HD

So a few months ago, I apparently created a local repository, in the form of my user folder on my hard drive. I did this using some fool’s attempt at a Git101 documentation, and as a result I currently have 168,352 pending/unstated changes. Is there a way to not only remove the git bookmark (from […]

How to create submodule in existing repo

I’m beginner to git & I have the following folder structure for new project, so what I did is I went to visual studio and I made empty project it has this folder structure: project: (Repo) folder1 (sub1) folder2 (sub2) I’m using git locally. I created a repo for project using sourcetree, now I cannot […]

What is the default behaviour of “Resolve using theirs” in git

As per this question, I know it is possible to keep all changes that did not raise any conflict, while using theirchanges for the conflicting changes. What I would like to know is, when using SourceTree (or, if relevant, any git tool or even the command line), what is the default behaviour when choosing Resolve […]

SourceTree 1.6.14 cannot find Git 2.4.0 installation on Windows

After installing Git 2.4.0 on my Windows 7 system, I tried to change the option in SourceTree 1.6.14 to “Use System Git”, rather than the embedded version. However, upon clicking “Use System Git”, nothing happened and the setting remained set to “Use Embedded Git”. How can I make SourceTree use the installed version of Git?

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