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what type of information does remote repositories sites may contain and how to access keychain data?

So today I was installing sourcetree on my macbook, and I came across few prompts while source tree setup was registering with Atlassian’s bitbucket so it prompted this . So I want to know what is the information being access and how is it access, If I am not wrong I can use the same […]

why sourceTree push automatically files that have local changes?

I work with git on a certain branch. I have edited .cproject I used sourceTree to pull from the remote and some changed were merged and pushed automatically. But why did files with local changes didn’t ask for resolving merge conflicts?

Consolidating commits in Release branch

I’m following this guide to setup my git branches – http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ I’m doing daily builds from the dev branch and tagging it with the version number. When we’re ready for a release, I branch off of dev and merge it with the release branch. By doing so, I’m getting the individual commits from dev in […]

my remote branches list is empty in git

I can commit to my local repository without a problem but when trying to pull or push I get the following issue — my remote repository list is empty.. I think my password is corrupt but I don’t know how to create a new password, assuming that’s the problem.. Any ideas? Thanks, Screen shot from […]

Mac OS X Git self assigned SSL certificate issue

I want to clone project form GIT repository which has self assigned SSL certificate. Source tree client under Mac OS says the server requires certificate. Console says fatal error unable to access “Server URL”: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to {Server URL}:-9824 I don’t know how the server is configured, but there is some […]

GIT fatal: unable to write new index file

My Company (Web Development) has decided to use Git. All repositories: employee (local repo) and remote repositories (bare repo) are stored on the central development server (OS X 10.9.1, Mac mini middle 2011). Developer connect to the development server from their iMacs over local network (OS X 10.7.5, 10.8.1 and so on, only Macs) and […]

Eclipse not recognizing files from SourceTree

My partner made a BitBucket git repository, and uploaded a Java project from Eclipse via SourceTree. I made my own project in Eclipse on my computer, and using SourceTree I pulled all the files from BitBucket. While these files show in Windows Explorer, they don’t show in the Eclipse workspace. Is there a way to […]

What does gitolite closebranch actually do?

I was told to use this command line to close out a bug branch in Git, but I really don’t like command line and want to use SourceTree GUI. So I’m trying to figure out what this command is actually doing. I suspect it’s just tagging the branch and then deleting it. So if you […]

How to change the author after rebase in SourceTree

When I edit other peoples branches, all of my work is put under someone else’s name. This not only is not helpful for me, but who ever looks at my code as they might be addressing the wrong person with fixes. I am aware that in git you can write git commit -m “myFirstCommit” –author=”Example […]

gitolite authentication failure

I’ve created a gitolite git on an Ubuntu server. I configured my Linux user as the administrator of the gitolite-admin project. From 3 different machines I was able to clone the repository with no problem using my private key. On my own machine I keep on getting “authentication via SSH keys failed”. I am using […]

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