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Pushing folder with GIT Bash to Appharbor is not pushing subfolder

I’m new to Appharbor and GIT so there’ some weeks I’ve been trying to push my ASP.NET MVC 4 application to Appharbor but I’m not having success. I already tried to get some help from their support but they also don’t understand what is possibly happening in my case. I created a new application in […]

Teamcity and git repository, connection fails

I am getting this error when doing a test connection against my git repository (located on AppHarbor) from TeamCity 6.5. Can anybody explain this error more closely? invalid advertisement of 001E# service=git-upload-pack

Git add . is not adding the current folder to repo

I want to add a NopCommerce solution to a repository using git. I entered in the folder where the .sln file is stored and used the git add . command. After that I ran the git commit –dry-run and the output was a little odd, this is the output: new file: Nop.Web new file: Nop.Web.Framework/.gitignore […]

How to get msysgit to clone a repository where I want it to go?

New to git, not new to svn. Attempting to clone an svn repository to push to appharbor as part of a build process, per something like this thread. However, msysgit always works from whatever directory the app starts in it seems. I understand git svn clone –stdlayout <my URL> but is there an optional parameter […]

Integrating Assembla (or similars) with AppHarbor (or similars, like heroku)

I’m working in a project that is being hosted in appharbor (like heroku for .net). It use git push to upload the code (my first time ever working with such environment). The thing is that now I miss the features of a classic GIT or SVN repository, like seeing the code in a web site, […]

deploying to AppHarbor using subversion

I have an Asp.Net MVC project. I added “login with Google” button. It appears this will work only after I publish my site and register it with Google. Now I need to deploy my site somewhere. I thought to use Appharbor. However my site’s code is in Subversion. From AppHarbor site: You can push .NET […]

Can I customize the web.config transform for appharbor deployment?

Checking out AppHarbor today. My primary question is in the title, but I have other questions related to git + windows. First of all, related to this video. I like the idea that I can specify config transforms for deployment. My question is, does it have to be the Web.Release.config transform? I actually want to […]

When working with AppHarbor, how can I properly manage development and live configuration files?

I have a small project under way, in which I’m experimenting with AppHarbor. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, AppHarbor allows you to automatically build and deploy ASP.NET MVC projects in the cloud, by adding a specific Git remote and then pushing your project/source to that remote. The way I’m currently working […]

Push to multiple remote repositories from a single local repo in Mercurial

I was considering using AppHarbor to host a lightweight website and was investigating their Mercurial integration. Currently I use Kiln for my remote repositories, but currently AppHarbor only supports BitBucket integration. Is it possible to have 2 remote repositories for a single local repository? So when I push commits from my local, they both get […]

Using SubModules on AppHarbor

I know that current Git submodules are not supported by AppHarbor (as per this support ticket and I just did a quick test that confirmed it) BUT, is there another way? I currently have a GitHub repository that I want to use as my submodule’s remote master, and I need to create a number of […]

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