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Android studio git unexpected status r091

I noticed very strange error (bug). Someone in the team renamed or moved some files in the project (via Refactoring), commited and pushed them. I pulled those changes from server, merge them (if needed). But when I tried to commit merge above, got next error – “Commit failed, unexpected status r091” and two file names […]

android studio gradle after git clone

I’m working on a personnal Android Studio project from several places and I want to use git to sync my work. The project is perfectly fine and working. Please note that I only know basics about git but I can push to a github for instance. So, after several commits, I got to my working […]

initial commit failed android studio. cannot read

I tried to share a project from android studio to github. But it says ” Successfully created project ‘xyz’ on GitHub, but initial push failed: Could not read from remote repository “. What do i do?

How can i merge my “Fix branch” back to “Master branch” from Android Studio?

I have created an application in Android Studio and i have integrated it with Git. So far i commit & push my changes to the master branch. Now i have created a new branch (from master) named “Fix1” and i have committed and pushed my latest changes to this branch. Which are the next steps […]

Git stash apply leaves extra string in files

I have an Android Sstudio project that has git enabled. git works fine but it does something wrong in git stash apply. That adds these lines in modified files: =======, >>>>>>> Stashed changes, <<<<<<< Updated upstream and corrupts the project. Don’t know what to do. Please help.

commit a class after having changed its name

I am using Android Studio. I can’t commit my class after having changed its name. I have a file home.java, I want to rename it into Home.java I right click on the file name and Refractor>Rename Then I try to commit this file by doing a right click > Git > Add And finally right […]

Stage file in Android Studio

I would like to know if it is possible to stage a file using the git GUI of Android Studio. I saw the option to commit some files that were modified but not an option to just stage a file.

Git commit option to split branches in the network graph

On my git network graph, I want to keep branches separated. However if I have a circumstance where I split my master to branch A, then make one or more commits to A, then merge it back to master, the graph shows a single line for both master and A, despite the fact that at […]

Why do some modules show with blue names and some with white names

I downloaded the code for HannahMirror from git hub. I noticed that the under the various modules, the editor displays their names in different colors. In the screenshot below Birthday and Forecast are blue while the rest are white, they are all public classes. Here is the link to her GitHub: https://github.com/HannahMitt/HomeMirror

How to transfer git repo from Bitbucket to Github in Android Studio?

So I have an Android Studio project that I have on Bitbucket that I’m having trouble moving to Github. So far I’ve imported the project to Github using its import feature and changed the origin using “git remote set-url”. Now every time I try to push & commit using Android Studio I get the error […]

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