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Android Studio / Git / VCS Shelve

I use Git for version control and Android Studio nicely integrates with it, love it! But now, I did ‘VCS->Shelve changes…’ and POOF, they were gone. I thought I needed to use stash, but then I thought let’s see how to get it back, but I do not find a way to get it back. […]

Committing all files from Android Studio to GitHub

I’m new to the GitHub, and trying to push my project to the GitHub from VCS of Android Studio. When I do this it commits and pushes only .java files and no other files like resources etc. How can I push the rest of the files? Thanks.

Right clicking on project doesn't show Git menu

In Android Studio in the projects view when I right click on my project, I can’t see the Git menu. Hence I can’t add all the files altogether. How can I fix this? I’m trying to follow this tutorial for bitbucket integration at 9:10 time. My Android Studio version is 1.3.1 on xUbuntu 14.04 which […]

Change bitbucket repository name on local project

Im using Android Studio with bitbucket. I changed the name of a repository and now when I try to push, I get the message Fatal error, repository not found. How do I update the new repository name on my Android Studio Project to push correctly? Thanks in advance.

How to reset to any of the previous commit in android studio?

I made some commits to git from android studio. Now I want to reset to one of the committed version. How can I do that within android studio?

Connect my project to gitlab with android studio

my friend have create a project on gitlab, when i signin gitlab i view project xxxxx/project if i click on it, i enter in project and i can select link ssh or httsp. For example link https://gitlab.com/xxxxx/myproject.git If i click link repository: https://gitlab.com/xxxxx/myproject/tree/master there are three directory: client/myprojecty, server/myserverproject, sketch/mysketchserver Project android is in client/myprojecty, […]

Windows- Can't start Git: Probably the path to Git executable is not valid

Can’t start Git: C:\Users\Cloudion PC\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_d93ee8917cfa9add886773e6be9ec08609a502b6\bin\git.exe Probably the path to Git executable is not valid. I am getting the above message which is related to the git in android studio for windows.so far I am using android studio without any problem for last couple of months. now I am getting this all the time I type […]

Git mergetool using Android Studio (IntelliJ)

I am trying to use Android Studio as my git mergetool in Windows. I followed the instructions on official IntelliJ documentation. Yet, when I try to do the merge, Android Studio launches with the following error: Error showing merge: The system cannot find the path specified Here is my .gitconfig setup: [merge] tool = androidstudio […]

Configuration with name 'default' not found when Importing from Git

I’m Working in a project that first began in Eclipse. Then I migrated in Android Studio. I work in a Mac, and everything is OK. But then, when I try to download my Git Rep in my PC, I get this message: Configuration with name ‘default’ not found Here is my Project Organization: SP-Mobile progressWheel […]

Android Studio: git repository with multiples modules

I want to create a git (bitbucket) repository from my local Android project under Android Studio. This project contains an external module (addThisSDK). When trying to create a repository (VCS => Import to version control => Create git repository ), a “.git” folder is generated under the main module (Mykintore), but nothing for the external […]

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